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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: 2CW Live and Let Die 2010

December 10, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: 2CW Live and Let Die 2010  

Watertown, NY

Cheech vs. Isys Ephex
Cheech is the rudo, and he jumped Ephex. Ephex came back with a pair of enzuigiries and a diving fist drop. Ephex followed that up with a slingshot corkscrew dive. Back in the ring, Cheech cut him off and got the heat. Ephex came back and briefly locked in a bow and arrow, but Cheech escaped and cut him off with a lariat. Ephex avoided a superplex and then connected on a splash for a nearfall. Cheech then hit a pumphandle suplex, but Ephex came right back with a funplex. Ephex then hit a Tiger piledriver: 1…2…foot on the ropes. Cheech threw a chair into the ring to distract the referee. Cheech then used Ephex’s trophy to hit him in the head: 1…2…3

This match was just there. It wasn’t especially exciting or interesting. Cheech is really good in tag team situations, but his singles matches often leave something to be desired. This wasn’t the exception. This was my first time watch Ephex, and he did not leave much of an impression on me.
Match Rating: **

Pepper Parks vs. Tony Kozina
My expectations for this match are low.

Kozina was the rudo. He seemingly cut off Parks early, but Parks came back with some power moves. Kozina caused Parks to crash into a turnbuckle, and he then got the heat. Parks managed to hit an enzuigiri, which finally slowed Kozina down. Parks got a nearfall with a snap powerslam. Parks then hit a diving neckbreaker: 1…2…3

Again, this match was just there. Parks was more over than Ephex, so the match was slightly more enjoyable to watch. The show is not off to a blistering start.
Match Rating: **

The Olsen Twins (Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olsen) vs. The American Wolves© [2CW Tag Championships]
This show should pick up considerably right here. The Wolves were dominating early on. The Olsens tried to isolate Eddie, but he gave Colin a nice running kick. The Wolves ran through Colin for a bit. Eddie gave Jimmy a suplex on the floor. The Wolves continued to run through the Olsens for a good while until the rudos isolated Eddie. They worked Eddie over for a while. Eddie actually managed to hit Jimmy with a Pele, but Colin cut him right back off. Eddie eventually hit Colin with a superplex, and Davey then tagged in. Davey made a big comeback. Davey hit Colin with a Bridging German suplex for a nearfall. Davey then locked him into a cloverleaf! Jimmy killed Davey with his powerbomb suplex. The Olsens then doubleteamed Eddie. Davey came back with some kicks. The Wolves then hit Colin with the superkick/German combo for a nearfall. Jimmy dumped Davey to the floor. Jimmy whacked Eddie with the belt: 1…2…3!

This was a really fun match. The Wolves pretty much dominated the majority of the match, but it was never really boring. I was somewhat surprised that the Wolves lost, but I guess the Olsens were able to be a more regular team. The ending was deflating for the most part, but at least it made sense because the story was that the Wolves were SO much better than the Olsens.
Match Rating: ***1/4

Kevin Graham vs. Mike Van Slyke vs. Steve McKenzie
I don’t believe I have seen any of these men before. Hopefully that is not an indication of their abilities.

The beginning of the match was all “two dudes battle it out, while one man sells on the mat.” It was not all that interesting. One person in the crowd kept chanting “Boring!” I sympathized. Graham managed to toss McKenzie to the floor at one point, and he then locked in the cobra clutch (I believe) on Slyke: 1…2…3!

Graham challenged Zachary Springate III to a match at the next show. Springate agreed as long as Slyke also had a match. He told Slyke that he would be facing Raven. Springate kept saying “This is a shoot brother,” during the segment, which was incredibly lame.

This match was not good.
Match Rating: *

Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Loca Vida
Loca Vida came out to “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

Vida sent Brown to the floor early and then wiped him out with a plancha. They got back in the ring, and Brown cut him off. Brown got the heat for a while. Brown showed off his athleticism during this segment. Vida eventually came back with a bulldog, which got him a nearfall. Vida then got another nearfall with a Code Red. Vida went for a 619, but Brown caught him and then failed to do something. Brown then hit the Rough Ryder: 1…2…NO! Vida got him on a middle rope again and hit a 619. Vida then went to the top rope and hit a diving crossbody, but Brown rolled though: 1…2…NO! Vida then rolled him up: 1…2…3!

Brown beat down Vida after the match.

This match was probably the second best on the card so far. Neither of these guys came across as all that crisp, but the big man-little man dynamic worked relatively well. Vida has a lot of work to do if he doesn’t want to be considered a shindy Rey Mysterio. He needs to work on standing out.
Match Rating: **1/2

Jason Axe© vs. Brodie Lee [First Blood Match for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship]
Brodie immediately hit a Yakuza kick and a big lariat. Axe managed to dump Brodie to the floor and then wipe him out with a slingshot plancha. They brawled around the ringside area, and they then quickly spilled into the crowd. Brodie whacked him with a big plastic thing. Axe eventually got the advantage when he made use of a chair. They made their way back to the ring with Axe still in control. The crowd has mostly quieted down, but Brodie just stabbed Axe with a spike out of nowhere. The hardcam showed Axe trying to blade for a bit. It eventually worked. Ref bump. Axe came back with some chair shots. Axe poured some blood from an oil can onto Brodie’s face. He revived the ref and got the win!

Some suit came out and said that decision will not stand. He restarted the match and made it a Falls Count Anywhere. Brodie quickly got a pair of nearfalls with a powerbomb and then a big boot. Brodie then brought out a table. Brodie then gave him a piledriver off the apron and through the table: 1…2…3!!! The crowd absolutely exploded for this title change.

That match was a ton of fun, and it was absolutely my MOTN so far. They had a fun brawl and ran a good heel angle to get some added heat before the big finish. Brodie Lee is a great performer.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jake Roberts vs. Zachary Springate III
The crazy man with a snake in the bag gimmick is somehow better when he’s an old crazy man with a snake. Jake was obviously quite over with the crowd. Jake dominated Springate early on. The story was that Jake could do whatever he wanted with this youngin. The crowd wanted Jake to go for the snake. He obliged, but that allowed Springate an opportunity to cut him off and he took advantage of that. Springate got the heat for a while. Springate went to the top rope, but then Mike Van Slyke distracted him Roberts hit the DDT: 1…2…3!!!!

Roberts put the snake on Springate after the match, and he then shoved the snake down Springate’s tights. The sound you just heard was me curling up in the fetal position. Snakes scare the shit out of me. So do rodents. And Canadian geese. Roberts then gave a speech where he thanked the fans, talked about his father dying, and that he was going to retire soon (apparently this was supposed to be his retirement match). It was a nice speech, and the fans were appreciative.

Honestly, this was fine. I never understand the point of putting legends over regulars, but at least 2CW used it to put more heat on the Springate vs. Graham/Slyke feud.
Match Rating: **

Bryan Danielson vs. Jay Freddie
Danielson had just returned to the WWE a week earlier as a surprise at Summerslam. As usual, Danielson was incredibly over with the crowd.

The crowd actually chanted “Freddie’s Gonna Kill You,” which Dragon responded with an appropriately bemused reaction. They went back and forth for a bit. The crowd really responded when Freddie had success. Dragon called for a handshake, but he delivered a stiff forearm instead. RUDO DRAGON~! YAY! Dragon worked Freddie over on the floor. Dragon brought him back in the ring, and he went after Freddie’s left arm. Freddie and Dragon eventually started trading uppercuts. Freddie then hit a Scorpion Deathdrop. Freddie made a big comeback. Freddie wiped Dragon out with a tope suicida. Freddie tried to get a sharpshooter, but Dragon made the ropes before it was locked in. They traded pinning combinations. Dragon hit a running knee for a nearfall, and he then transitioned into the LeBell Lock. Freddie crawled and crawled until he finally made the ropes. Freddie went for the sharpshooter again, but Dragon escaped only to eat a tombstone piledriver from Freddie. Freddie went for a diving headbutt, but Dragon blocked it and locked in a triangle choke. Freddie fought out of it and finally locked in the sharpshooter! Dragon made the ropes! Man, that should have been the finish. Freddie went for a superplex, but Dragon got him into the Tree of Joey Lawrence and delivered a series of kicks. Dragon then hit a super back suplex: 1…2…NO! CATTLE MUTTILATION! Freddie escaped but ate a Tiger Suplex from Dragon. Dragon then rained in the elbows, and Dragon won via ref stoppage.

This was a really fun main event, and I’m really glad that I was able to watch another one of Danielson’s matches in between his two WWE stints. It was a really special time in independent wrestling. Freddie was an awesome babyface in this match, and I strongly disagree with the decision to put Dragon over. If this match ended with Dragon tapping to the sharpshooter, this match may have been great.
Match Rating: ***1/2

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The 411: I really enjoyed the two title matches and the Bryan Danielson match, but this DVD really needed more consistency to get a strong recommendation from me. This wouldn't be a bad DVD to get, but I think there are better values out there. If you are a huge Daniel Bryan fan, then maybe this is something you have to get. You can support 2CW by purchasing this DVD for $17.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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