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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – Episode Four: Intrusion, Transgressions, and Misjustice

February 29, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – Episode Four: Intrusion, Transgressions, and Misjustice  

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We start with footage shot after last week’s show. Trash is hounding Billy Roc for a match, but Roc says it’s a scheduling problem. Trash accuses Roc of holding her back because he thinks she smells. Weird. Jeremy Hadley and Luis Rojas show up. They were both former students of Billy Roc, but they were trained before the School of Roc was officially opened. Trash walks away as Hadley and Rojas confront Billy about not inviting them to the show. Roc pretends that he forgot he trained them. Logan Williams shows up to defend Billy. They want a handicap match with Williams now. Roc makes a tag match instead. Hadley and Rojas will take on Williams and James Reeves.

Hadley and Rojas are filmed talking about how they feel slighted by Billy Roc. They say they should be treated like legends.

James Reeves got the talking head treatment from the Class Wars cast. Billy Roc, “Legit, if he headbutts you, your head may explode.” Legit? Reeves seems to be a “simple boy” in that he’s not really that smart but he knows how to hit hard.

Logan Williams is talked about next. Roc puts over his effort, toughness, and his great armbar submission. Roc says Logan can defeat anyone with that armbar, and that if his opponent gets caught in it, they better tap out.

Jeremy Hadley & Luis Rojas vs. Logan Williams & James Reeves
10 minute time limit as with all other matches in Class Wars so far.

Williams got the armbar quickly, but Hadley made the ropes. Williams got the armbar again, and again, Hadley made the ropes. Rojas and Reeves tag in. Rojas doesn’t look like he’s in ring-shape, but we shall see. Reeves missed a clothesline on Hadley and ate a dropkick from Hadley for his troubles. The rudos started to work over Reeves after that. Reeves went to the middle rope and hit a diving clothesline on Rojas. Williams made a hot tag and ran wild on Hadley. Williams got the armbar, but Rojas made the save. Rojas sent Reeves out of the ring. Hadley hit a top rope frog splash on Williams: 1…2…3. Match lasted six minutes and six seconds. Apparently Roc used to use the frog splash, so we’ll see if that means anything later on.

This result of this match is pretty much the definition of “Wait and See.” On the surface, having two outsiders pin two regulars makes no sense, but this show seems too smart for this result to be meaningless in the long run. As for the competitors, Hadley and Williams easily were the most impressive. Hadley had the abrasive personality that truly gets under people’s skin. Williams looks incredibly crisp in the ring for someone who is so new to the business. He is definitely one to keep an eye on as the season moves forward.

After the show, we see footage of Reed Bentley attacking Remi Wilkins. Tripp Cassidy swears he had nothing to do with it, as he and Sue Jackson pull Bentley away from the scene.

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The 411: Joss Whedon, the showrunner of shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, has this TV theory that the first 6 (or so) episodes of a show all need to be ‘pilots’ essentially so that it gives the show a chance to attract new viewers without alienating them. I find that theory incredibly frustrating, and I am really glad that my fear of that happening with Class Wars has not come to fruition. The last two weeks have shown that there are long term stories and threads being set up that will hopefully have satisfying payoffs. It seems clear to me that Trash needs to have her first match with Billy Roc. Logan Williams and James Reeves clearly need to get or earn a chance to redeem themselves by defeating the outsides. Remi Wilkins and Reed Bentley clearly have unfinished business that needs to be settled. Last but not least, Wilkins vs. Tripp Cassidy clearly is the match that has peaked my interest most, and I will be surprised if that is not the main event of the final show. Lots of cool stories are being told on this show, and once again, I encourage you to give it a try.
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