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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Beyond Wrestling All Aboard 2012

January 22, 2013 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Beyond Wrestling All Aboard 2012  

October 13, 2012
Deer Park, New York

Commentators: Denver Colorado, Chuck Taylor, Ben Gordon, & Anthony Greene

Team Tremendous (Dan Barry, Ken Scampi, Bill Carr, & Tim Hughes) vs. The Professional Revolution (JT Dunn, Mark Shurman, Leon St. Giovanni, & Max St. Giovanni w/ Jon Harder) [Losing Stable Must Disband/Elimination Rules]
Tremendous charged the ring and sent the Revolution to the floor. Hughes and Scampi hit them with planchas. Carr, a big fucking dude, hit a tope con hello on everyone. Barry then hit a Fosbury Flop. Back in the ring, Tremendous ran through Max for a bit. Max went for a springboard move at one point, but Hughes caught him with a chop. Barry and Scampi then hit Max with Doomsday Sliced Bread. Hughes then hit a Superfly Splash: 1…2…3!
Max St. Giovanni was eliminated.

LSG and Hughes went at it for a bit. Shurman came in and hit Hughes with a buckle bomb, and Dunn simultaneously hit Hughes with an enzuigiri: 1…2…3!
Tim Hughes was eliminated.

Carr and Shurman slugged it out. Dunn and Shurman worked over Scampi. I love Mark Shurman. LSG tagged in when Dunn wanted to tag in. DISSENSION! Scampi came back until Harder distracted Scampi. LSG then rolled up Scampi with a handful of tights: 1…2…3!
Ken Scampi was eliminated.

LSG and Barry went at it. LSG did not want to tag in anyone from his team. Carr promptly caught LSG with a Black Hole Slam: 1…2…3.
Leon St. Giovanni was eliminated.

Shurman and Carr went back to slugging it out. Dunn tagged in, but Carr killed him with a lariat. Carr and Barry went for a Doomsday move, but Harder crotched Barry. Dunn then rolled up Carr: 1…2…3!
Bill Carr was eliminated.

This match has too many quick eliminations. Dunn was working over Barry until Barry hit him with a DVD. Shurman tagged in and hit Barry with a snap powerslam: 1…2…NO! Shurman was in control until Barry came back with a diving DDT. Dunn tagged in, but Barry ran wild on him and Shurman. Shurman got sent to the floor. Barry wiped out Shurman with a tope suicida. Shurman called for the Shurplex, and he hit it. It’s just a vertical suplex. Harder got involved for no good reason, which allowed Barry to catch Shurman with an O’Connor Roll: 1…2…3!
Mark Shurman was eliminated.

Harder held Barry in the ropes. Dunn went to kick Barry, but Barry escaped. Dunn then, sick of Harder, kicked him in the face. Barry then hit Dunn with a double underhook brainbuster: 1…2…3!
Team Tremendous Wins.

Barry called for Jon Harder to be brought into the ring. Harder tried to run away, but Shurman sent him back into the ring. Barry kicked and chopped Harder for a while. Dunn and Shurman shook Barry’s hand after the match.

This match was fine, but there wasn’t much substance until the very end with Shurman and Dunn finally getting sick of Jon Harder (and because the show prior to this hasn’t been released, I’m not sure if those babyface turns even make sense). The eliminations were just too rapid fire to be all that interesting. The Professional Revolution was a stable with a lot of potential, but they never fulfilled it completely. The big problem with Beyond right now is that all their storylines don’t get satisfying payoffs, but even when they do (as this theoretically should have been), the shows are released in a weird order. The effort was definitely here though. Barry and Carr would make a for good tag team in most promotions.
Match Rating: **1/2

Aaron Epic vs. Corvis Fear
Both of these wrestlers are at +9 in the Beyond Standings.

Epic swept the leg and hit a kick to the head. Epic went for the Fastball Punch, but Corvis avoided it. Epic then got a nearfall with a STO. They slugged it out. Ground and pound. Somebody jumped the rail and attacked Aaron Epic, so the referee called for the bell. Denver Colorado, explained that it was Mike Quest, Corvis’s old tag team partner. Sugar Dunkerton ran in to make the save. Fear challenged them to a tag team match later on.

Epic is now at +10. They did a couple of cool things before the shit finish. Hopefully, the tag team match is good.
Match Rating: *

Mr. Touchdown vs. Max Raptor
I assume this is a squash.

Mr. Touchdown cut a promo about how he is not Mark Angel. He is. Max Raptor is Nick Talent in a goofy nineties burnout gimmick. I guess he’s making fun of Mr. Touchdown. Talent and Angel used to be in a stable called the Academy of Anatomy. Raptor got Touchdown on his stomach, and then rode him like a surfboard. Touchdown accidentally chopped a ringpost on the floor. Raptor then went after Touchdown’s injured hand. Touchdown managed to cut Raptor off with shoulder tackles in the corner. Touchdown got the heat after that. Raptor made a comeback. Raptor then hit the Shark Attack: 1…2…NO! Touchdown came back with a huge spinebuster: 1…2…3!

This was a goofy, and I would have just sat back and enjoyed it more had the first to matches been more satisfying. Max Raptor is an infinitely better gimmick than Nick Talent, who has never been someone who interests me greatly.
Match Rating: **

Sean Harddrive & Danny Todd vs. Jollyville Fuck-Its (Russ Myers & T-Money)
Not much happned until the Fuck-Its fell to the floor. Harddrive wiped them out with a moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, Harddrive went for a springboard move, but T-Money met him with a pounce. Myers hit Harddrive with a Kota Ibushi moonsault. Harddrive managed to come back with an avalanche German suplex on Myers. Money and Todd tagged in. Todd ran wild. The Fuck-Its went to the floor, only for Todd to hit a fucking awesome moonsault on them to the floor. Back in the ring, Money hit Harddrive with a spinebuster. Myers then hit a diving cannonball. Chuck Taylor, “I am never taking that move.” Todd sent Myers out of the ring. Todd and Harddrive then hit a Buckle Bomb/Corner IED Kick combo. Harddrive then hit Myers with a 450 Knee Splash: 1…2…NO! Money came back and hit Harddrive with a super package piledriver. The Fuck-Its then hit Todd with a Doomsday Backstabber: 1…2…3.

This match was an absolute trainwreck. Somehow, the match would go from being awesome one second to god-awful the next second. The match had no flow whatsoever, and the only good parts came when someone tried to do something stupid. Danny Todd is an awesome athlete, and I would like to see more of him. I have no idea how to give a star rating to this match. If this match had a good crowd, this may have seemed awesome. Regardless, they did a lot of cool shit and this show needed some cool shit.
Match Rating: **1/2

Johnny Cockstrong vs. Dave Cole
Cockstrong used some Cock Thrusts early on to damage Cole. Chuck Taylor, “This Dave Cole has got a spooky mustache.” Chuck Taylor is adding a whole star to every match’s star rating. Cole cut Cockstrong off early and got the heat. Cockstrong came back and did a faint dive. Cole dropped Cockstrong ass-first on the apron. Cole was still in control. He was primarily going after Cockstrong’s ass. Cole gave Cockstrong an airplane spin. Cole was dizzy though and fell face first on Cockstrong’s dick. Cole went back to work on Cockstrong’s ass. Cockstrong hit some cock-based offense, but Cole hit a deadlift German to cut him off. Reb bump. Cockstrong went for an in-the-pants piledriver, but Cole avoided it. Cockstrong was going for a Turnbuckle Air Raid Crash, but Mark Angel interfered. Cole hit Cockstrong with his finisher: 1…2…3.

Angel interefered because Cockstrong was close to unseating Angel as the Wins Leader. Angel and Usurper got into it verbally a bit after the match.

This match was missing a spark, which was disappointing because these guys are both really talented. Cole’s ass based work was played seriously, which really didn’t interest me. Cockstrong being around the top of the Beyond standings is played out. I rather see him work in a less prominent role (but I really love him and want him on every show). These guys should have a rematch.
Match Rating: **1/2

Addy Starr vs. Usurper
Of all the dudes in Beyond Wrestling, I’m still confused as to how Josh Thor got a spot in Wrestling Is and a new gimmick. Addy Starr has charisma, but I haven’t seen her wrestle in a while.

Addy used her quickness to get some strikes in until Usurper clubbed her in the face. Usurper was in control for a while after that. Usurper tried to build some momentum for a corner splash, but he took too long and Addy avoided it. Addy hit a double knee stomp and an Acid Drop. Usurper cut her off with a backbreaker. Usuper called for the Off With Her Head, but Addy got a schoolgirl: 1…2…NO! Usurper then hit the Off With Her Head: 1…2…3!

Addy Starr really rocked it here as far as I am concerned. I hope to see her more in Beyond Wrestling. I’m not a fan of Usurper, but he’s got a cool finisher. Book Addy Starr people.
Match Rating: **

Destruction Under Impact (Anthony Stone & Kellan Thomas) vs. Worst Case Scenario (Eli Evans & Ethan Case)
Anthony Stone is very, very good.

DC explains on commentary that Worst Case Scenario come from Mr. Hughes’s school. Mr. Hughes, trainer of the stars. DUI were in control in the early goings. Worst Case Scenario used a double team maneuver to cut off Stone, and they got the heat on him for a while. Case and Evans seemed pretty crisp in the ring, which was a pleasant surprise. Stone managed to avoid a German suplex, and Thomas made a hot tag. Worst Case Scenario quickly came back though and Evans had Stone in a Boston Crab. Thomas managed to break it up. Stone hit Evans with a tornado DDT. Stone and Thomas then hit Case with a Meteora/Hart Attack: 1…2…3!

This was a good crisp tag match, and it was my favorite match on the show so far. Stone is one of my favorite Beyond wrestlers. Worst Case Scenario should definitely be making the trip up for more Beyond shows, as they definitely add something to the shows.
Match Rating: ***

JAKA vs. Matthew Justice (w/ Marti Belle)
JAKA is of course the former Jonny Mangue, now with an archaic gimmick given to him for Wrestling Is. Whatever. He’s a good wrestler, and he’s getting more attention now. Justice was released by FCW in the last year.

While discussing JAKA’s recent match that involved Kobald, Chuck Taylor described Kobald as “one of those Chikara faggots.” WTF Chuck? Seriously? Context is everything, and that homophobic remark did not have the necessary context to not be homophobic. Ugh. Neither JAKA, nor Justice could get a decisive advantage in the early goings. JAKA headbutted Justice to the floor, and he then hit a slingshot plancha. They made it back to the ring, but Justice fell to the floor again. Thus, JAKA decided to hit another slingshot plancha. Marti Belle attacked JAKA from the floor, which allowed Justice to cut him off. Justice got the heat after that. Justice got a nearfall with a Fameasser. JAKA eventually made a comeback using a series of strikes and diving crossbody: 1…2…NO! JAKA went for a rolling headbutt, but Justice caught him with a Codebreaker. Justice then hit a Jackhammer: 1…2…NO! Chuck Taylor continues to carry this show on commentary. JAKA caught Justice with the Jaws of the Jaguar. Belle jumped up on the apron. JAKA went to deal with her, but then he hit Justice with the Choke Bomb: 1…2…3!

I don’t like the JAKA gimmick, but there is no doubt that he is very talented wrestler. In fact, JAKA has been on a hot streak of good matches since the new gimmick started, which is definitely the silver lining of the gimmick. Justice was solid here, and I would like to see more of him. Everyone needs to be booking JAKA.
Match Rating: ***1/4

#KOA (Aaron Epic & Sugar Dunkerton) vs. Garden State Gods (Eric Corvis & Mike Quest)
The Gods used to be a team in Beyond, but I’ve never actually seen Quest work before. I run hot and cold on Corvis. Sometimes I find him interesting, but I go through periods when I don’t like him at all.

They immediately start brawling. The Gods were able to isolate Epic early, and they started getting the heat on him. Epic managed to escape and tagged out to Sugar. Sugar started a comeback, but Quest cut him off with a dropkick. The Gods started working over Sugar. Sugar was eventually to come back on Corvis with a diving X-Factor. Epic tagged in and made a big comeback. The Gods hit Sugar with a neckbreaker/Frog Splash combo. Epic hit Corvis with the Fastball Punch. Sugar hit Fear with a running dropkick. #KOA then hit Quest with a neckbreaker/Samoan Drop combo. Quest hit Sugar with a spear, and Corvis gave Epic a Buckle Snapmare Driver. Corvis hit Sugar with a superkick, and Quest then rolled up Sugar: 1…2…3!

This match was solid. Fear and Quest are just not performers that interest me at the moment. Sugar and Epic are a very fun team, but they have had better tag matches recently.
Match Rating: **3/4

Darius Carter vs. TJ Marconi [Last Man Standing]
These two are former tag partners. Carter turned on Marconi a year ago, and the blowoff is finally happening here.

An incredibly jacked up Chris Dickinson (“jacked up” is an understatement) was the special guest referee for reasons that are escaping me. Marconi and Carter immediately started slugging it out. They quickly ended up on the floor, and Marconi sent Carter into a barricade. Back in the ring, Marconi hit a Stinger Splash. Carter came back with an uppercut to the balls. Carter went for a boot, but Marconi goozled him. Carter went to the eyes, but Marconi still managed to come back. They ended up on the apron. Marconi called for a Jacknife Powerbomb off the apron, but Carter sent Marconi into a column next to the barricade. Carter was in full control of Marconi after that. Carter pulled out a Singapore Cane. Ben Turpen is not impressed. Carter used the stick a lot on Marconi. Marconi was eventually able to comeback with a sidewalk slam. Carter avoided a Brogue kick, and he then hit Marconi with a pair of enzguiris. Carter brought out a chain and chocked Marconi with the chain and the ropes. Marconi avoided one Codebreaker attempt, but Carter was able to connect on the second attempt. Dickinson made the count, but Marconi got up at the eight count. Carter promptly hit Marconi with a Mafia Kick. Dickinson didn’t count, because he’s weird. Carter pulled out handcuffs, and Carted cuffed Marconi. Carter then tied Marconi up with a chain. Carter took out the cane again, and he beat Marconi up with it. Marconi fought back with a series of big boots. Marconi got Dickinson to free him from the chains. Carter pulled out another weapon and hit Marconi in the head with it. Not sure what the weapon was. Dickinson made the count. Marconi got up before the 10 count, and he blocked Carter from using the weapon. Marconi that knocked Carter in the face with the weapon. Marconi got the cane and attacked Carter with it. Carter’s back was cut up from the cane. Marconi took off his elbow pad and called for a lariat. He then killed Carter with a lariat and an Emerald Frosion. That was a NASTY Emerald Frosion. Carter could not respond to the 10 count, so Marconi got the win.

Dickinson murdered Marconi with some Singapore Cane shots, including one across the back of the head. Dickinson started yelling at Beyond’s owner and the fans, because he doesn’t have anything to show for all of his contributions to Beyond. Chris Dickinson has problems.

This was a good main event and a good conclusion to the Marconi/Carter feud. I think Chris Dickinson took away from the match unfortunately. If he was a normal ref, a lot of the ten counts would have had more drama because I wouldn’t be wondering what Dickinson was going to do and why he was doing it. Marconi’s comeback was a little too brief considering how much damage he took from Carter. However, the Emerald Frosion that ended the match was fucking awesome, and I’m glad Carter didn’t get up from that. Carter is one of the best talents in Beyond, and I hope Beyond can be a place where he flourishes.
Match Rating: ***1/2

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For more info on Beyond, check out their:
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The 411: This was not a great Beyond show. The last Beyond show to be released, Swamp Sessions, had a great environment and a lot of fun matches. This show definitely felt like a step down from this. To me, Beyond is not a standard wrestling promotion and can’t be run like a standard “monthly DVD that only a few people buy” promotion. It needs to strive to be more than that somehow. This show wasn’t bad by any means, but it made the promotion seem cold. In reality, I just don’t think these big shows with lots of matches play to Beyond’s strengths. This conclusion is somewhat rambling, but hopefully it gives some you some insight about my thoughts on Beyond at the moment. Buy this DVD for $12 at the Beyond Wrestling store. You can also go to Smart Mark Video and get the show as a $15 DVD, a $11.99 MP4, or as a $9.99 Video on Demand.
Final Score:  6.3   [ Average ]  legend

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