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Vickie Guerrero Wishes That AEW Women’s Division Had Some More TV Time

December 5, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Vickie Guerrero Image Credit: AEW

Vickie Guerrero believes in the AEW women’s roster; she just wishes they had more time on television. Guerrero was a guest on a recent episode of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s FaceTurn and spoke with Candace Cordelia about the division, expressing that the company has the talent and just needs the time to develop on screen.

“I wish we had more TV time,” Guerrero said of the women’s division (per Wrestling Inc). “I wish we had more content that the women could be shown every night, in different capacities. But I think for right now, you know, we have the talent. Our locker room is strong, and it’s just, now, what we’re going to do creatively, I think everyone is just eager and hungry to show what they have, and it’s an exciting time.”

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