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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – Episode Nine: Loose Lips Break Hips

April 2, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – Episode Nine: Loose Lips Break Hips  

Watch this full 20 minute episode right here!

Samuray Del Sol introduces us to Class Wars this week. Del Sol just worked DGUSA’s Wrestlemania events.

Recap of last week’s episodes tells the story of how Dale Patricks “snaps” when his dead father is brought up. Patricks’s opponent last week, Luis Rojas, was in control of the match, but when he mocked Patricks for his dead father, Patricks exploded in a rage and won the match.

Luis Rojas and Jeremy Hadley walk up to Billy Roc, who is busy giving a ring post repeated forearm shots. Roc tells them about the phone message that revealed that Rojas and Hadley were responsible for telling James Reeves that he is no longer welcome in Class Wars. Roc threatens them by beating up one of the ring posts again with more repeated forearms. Luis Rojas was pretty amusing in this scene.

Trash confronts Billy Roc outside the building. Trash asks who she is working against on this episode. Roc dodges her by saying no one has stepped up. If this doesn’t lead to Trash vs. Billy Roc, then I have no idea what this is all about, because so far it’s mostly just making Roc look like a tool for never giving Trash a chance.

Logan Williams, Dale Patricks, and Nate Stone were training in the ring, but The League showed up and berated them. During the training session, Williams easily made Patricks tap with an armbar. Williams then hit La Mistica on Stone to make Stone tap out. Yes, La Mistica. The story here is pretty simple and effective. Sue Jackson is nearly an unstoppable monster, and if Williams is going to win, he is going to have to lock in the armbar.

“The Master of War” Logan Williams (w/ Dale Patricks) vs. “Big” Sue Jackson (w/ Tripp Cassidy)
Sue Jackson won the coin toss. Tripp Cassidy tells Jackson to do 3 Rounds of 5 Minutes each.

Round 1
Logan tried for the armbar quickly, but Jackson just shoves him down. Williams goes for La Mistica, but Jackson just kills him with a powerslam. Jackson then hit a couple of power moves that seemingly ended Williams. Jackson dragged Williams to the corner, where Jackson hit the Vader Bomb: 1…2…3!

This was a squash match. “Big” Sue Jackson has been built up to be a monster on this show. Dale Patricks is going to have his hands full in their semi-final matchup.

After the credits, we get “accidental” footage of Jeremy Hadley and Luis Rojas beating up Logan Williams for “spreading rumors,” regarding the disappearance of James Reeves. Remi Wilkins and Dale Patricks make the save and run Hadley and Rojas off.

For more info on Class Wars and the School of Roc, check out their:
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The 411: Class Wars has done an excellent job of building up "Big" Sue Jackson as a monster. At this point, it seems impossible to believe that anyone will stop Sue from winning the Class Wars Cup. The show's 4-part finale also seems to be taking shape, and I am excited to see the conclusion to a lot of the stories that have played out throughout the season.
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