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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: 2CW 11th Hour 2011

February 13, 2013 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: 2CW 11th Hour 2011  

November 11, 2011
Watertown Park, NY

Dewey & The Beast vs. First Class (Kevin Graham & Mike Van Slyke) vs. The Electric Dream Machine (Loca Vida & Steve McKenzie)
I believe Zachary Springate was in First Class’s corner. The referee kicked him out of the match. Dewey, Beast, and First Class ended up on the floor. Vida and McKenzie wiped them out with planchas. Back in the ring, First Class isolated Vida, and they then proceeded to work him over. Dewey and the Beat tagged in and beat everyone up. The match broke down. Dewey and the Beat eventually got disqualified, presumably for not following the rules.
Dewey and The Beast were eliminated.

Dewey and the Beast fought each other on the floor after they were disqualified. First Class and Electric Dream Machine went back and forth for a while. Eventually, First Class hit Vida with a legdrop/backbreaker combo: 1…2…3

This match was kind of a mess. The crowd was noisy for everything, but there was no coherent story told in the ring to get me invested.
Match Rating: *3/4

Grand Prix 2011 Tournament First Round
Zachary Springate III vs. Sean Carr vs. Marcos
First Class accompanied ZSIII to the ring. ZSIII and Marcos double teamed Carr to start the match. That didn’t last long though. Carr made a good comeback on Marcos that highlighted Carr’s athleticism. ZSIII and Marcos decided to go back to double-teaming Carr again. And once again, that didn’t last long. They did a bunch of comedy spots. Eventually, Springate hit Marcos with a Claw Slam. Springate celebrated with First Class. While Springate distracted himself, Carr pinned Marcos: 1…2…3.

Another flat match on this show. Sean Carr seems to have a lot of potential, but this match didn’t do his potential justice. I look forward to seeing more of him though.
Match Rating: *1/2

Grand Prix 2011 Tournament First Round
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cheech
Cheech was playing the chickenshit heel. Ciampa took him down with a big lariat. Ciampa was in complete control early. Cheech finally managed to cut him off with a gutbuster. Cheech got the heat for a bit. Ciampa eventually came back with a German suplex. Ciampa and Cheech traded chops on the apron. Cheeck came back and locked in a rest hold. Cheech then got a nearfall out of that position. Cheech then locked in the abdominal stretch. Ciampa escaped and made a comeback. Cheech managed to Ciampa in the corner, and he hit a couple of dropkicks. Ciampa got to his feet and made another comeback. Ciampa hit the running knees in the corner: 1…2…NO! Ciampa went for a Stinger Splash, but he came up empty. Cheech hit a pumphandle suplex for a nearfall. Ciampa got a schoolboy for a nearfall. Cheech then rolled Ciampa up, while holding the ropes: 1…2…3.

I was looking forward to this match, but the heel/face dynamic was off and these two never really got into a rhythm. I want to see more of Ciampa in 2CW though, as he has seemingly been shackled by ROH. Cheech has a good heel personality, but he’s a more enjoyable performer overall as a face.
Match Rating: **1/2

Nigel McGuinness vs. Eddie Edwards

This match was a part of the “Last of McGuinness Tour,” where Nigel travelled to different parts of the world to wrestle a few more times before hanging it up.

Both guys are really over with the (as usual) hot 2CW crowd. They started the match trading some holds, as Nigel matches are wont to do. Once Nigel got the advantage, he acted condescending towards Eddie. Eddie managed to humble Nigel a bit, but escaping a hold and sending Nigel to the floor. Back in the ring, Nigel easily escaped a headlock from Eddie. Nigel was really proud of himself for that and took a bow. I miss Nigel so much. Eddie got another armlock, but Nigel managed to send him to the floor again, so Nigel was cocky and condescending again. Nigel told Eddie his shoes were untied. Eddie looked, and Nigel jumped him and sent him shoulder first into a ringpost. Nigel was great. That sent Eddie to the floor, where the two of them brawled for a bit. Back in the ring, Nigel worked over Eddie’s injured shoulder, and he also busted out the “I’ve got till five, referee.” Eddie escaped a brutal shoulder submission and got the single leg crab for a bit. Nigel quickly made the ropes and went right back to work on Eddie’s injured arm. Eddie managed to get to his feet, and the two of them traded some strikes. Eddie sent Nigel to the floor, and Eddie hit him with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Nigel avoided a Ghetto Stomp, but he ate a running kick to the chest. Eddie went for a single leg crab, but Nigel escaped. Eddie hit a missile dropkick: 1…2…NO! Nigel came back with a divorce court on the injured arm of Eddie. LONDON DUNGEON! Eddie survived, but Nigel hit the running uppercut in the corner. Nigel tried for the Tower of London, but Eddie escaped and locked in a STF! Nigel just made the ropes. They ended up the on ring apron. The crowd has been red hot by the way. Eddie managed to send him to the ring and went to the top rope, but Nigel got the TOWER OF LONDON: 1…2…FOOT ON THE ROPES! LONDON DUNGEON! Eddie quickly escaped and got the single leg crab! Eddie pulled him to the center of the ring, but Nigel small packaged him: 1…2…NO! They traded several pinning combinations. Eddie eventually used a rolling backslide: 1…2…3!

Nigel and Eddie put each other over after the match. The fans were great in showing both of them some love.

This match was damn good, and possibly great. It showed that Nigel had truly grown as a performer in that he was able to get big reactions and true investment from the crowd without killing himself and taking stupid bumps (but obviously, those stupid bumps contributed to him getting a big push and being so loved by the fans). The only real negative thing I can say about the match is that it feels somewhat tragic to watch it because it makes me realize that Nigel could have protected himself more and elongated his career, and possibly could have gotten a contract with the WWE. I hope Nigel continues to work for Ring of Honor, and that he is able to find success and happiness in other paths.
Match Rating: ****

Grand Prix 2011 Tournament First Round
Mike Bennett vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
This should be something. Bennett was seemingly out-wrestling Brown in the early goings. The crowd was trying to rally behind Brown, but he was acting like a heel. Wagner was eventually able to cut off Bennett, and he then proceeded to get the heat. Bennett was eventually able to fight back with chops, but then he missed a charge in the corner. That injured Bennett’s shoulder, and Brown went right back to getting the heat. Bennett was eventually able to come back with a superplex. The crowd had rallied behind Bennett at this point. They struggled to their feet, and they then slugged it out. Bennett then hit a neckbreaker and showed some BABYFACE FYAH! Bennett got a nearfall with a schoolboy and then another nearfall with a spinebuster. Bennett then hit a TKO: 1…2…NO! Wagner came back with a boot to the face and a sit-out Rock Bottom. Wagner then locked in a Cloverleaf! Bennett taps out!

This actually turned into a really run match down the stretch. Wagner’s heat segment was uninspired to say the least, but the last five minutes or so almost made it all worth it. I have never seen Mike Bennett work as a babyface before, but he definitely knows what he’s doing in that role. I don’t know if it plays to his strengths (I would need to see more), but it makes me wonder how the WWE will use him (when he inevitably gets signed).
Match Rating: **3/4

Grand Prix 2011 Tournament First Round
Jason Axe vs. Jay Freddie
Freddie was the 2CW Champ at the time of this show. Axe cut a very heel promo before the match, which should create an awesome environment for this show. Axe then blamed the referee for his recent troubles. He asked for Keith Harris to be the referee. I couldn’t find a commentary track on this DVD, which means I have no idea what is going. Harris agreed to be the referee.

The match finally started. Freddie was mostly in control to start the match. Freddie dropkicked Axe to the floor. Freddie then hit a leg lariat off the apron. Back in the ring, Freddie hit a Fisherman suplex and a gourd buster. Freddie is dominating this. Axe finally cut Freddie off with a backbreaker. Axe got the heat after that. Freddie eventually came back and hit a brainbuster variation for a nearfall. Axe managed to send Freddie to the floor with a running knee to the midsection. Axe then hit a somersault senton off the apron. Freddie managed to come back with a tope suicida. They both made it back into the ring, where they traded a ton of strikes. Freddie hit a powerbomb for a nearfall. He then transitioned into the Walls of Jericho. Axe escaped and locked in a triangle choke. Freddie survived, but Axe then locked in a Crippler Crossface. Freddie escaped and then locked in the Sharpshooter. Crowd is chanting “This is Awesome!” Well, it’s definitely good and fun. Axe managed to get a pinning combination, while grabbing a hold of the ropes: 1…2…3!

This match was a ton of fun, and there were several sequences that I was really into. I think there were a few moments that didn’t translate well for me, because I was unfamiliar with the stories going on. Freddie looked awesome here, and I’m at a loss as to why he hasn’t been booked more outside of the 2CW area. Axe is not someone I am as interested in, but he did fine here.
Match Rating: ***1/4

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Olsens (Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen)© [2CW Tag Team Championships]
London and Kendrick had wacky information said for their ring announcements. I saw the Olsens have some uninspired performances around this time, so hopefully this match is the exception.

Colin Delany did the Kimbo Slice chest hair for this match. London was dominating the wackness early on. Kendrick tagged in, and the Olsens were able to isolate and work him over. Kendrick was eventually able to escape and tag out to London. London made a very professional hot tag. The Olsens ended up on the floor, and London hit a slingshot corkscrew plancha. Spanky tried to Sliced Bread Colin, but Jimmy saved him. THEY TRADED ALL THE MOVEZ until all four men went down. London ran wild after that. The unintentional story of this match is Kendrick sucks and London is awesome (in kayfabe). Jimmy and London botched a seated hurricanrana. The Olsens hit London with a double powerbomb for a nearfall. Kendrick managed to recover and saved London from further damage. Olsen then held Kendrick up, as Colin rolled up London with a handful of tights: 1…2…3!

This main event was about what I expected from these two teams. London definitely deserves a lot of credit for absolutely working his ass off in this match. He was killing himself out there in a way that took me aback. Colin Delany has recently (late 2012-present) gotten in much better shape, and I would definitely be interested in seeing him tie it up with these guys again. I believe Jimmy Olsen is retired, so an exact rematch wouldn’t be possible.
Match Rating: ***

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The 411: This is a very uneven DVD, but I'm giving it a solid recommendation because of the Nigel/Eddie match and the three matches after that. London and Kendrick didn't deliver an excellent match, but their presence definitely added something to the show. It was also nice to see Mike Bennett and Tommaso Ciampa in a non-ROH environment. This isn't the best DVD of all time, but it's definitely worth a watch. Buy this DVD for $17
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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