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Wardlow Thinks He Has The It Factor, Comments On Using The Swanton Bomb

May 26, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Wardlow AEW Rampage Image Credit: AEW

In an interview with the New York Post, Wardlow spoke about using the Swanton Bomb in some of his matches, including last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite. He noted that he actually talked to Jeff Hardy about it and got his blessing. Here are highlights:

On why crowds have taken to him: “I always felt like I was gonna be something special in this business. You grow up and you see guys like The Rock and John Cena and Batista and I just always had this in my core gut feeling that I was capable of that and that I could be that. I feel like it’s a mix of that confidence, nobody’s gonna believe in yourself unless you believe in yourself. You hear the “it factor” a lot in this business and it really just comes down to the fact that I have it and you can’t explain what it is. It’s just a thing, you can’t teach it. It’s something you have and I truly believe I have it and I think the crowd and everyone else is starting to see it.”

On his presentation in AEW: “I can’t remember the last time we’ve seen someone presented in this way and it’s very special. It’s very cool to be compared to the likes of Kevin Nash because he was such a big inspiration of mine. I didn’t come in trying to mimic anything he’s done. It just kind of happened naturally.”

On talking with Jeff Hardy and using his swanton: “Man, it’s a weekly thing now, where I just find myself backstage in awe of what my life is. You know I asked Jeff for permission to use the Swanton Bomb. I was getting ready for those three matches where I knew was going to have to wrestle some bigger guys. So I was wrestling Lance Archer, (William) Morrissey and these bigger dudes. I said, “Hey Jeff, I’m wrestling some bigger guys, I might have to pull some things out that I’ve never done before or done in a while. If I find myself in a situation where I need to hit a Swanton Bomb is that OK with you?” He said, “Absolutely, hit that thing.” And I found myself in the situation against Lance Archer where I found myself on the top rope and I went for it. The next week, I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around and it’s Jeff and he says, “Hey man, that’s a very graceful Swanton.” I literally just stood there after he walked away for about 10 minutes with this goofy smile on my face, beet red. I was like, “Welp, that was the coolest moment ever.”

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