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Vince Russo Recalls Yelling Match With Vince McMahon Over SummerSlam 1998 Main Event

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Summerslam 1998

– Vince Russo shared a memory on his latest Truth With Consequences podcast about one of the rare yelling matches he had with Vince McMahon, specifically over Summerslam 1998’s main event. The main event of that PPV involved Steve Austin and Undertaker. Austin has said that he was disappointed with the match and felt they didn’t captivate the crowd as well as they should have.

Highlights from Russo’s comments are below:

On his arguments with Vince McMahon: “Bro, I told you, I really got into a [argument] — bro, it’s funny, because when I would get up on my soapbox, 99% of the time, Vince would say nothing and just listen. He would just let me go off, and not listen. But there was one time in a car where it was back and forth. It was a back and forth fight. And my whole idea was, ‘Bro, I’m doing this for the best of the company. I know this is what the crowd is telling you. I know this is what they want. I’m freaking telling you for your own good, bro. That’s why I’m getting so passionate about it.’ But my point is, bro. I got into a yelling match with Vince McMahon one time, because that’s what it took. And guess what, bro? I didn’t win! I did not win, but the result was exactly what I knew was gonna be.”

On what it was about: “I remember exactly what it was, bro. Taker and Stone Cold were buddies. They were friends. They wanted to go into SummerSlam having a babyface match. And I’m from New York. And I was like, ‘Vince, this is the Garden, bro! They don’t wanna see a babyface match. They want to see these guys kill and annihilate each other. And bro, lemme tell you something. I know Vince agreed with me. But, Vince wanted to do what Taker and Austin wanted to do, which was the right thing. That that was the right thing, for Vince to let them do it their way. But bro, I could tell you when that match ended, both Austin and Undertaker came in the back, and they were like, ‘What happened? What happened out there.’ Well, that’s what happened out there, bro. This is New York! They don’t wanna see a lovefest!”

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