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Joey Ryan Addresses Poor Backstage Treatment in WWE for Enhancement Talent, Velvet Sky Responds With Her Own WWE Horror Story

February 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Velvet Sky

As previously reported, indie wrestler Joey Ryan wrote about WWE Superstars leaving the company to try and get some of their “indie money.” Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm later chimed in and said that Ryan was “Painting with an awfully wide brush here.” Ryan responded to that, which you can see below. Also, Velvet Sky later commented on the topic.

Later on February 22, Former TNA Knockouts Velvet Sky responded to Joey Ryan’s earlier tweet. She discussed her own horror stories of how badly she was treated backstage in WWE when tried out for the company in 2006 and had a spot as an extra. You can check out those tweets below.

Velvet Sky wrote, “S**t ur lucky u got the broom closet. Lol In ’06 I was invited there as an extra & a certain female wrestler had me kicked out of the divas locker room by the makeup lady & made me change in the men’s bathroom w/ a bunch of dude extras cuz I was a “threat” to her job. Fun times.”

Sky did not name the female wrestler who had her kicked out of the locker room. After a fan responded saying she is a threat, Velvet Sky wrote: “No I’m not & wasn’t. This was way before TNA. Following my dream to try and make it happen, & the hard times I was given back then at that place was discouraging & disheartening. Joey wasn’t wrong in his tweet. That stuff went on for a lot of Indy guys & girls trying to make it.”

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