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Vickie Guerrero Talks With Nyla Rose About AEW Low Rider Entrance

December 13, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Vickie Guerrero Image Credit: AEW

In a recent episode of her Excuse Me podcast, host Vickie Guerrero spoke with Nyla Rose about their AEW Full Gear entrance with Marina Shafir (per Fightful). The trio entered the event in a low rider as a referential tribute to similar entrances made by Eddie Guerrero, Vickie’s late husband. You can read a few highlights and listen to the complete episode below.

Nyla Rose on working to make the tribute happen: “Eddie was one of my absolute favorites, loved watching him and still watch him, being able to have that moment come to fruition, we’ve talked about it for a couple of years, we tried to make it happen a few times and for one reason or another it didn’t happen or it wasn’t the right time to happen. Whatever the case, it actually was happening. Getting to be part of the Guerrero legacy, seeing things that we’ve talked about come true, seeing the look on your face and what that meant for you, that touched me deeply because of how much you mean to me. There was a lot going on for me, from my perspective. At the end of the day, it was a great moment, a really cool moment. I think the fans appreciated it and enjoyed it and connected with it. I think it’s something the fans will talk about for eons going forward. It’s now a thing ingrained in wrestling history.”

Vickie Guerrero on the impact participating in the entrance had for her: “We went through it a couple of times and I was crying, just sitting in the car and imagining what Eddie would feel every night he got to ride in the low rider. The night we went live and we’re sitting in the car, all in our gear and we’re ready to go, Marina was in the front seat and dressed amazingly, I couldn’t stop crying because it was like, ‘this is it.’ We worked and we bitched so much that we wanted a low rider and they finally said, ‘yes, give it to them.’ To see the fans smile at us.”