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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – The Four Part Finale

April 26, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Class Wars – The Four Part Finale  

Day One: TRASH vs. Miss Heidi
Watch this full 10 minute episode right here!

There was a recap video of Trash never getting a match throughout the first eleven episodes of Class Wars. In this story, Billy Roc seemingly was stringing Trash along, without ever coming through on his promise. I thought this made Roc seem like quite the douche, and thus Roc would make for the natural opponent for Trash in the finale. However, that was not to be, and Roc introduced the apparently devastating student, Miss Heidi.

Trash vs. Miss Heidi
Heidi is wearing a very skimpy mini-skirt and stockings. Much like Addy Starr and Veda Scott, Heidi apparently recognizes pro-wrestling’s core demographic very well. All of the wrestlers who are there are in Heidi’s corner. No one is friends with Trash.

Trash got the advantage early and choked Heidi in the ropes. Heidi caught Trash with a headscissors and sent her head-first into a turnbuckle. Heidi followed that up with a cannonball splash: 1…2…NO! Trash cut her off and started attacking Heidi with kicks. Trash used a Fish Hook, but Heidi escaped and got the Muta Lock! Trash managed to make the rope. Trash rolls her up for a nearfall. Trash chokes her some more, and Roc pulls her off by her hair. Trash kicks her some more. Heidi got a chinlock, but Heidi survived and elbowed out of it. Heidi came back with a kick and a DDT. Heidi did a primal scream and hit a series of lariats. Trash avoided one and kicked her knee out. Heidi avoided an enzugiri. Heidi then hit an enzugiri: 1…2…NO! Trash avoided top rope move and rolled up Heidi: 1…2…3! There seemed to be some controversy as to whether Trash used the tights for extra leverage.

This match was OK. The Trash storyline was always at a disadvantage in this season for the simple fact that she didn’t wrestle a match until the last episode of the show. Also, I think were supposed to grow to hate her more and more (or at least find her more and more annoying), but I always clearly saw her as the “wronged” party. Hopefully, her storyline in season 2 develops more clearly, and then builds to a more satisfying finish.

Day 2: Logan Williams vs. Luis Rojas and Dale Patricks vs. Jeremy Hadley
Watch this 12 minute episode right here

Logan Williams vs. Luis Rojas
The episode immediately starts with the match. Rojas says he wants Williams to show him to respect by saluting him. Williams, a former soldier, shoves him to the mat. Williams hit a hip toss and couple of lariats for a nearfall. Williams went to work on Rojas’s arm, setting up for his armbar finisher. Rojas came back with a Flying Burrito for a nearfall of his own. Rojas then hit a bridging fisherman suplex: 1…2…NO! Williams came back with a snap powerslam and a springboard dropkick: 1…2…NO! Williams then got LA MISTICA! Rojas got his foot on the ropes though. Rojas got a rollup out of nowhere and Hadley gave Rojas some extra leverage: 1…2…3!

This was a very fun match, and both guys had their best performance of the entire season. Williams is a really gifted athlete, and I think with more seasoning, he has a chance to break out in a bigger company.

Jeremy Hadley celebrated with Luis Rojas. Dale Patricks tried to tell Billy Roc what happened, but that just allowed for Jeremy Hadley to mock Patricks for his father being dead. Patricks jumped Hadley, and Roc calls for the bell!

Dale Patricks vs. Jeremy Hadley
Patricks is pretty much in Street Clothes. Hadley seems to have some tights on, but I’m not entirely sure. Patricks was angry. Yes, Hadley was wearing tights. Mystery solved. Patricks went for a diving cross-body, but Hadley avoided it and Patricks crashed on the mat. Hadley started to work Patricks over after that, while also berating Patricks. Hadley went for a diving headbutt, but Patricks avoided that. Patricks then connected with a diving cross-body, but Hadley rolled through: 1…2…NO! Patricks came back with a big running forarm, Brogue Kick and a big German suplex: 1…2…NO! Patricks went to the top rope and hit another diving cross-body: 1…2…NO! Weird. Hadley came back with a sole butt and a neckbreaker: 1…2…NO! Hadley screams, “Don’t Ever Disrespect Your Daddy!” Patricks gets pumped up and hits a big forearm and a swinging DDT: 1…2…3! “That was for you dad.”

This was quite the contest, and much like the Rojas/Williams, both men delivered their best performance of the season. Both of these guys will be debuting in Chikara this weekend. This episode was good, but I would have preferred that we get a tag match with all four of these guys if for no other reason than variety.

Finale: Day 3 – Reed Bentley vs. Nate Stone (Street Fight)
Watch this 15 minute episode right here

Billy Roc tells Reed Bentley and Tripp Cassidy that he doesn’t want anyone else involved in the match. Roc makes Bentley sign a waiver. Nice touch.

Nate Stone vs. Reed Bentley (w/ Tripp Cassidy)
Bentley slaps Stone and spits in his face. Stone then bitch slaps him and hits some repeated back elbows. Cassidy and Bentley run out of the building. Cassidy distracted Stone, which allowed Bentley to hit Stone with a foreign object. The camera caught Jeremy Hadley trying to pee in a field. He ran away. Bentley used some plunder on Stone. Bentley went for a tornado DDT onto an elevated street sign, but Stone reversed it and gate Bentley a DVD through the sign instead. That was a cool spot. They went onto the parking lot and started trading kicks. Bentley started to choke Stone with his own hoodie! That’s what those babyfaces get for all wearing hoodies! There was this random pile of trash that Bentley used against Stone. Stone came back by throwing a steel trash can at Bentley’s head. Ouch. Stone then drove Bentley into a pile of tires. Normally, all these piles of trash would seem planted, but this is Indiana. Stone threw a kickboxing body into Bentley twice. Ouch again. They sadly made their way back to the ring after Bentley managed to cut him off. Bentley hit Stone repeatedly with a broom. Bentley was in complete control, raining down big strikes. Bentley hit a couple of big kicks for a nearfall. Bentley hit a senton: 1…2…NO! Stone avoided a big splash in the corner, and he then hit a huge knee in the corner. Stone followed that with a running leg drop: 1…2…NO! Stone used a chair to hit a World’s Strongest Slam. Stone sandwiched Bentley with chairs, and he then hit a senton: 1…2…NO! Stone locked in a Full-Nelson. Bentley escaped, but Stone immediately hit an Ace Crusher! 1…2…3!!! STONE WINS!

This was without a doubt, the best match in Season 1 of Class Wars, and it’s not a coincidence that this feud has been the best told story of the first season. Reed Bentley showed me a lot during this season, and it’s no wonder that a few higher profile midwest companies are using his talents. Nate Stone has a lot of work to do, but he was definitely positioned to highlight his strengths during this season. I look forward to seeing how he progresses by the time Season 2 rolls around.

Finale: School of Roc Cup Finals – Remi Wilkins vs. “Big” Sue Jackson
Watch this 12 minute episode right here

Remi Wilkins vs. “Big” Sue Jackson (w/ Tripp Cassidy)
This is the first time these two have ever gone 1v1. Jackson overpowered him in the early goings. Wilkins used a headlock to slow down Jackson. Wilkins tried for some shoulder blocks, but Jackson no-sold them and then hit a suplex. Jackson hit his running cross-body to a seated Wilkins: 1…2…NO! Jackson locked in a nerve pinch. Wilkins managed to escape, but he then ran into a big knee. Jackson then went right back to the nerve pinch. Wilkins elbowed his way out of it, but Jackson cut him off with a big back elbow and another nerve pinch. Wilkins almost passed out, but he managed to get to his feet once again. Wilkins went for running forearm, but he accidentally took out Bill Roc. Tripp Cassidy tried to hit Wilkins with his cast, but Cassidy accidentally hit Jackson. Jackson got trapped in the ropes, which allowed Wilkins to rain down strikes. Wilkins hit a leg lariat: 1…2…NO! Wilkins went for a running cross-body, but Jackson hit a Baldo Bomb variation: 1…2…NO! Jackson freaked the fuck out, and he rarely talks. Jackson set up for the Vader Bomb. Wilkins got to his feet and hit a sunset flip PROJECT CIAMPA: 1…2…3!!! WILKINS WINS!

Billy Roc presents Remi Wilkins with the Class Wars Trophy. Jackson gets to his feet and sakes Wilkins’s hand. He told Wilkins that anyone who can take him out, deserves to win the cup.

This was a fitting end to the first season of Class Wars. After Tripp Cassidy went down with a wrist injury, this was the only logical matchup to close out the tournament and the season. Jackson had been built up as an unbeatable monster for 11 weeks, but the show’s biggest babyface managed to defeat him here, and he had to use a very devastating move to finish him.

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The 411: This was a great end to the first season of Class Wars. It was cool to see the show grow with each passing episode, much like how all the performers grew throughout the season. When a veteran says you have to invest time and money into yourself to make it in the wrestling business, this is how you do it in the 21st century. Because of this show, many of these wrestlers have gotten booked by Chikara, Resistance Pro, and many other promotions. I bet we see a bunch of "imitators" of this show in the near future, and this show set a high standard for all of them. I am definitely looking forward to season 2, and I hope you all make the effort to catch up by 2013.
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