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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars — Episode 5: The Summit Review

March 5, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars — Episode 5: The Summit Review  

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The picture quality is very much improved this week. Billy Roc discusses how Reed Bentley jumped Remi Wilkins from behind last week. Roc says that if Bentley does anything like that again, he will be ejected from Class Wars. Bentley says Wilkins got in their business too many times. Roc explains that Wilkins is hurt, but that he is going to keep competing. Meanwhile, Tripp Cassidy has a broken hand, and he has a doctor’s note to verify it. Roc explains that Cassidy has gotten an official Manager’s License and has decided to back “Big” Sue Jackson. Cassidy explains that he has the best punch in wrestling, so he thinks someone tried to sabotage him. Wilkins doesn’t believe the injury is real. Cassidy explains that he, Jackson, and Bentley are now known as The League, and that when one person in the League wins, they all win.

Cut to outside the school, where Roc is talking with all the students. Roc says all the plans for determining the seeding are now out the window (because of Tripp’s injury). There will be two teams of four in an elimination match to determine the seeding of the tournament now. Tripp is one of the captains for the team, while Roc will be the other team’s captain. It’s like picking teams for DODGEBALL! Tripp picks Bentley while Roc picks Wilkins. Tripp obviously picks Sue Jackson. This has to be setting up Trash not being picked at all right? Roc picks Dale Patricks, while Tripp picks Luis Rojas (he and his partner earned their way on the show last week). Roc picks Logan Williams. Cassidy picks Jeremy Hadley. Roc picks Nate Stone which means Trash is left out in the cold. Trash flips the fuck out as Roc just ignores her. Roc is being a giant douche here. I don’t know if it’s intended that way though. They need to have a bloody brawl soon. Roc explains the rules a little bit more, and I realize this match is being contested under Cibernetico-like rules. That means there can only be one winning wrestler. So, if Roc’s team wins but has two team members left, they will duke it out. The match is being called The School of Roc Summit.

Advertisement for Billy Roc’s School of Roc wrestling school. Ricochet checks in and puts over Billy Roc.

The School of Roc Summit
Team Billy Roc (Remi Wilkins, Dale Patricks, Logan Williams, & Nate Stone) vs. Team Tripp Cassidy (Reed Bentley, “Big Sue Jackson, Luis Rojas, and Jeremy Hadley)
Hadley and Williams start the match off. Williams takes him down with a springboard dropkick, so Hadley tags in Sue Jackson. Williams goes for a dropkick, but Jackson swats him away and takes him down with the running body press: 1…2…3! Williams is the 8 seed. Wilkins enters the match and is isolated by Hadley and Rojas. Rojas berates Wilkins, but Wilkins quickly locks in an inverted cloverleaf…ROJAS TAPS! Rojas is in the 7 seed. Jackson shoves Wilkins in his own corner, and Wilkins accidentally tags in Nate Stone. Jackson squashed Stone in episode two. Stone fires off some forearms, but Jackson takes him down with the running body press: 1…2…3! Wilkins and Bentley run into the match and start attacking each other. Bentley pushes Wilkins out of the ring (a legal tag), which allows Patricks to come into the match and he rolls up Bentley: 1…2…3! Wilkins and Bentley continue to go at it. I sense Wilkins is about to be DQed to avoid losing to Jackson. Nope. Wilkins shoved Bentley out of the ring. Wilkins lost focus, which allowed Jackson to hit his powerbomb variation on Wilkins: 1…2…3. Wilkins and Bentley are now the 4 and 5 seeds, which means they will meet in the first round. Hadley tags in. Jackson doesn’t approve. Hadley slaps him, so Jackson just punches him. Patricks hit Hadley with a top rope crossbody: 1…2…3. Jackson vs. Patricks will end the match. Jackson quickly hits a Vader Bomb: 1…2…3. So, Sue Jackson is the #1 seed.

This may have been the most entertaining match so far in Class Wars. Everything about the match made sense from both an “in the now” mindset and from how the the bracket for the tournament was booked. If there is one problem with this match, it is that 7 eliminations in such a short period of time is not ideal at all. The big positive of that though is that “Big” Sue Jackson was put over huge.

The Official Bracket for The School of Roc Class Wars Tournament

After the Summit match, The League is hanging out. Billy Roc announces that Wilkins vs. Bentley is going to happen next week. Roc teases that he has a big surprise in store for next week.

For more info on Class Wars and the School of Roc, check out their:
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The 411: "Big" Sue Jackson and Tripp Cassidy are the two breakout characters of Class Wars in my opinion, and this episode puts them over huge. Jackson dominated the tag match to the point where everyone else in the match, kind of looked like a jobber. I assume they are setting up now Jackson vs. Wilkins in the tournament finals and that match is going to feel like a big deal. Cassidy was also put over once again as the main heel of Class Wars. He seems ready for bigger things right now, based on his ability to talk. If you have missed Class Wars so far, this episode will catch you up on all the important happenings going into the second half of the season.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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