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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: WrestleCon SuperShow 2015

June 24, 2015 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: WrestleCon SuperShow 2015  

The WrestleCon shows that Highspots put on continuously interest despite always letting me down! If you took all of the good matches that the shows have had, you would have a decent collection. As individual shows though, they are very inconsistent and possibly worth less than the sum of their parts. Let’s find out if this one was any different.


March 28, 2015
San Jose, California

Commentators: Excalibur & Marty DeRosa


The opener saw ACH taking on John Hennigan. This was a tribute to PWG 2014. There was so much singing, dancing, and WWF tributes; it was all just grating to experience. I can see a lot of people enjoying this one, but I think it’s as lazy shtick to avoid doing an interesting match. Save the Attitude Era cosplay for shows that no one watches on tape, ya dorks. Morrison eventually won with the Starship Pain. (1/2*)


Matt Striker vs. Jake Manning was next. This was stupid but thankfully short. Striker got greeted with “Lucha!” chants, cut a promo on a fan, and then immediately beat Manscout with a pedigree. This was unfortunate to experience.


Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae took on Caleb Konley and Zane Dawson. There was so much shtick in this match that there was zero chance that I would enjoy this at all. I appreciate the fact that they worked it for a crowd that was receptive to the shtick, but I just have no interest in watching World’s Cutest Tag Team when they work this way. WCTT won when Candice hit Caleb with a springboard poison ‘rana. (*)


Brian Kendrick took on Cedric Alexander. This was not great, but it was desperately needed for my own sanity. They worked a short contest, and I think the match benefited from not overstaying its welcome. There was no issue to resolve or anything like that, and they told the story of Spanky being a crafty veteran (and winning as result) well enough to keep me interested. This was solid. (**3/4)


Jack Evans took on Andrew Everett and Aerostar in my most anticipated match of the evening. This was exactly what it needed to be: a high-flying showcase to bring some much needed action to the show. They even managed to work in a STORY to the match. Early on (or maybe midway through), Jack Evans managed to flip out of a SUPER CANADIAN DESTROYER from Aerostar, but he was not able to again later on due to being tired (presumably). Aerostar’s persistence to use that move got him the victory! (***1/2)


We then got the Team Hero (Chris Hero, Drew Gulak, Tommaso Ciampa, Brian Myers, Abyss, & James Storm) vs. Team Cabana (Colt Cabana, Big Ryck, Matt Sydal, Tommmy Dreamer, Bully Ray, & Brother Devon) match. Much like the the triple threat, this was exactly what you thought it would be and exactly what it needed to be. Unlike that last match though, this did not have much unique action to offer. You mostly just some delightfully random interactions (Gulak vs. D’von!) and a handful of good lines from Excalibur. It was very easy to watch though and a fine match for this kind of show. It also served to continue the positive direction that the previous two matches took this show in. The match ended with Myers eating a 3D, a moonsault from Colt, and the SSP from Sydal. (**3/4)


The semi-main event was Roderick Strong and The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) vs. AR Fox, Ricochet, and Jushin Liger. This was good enough, but it under-delivered to a degree. Despite the complete uniqueness of this exact matchup, I feel like I have seen this match a million times before. That’s not a good thing. Guys like Ricochet and Fox have got to find ways to mix it up. The match ended when Liger pinned Daniels after a brainbuster. (***)


The main event was The Hardy Boys vs. Sabu and Rob Van Dam. I did not expect this to be good, but I cannot get over how dull it was. There were so few botches, and it was just a really lazy weapons brawl. I would have rather this had been a complete wreck. They tried though. RVD eventually pinned Jeff to win the match. (**)


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The final score: review Poor
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Someone remind me to not watch the 2016 WrestleCon show! I will tell myself it will be worth watching, but it won't be!