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WALTER Praises How Smart Brock Lesnar Is, Discusses Current WWE Superstars He Admires in the Ring

September 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Brock Lesnar WWE Smackdown, WALTER

SPORTbible recently interviewed WWE UK champion WALTER, who spoke on a variety of topics and put over how smart a wrestler Brock Lesnar is. Below are some highlights.

WALTER on who he admires in the ring: “There are a bunch of people I really look up to and I like what they do in the ring. Daniel Bryan is one of them, for sure. And then I’m a big fan of The Revival, too. Drew McIntyre is someone I think we could have a good contest. And personally for my own amusement, I’ve always felt the idea of having a contest with Braun Strowman could be very interesting [laughs].”

WALTER on possibly facing Cesaro: “Yeah, 100 percent. Cesaro as well started out at wXw in Germany, but he left there and went to America before I started wrestling there regularly. So… that’s there that little bit of connection where he was like the very first who made it out of wXw and who made it in the United States or outside of it. And since then, he has developed into one of the finest professional wrestlers around. So, of course, I’m always looking for challenging competition and it just makes sense.”

WALTER on how smart a wrestler Brock Lesnar is: “I think right now there’s no smarter professional wrestler than Brock Lesnar at the moment. I’m aware of the — I don’t know — the negative reactions he gets by the fans, but if I ever end up in that position in my career, I would be very thankful [laughs]. For sure, 100 percent. I think Brock is amazing and I would love to do that.”

WALTER on who has the best chops: “Yeah. Me, of course. Kobashi always did too many of his, Ric Flair’s are definitely not effective and they’re more for a crowd reaction. Yeah, maybe Big Show. He’s twice my size, but I think it’s me [laughs].”