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WALTER Says He Wasn’t Invested in His Survivor Series Match, Didn’t Care About 15 People Being Angry at Each Other

January 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Metro UK recently interviewed NXT UK champion WALTER. WALTER discussed his match at Survivor Series, possibly entering the Royal Rumble, and more. During the chat, he discussed the Team Smackdown vs. Team Raw vs. Team NXT match from Survivor Series 2019, which had 15 Superstars. WALTER reportedly called his involvement in the match a “mistake.” Below are some highlights.

WALTER on the NXT vs. Raw vs. Smackdown Survivor Series match: “I wasn’t invested in that. I didn’t care. I care about my guys, my group, I care about the sport, but I don’t care about all those people being angry each other. It was a weird match too – three five-men tag teams, and always three guys in the ring. That’s when wrestling turns from competition to putting acrobats in a circus to do a show. There’s 15 of you, you’ve got to do something.”

WALTER on the upcoming Worlds Collide match against Undisputed era: “I’m always looking forward to good and exciting competition, and Undisputed Era is going to bring that. It’s my passion, and Undisputed Era are excellent for that.”

WALTER on not wanting to live in the US: “I don’t mind going to America for a little bit. I don’t want to live there, but as a visitor it’s good enough… [But] I was never a big fan of the United States in that sense. I always felt, in the ’90s when I grew up, America got glorified in movies and on TV. Then you’d go there the first time and you’d be like, ‘What’s going on?’ I think it would be more helpful if I brought some of my culture there!”

WALTER on if he will appear at the Royal Rumble: “I legit don’t know. I would love – Royal Rumble, I think it’s a different case. You’re not in there with a group of people you don’t really know, but you have to be in a team with them. In the Royal Rumble, it’s a lot of people but it’s every man for himself.”

WALTER on arranging his deal with WWE: “If they would’ve said, ‘No we can’t do it.’ I would’ve agreed and understood why. There would have been other ways for me to find a place to work. I’m happy it worked out though. I’m happy in WWE – I feel very comfortable.”