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Watry Q&A: Mick Foley, Chamber Fallout, Wins And Losses, More

March 9, 2017 | Posted by Justin Watry
Mick Foley

Hi, I’m Justin Watry. You may remember me from such classic columns as March 2012’s “WWE WrestleMania 28: Sheamus Should Defeat Daniel Bryan in Less Than a Minute” and October 2015’s “WWE NXT: Bobby Roode, You’re Next.”


Once a month, I reply to the comment section. This is from February 2017. No cuss words allowed.

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Qwaar: Hey Justin, I hope you enjoyed watching the Rumble with your imaginary friend who just happened to prove most of your points!

I posted a video of the guy. Obviously real. Seriously, I said from day one I wasn’t going to BS around and have been truthful on that promise. For your sake, here is the video one more time:

AG Awesome: “Yes folks, casual wrestling fans are the majority and 100% real”

Watches ppv with one friend…decides on what “majority” of wrestling fan’s viewing habits are


You’re better than this comment. Come on now. It is 100% fact, and we all know it. Unsure why this is still a major discussion topic in 2017. We are the vocal minority – always has been that way and likely always will be. I compare it to the Super Bowl/NFL for sports fans. There is a reason why the weekly NBC games get 20 million viewers, the championship games get 40 million viewers, and then the ‘big game’ gets over 100 million viewers. Diehards tune in every Sunday, and the casuals watch once or twice a year when the stakes are raised. A far cry from 20 million to a massive 100 million.

Robert: Oh, you had Tye at #10 for months?


Well, congrats, Watry! You’re right on par with EVERY SINGLE OTHER WWE/NXT FAN!

Personally, I’ve been wanting that for the past three Rumbles now, but you wouldn’t know that because it’s written on another Disqus section.

Get your own column that people read. Then I might care.

Elimination Chamber Match Preview

Moonajuanaa: In case you did not know, The Miz’s rumored opponent for WM is Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Dang. I thought it was John Morrison!

Tim Burkland: You should name your column, “Something I Predicted On Another Website”.

I do that…on another website.

Respectmyname: So he guessed the exact Super Bowl score?

Yep, no edit history either for the clowns who doubt it. Still posted too. Funny part is I had money on the Atlanta Falcons BUT ended up making money at halftime, as the deal was called off and reversed with the New England Patriots winning. Unforgettable comeback.

Reality4U: Wyatt winning at the Elimination Chamber has been reported for the last month. I think he would be more flat as a champ than Ambrose was.

Depends on the plan for WrestleMania 33. If Bray Wyatt is just being set up to lose to Randy Orton, then it was questionable that the title was even added to their story line. If this is the start of Wyatt dominating over Smackdown LIVE heading into the summer, it will be worth it. Time will tell with Mr. RKO looking at getting back the WWE Championship.

As for Dean Ambrose, it was a HOT start at Money in the Bank last June. The problem was then two fold. First was AJ Styles. His momentum was just way too strong to not make him champ. His first step was defeating John Cena clean at Summerslam, as The Shield had their sowdown. All the while, Amrbrose was put in a filler feud with Dolph Ziggler. Clear indications from the start this was more about the WWE Title going to Smackdown, than actually positioning Dean as the main guy. Second was the entire act. The James Ellsworth junk was one thing, but the never ending comedy/jokes were no longer funny or clever after Ambrose won the title. It didn’t fit. He was on top of the world but sure didn’t act like it. A whole bunch of nonsense followed, and the run was over. AJ Styles more than deserved the gold, and he got it.

Bray Wyatt won’t be dragged down by James Ellsworth or terrible jokes. I hope.

HockeyFan91: Dont be surprised if AJ wins the title back at EC to face Orton at Mania. Orton and AJ have both publicly stated they want to work together…

Well, AJ Styles didn’t win the title back. Why would he? However, you are right in that Randy Orton and AJ are seemingly teasing some kind of a big feud. Whether it is next week on Smackdown or much more hyped this summer, that is a bout I want to see. Reminds me of Edge in 2006 at WrestleMania 22 where he is *so close* to the title scene, but plans already in place are keeping him out for the time being, but right after, the man will just return to the main event again.

Elimination Chamber Event Review

Topper Bottoms: My annoyance with Bray Wyatt was that fact the he seemed to never win his feuds. It was frustrating. I didn’t think he was getting buried. If he were buried, you’d never see him on TV. For the record, I don’t see him winning his next feud either.

All correct but meaningless too. Just as John Cena lost to Kurt Angle in his debut match, did nothing in the 2003 Royal Rumble, lost to Brock Lesnar at Backlash 2003, lost to The Undertaker at Vengeance 2003, and lost to Kurt Angle at No Mercy that year as well. Big deal. He was in there month after month being ‘tested’ by backstage officials. At each turn, he passed with flying colors. After that came the victories. No different than Kurt Angle in 2000 where outside of his King of the Ring victory, his pay-per-view record was pretty poor before winning the WWE Championship in October. Nobody cares.

NyMets245: This was a fun read and pretty accurate good article and yes with the omg this guys buried junk extremly annoying

Thanks. My early apologies on the upcoming MLB season. Going to be a long six months for the Mets I’m afraid…

RipStamps: I’m not the only one who thinks it. Doesn’t matter to me if you want to take part in moronic chants. I will not. So yea have fun but when a “you still got it” chant breaks out when Zack Ryder returns. I’ll think of you

For the record, this is being written before WWE Fastlane, which I will be attending live. I do not plan on chanting along with any nonsense. I never do. Just like we recently saw on RAW (and NXT), when the CM Punk chants started up, the rest of the arena began BOOING them! The fans booing the other fans. As ‘fun’ as it can be for the drunken fools and diehards trying to get noticed on television, there is that imaginary line when it goes from cool to annoying. Where that line falls for each fan is different.

SashaBanks-GOAT: Great read. Accurate review.

Always is. Appreciate the kind words. Keep rooting on The Boss!

Truths & Lies

Cboysmack: This dude can’t help himself but to take shots at TNA. Lol

TNA does that to themselves. Latest examples being just this past week. I didn’t do that; they did.

Ken Wood: I will say that I enjoy Kofi and Big E in the ring, a lot. Woods needs some work. That said, their wrestling isn’t what got them over, as much as I do appreciate it.

Another week, another bland Raw segment. Green Bay was right to give them the silent treatment. Like most weeks, I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about with the awards thing. No clue (clue, clue, clue) how the trio will right the ship before Mania. I still like the hosting gig though, despite their momentum being at an all-time low. I trust them and WWE to deliver a worthwhile moment.

Hectus: The fact that WWE didn’t sign him means nothing in relation to TNA.

Magnus is a former TNA main-eventer and one of their best homegrown stars till they screwed everything up with horrible booking. He can talk, is young, has a good look and has lots of experience. What’s not to like?

I’m with you. I feel bad for him. Back to TNA Impact Wrestling appears to be his future. At least he has Mickie James. Lucky SOB.

Nemesis_Hunter: I’m glad that I didn’t watch Holy Foley, because the advertisements just gave me Hogan Knows Best flashbacks

Reality shows are always going to be scrutinized because they are not are real as they claim. You have to suspend your disbelief going in. WWE has produced some good reality shows, as have a bunch of networks. Holy Foley was just bad all around, from the editing to the pacing to the characters (as real as they are trying to act) to the scenarios set up, all the way to predictable “payoff” in Noelle doing absolutely nothing in the ring. No surprise Mick is talking about how it won’t come back. Maybe he should write another book…

…or maybe not.

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction

Defective: Weird that Greg debated himself this week. Hm.

Well, my Fact or Fiction appearance brought in more than 130 extra votes than the February average (huge increase) and more than doubled the final January edition. Plus, the comment section peaked over 100 for the only time all month (counting F or F), 40 more than the February average and more than doubled the final January edition. Happens every time I get the invite. No wonder I’m back again before WWE Fastlane. Keep the irrelevant and pointless smarky comments coming! I have teased the idea of doing a Skip Bayless/First Take/Undisputed column in 2017. Not really creative enough to think of how it’d all work, but the offer is out there.

Burt Price: Death of his career as a full time maineventer? Talk about exaggeration. You’re acting as if Kevin Owens is a huge big time draw and one loss to GOLDBERG would damage him. He lost to NXT’s Finn Ballor during his undefeated streak in WWE. That was worse.

Not to completely defend Road Dogg and his losses don’t matter comments, but I tend to agree more often than not. It really doesn’t matter in the long run. We discuss this non-stop, and I rarely truly care who “wins.” Rarely do I get suckered into a story and absolutely believe somebody HAS TO WIN! The last time I was 100% passionate about an outcome going a certain way was Backlash 2016 in September when it felt like Styles was destined to be victorious that night. If a guy or gal loses a built up match, okay. Sure, it may suck but fine. Bounce back the next night or the following month, and everything will be splendid. This dramatic “burying” junk after every single major loss is garbage. Kevin Owens will be successful in WWE, no matter what result happens at Fastlane.

Rod Gapely: KO is in a crappy situation. If we have to accept that Lesnar/Goldberg as the money match at Mania, then Goldberg having a competitive match at Fastlane makes no sense. It sucks for Owens though.

Biggest match to date for Kevin Owens. Biggest PPV main event spotlight to date and (likely) the biggest payday as well for KO. Yeah, this does not suck at all. Every single guy out there in TNA, Ring of Honor, or the independent scene would jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat.

Mark Schoeman: Your whole 1st paragraph is an example of how hardcore fans misunderstand WWE. You think Mania is the end all, be all. That every match should be a main event and that it’s an end, where WWE doesn’t have to fill another 11 months…then your 2nd paragraph is a further misunderstanding, where once again it’s main event or you’re buried, completely missing how much attention and TV time Bryan and Kane got from the very start,and not appreciating that TV time/plus time slot means WAY more than winning, titles, and other old school measuring sticks.

If Owens gets “squashed” it’s a new layer to his story, not a burial. He can come out the very next night, unbowed and lay out Jericho, saying his mouth has been writing checks his *ss can’t cash for too long…but I’ve carried him, born the brunt of his weakness, and now I’m going to put him in his place and take back the gift I gave him, the US title….and just like that KO is in a new story, one closer to the vicious heel of his debut and he’s refreshed…even if his Mania spot is filler and the big Jericho payoff happens afterwards, it’s every bit as effective as it was for DB and every other talent who moves “up and down the card”…even though they really don’t because it’s all on TV in prime segments.

Well said Mark. Genius as always. Thanks for bleeping out the swear word too! Smart.

duh: I don’t mind goldberg winning the title. if he’s willing to stay around and appear on raw each week its not as bad as a Brock title reign. also from a kayfabe prestige standpoint, having Goldberg and/or Brock win it would elevate the title as something important that legends/beasts/forces of nature want

All true. The Universal Title is still a bit of a mystery to me. Finn Balor only held it for one day, so Kevin Owens has basically been the only guy with the strap…and well, he has been a comedy player the past six months. If Bill Goldberg gets it, then Brock Lesnar, and then Roman Reigns, alright, now we are talking. The belt means something.

D2Kvirus: I remember the time at a World Cup final party someone walked in and changed the channel to check if their lottery numbers had come up. The guy was more Pringles than man after that…

Exactly. If anybody even touched the remote during the NFL Super Bowl, you would be booted. Also, for those unaware, the Halftime Show musical performance actually gets slightly MORE viewers than the game itself. Amazing.

pjl32: “Terrible idea.dreadful, bad, horrendous, waste of money.” Are we talking about Watry in general? But kudos for bringing up your sheamus/Bryan gimmick for the 334, 889, 657th time

How about a deal? If 10 or more people say “Congrats, good call.” on Sheamus/Bryan at WM28 next week either via the comment section or email without any insults or sarcasm, I will delete it from my opener. No more mentions of it to start every column. Sound good?

Sir Truth: Oh, I get it now, Watry’s name in all caps during the round tables is to emphasis him channeling his ‘shtick’.

It’s because we are told to write “YOUR NAME” in the description. All caps. Just following directions. There is no ‘shtick.’

TwentyTimes: Wouldn’t it be crazy for Owens to dominate Goldberg and retain his title cleanly? I appreciate having one of your best full timers cleanly defeat an ageing part timer who is two matches from retirement sounds insane, but it might just work.

Yeah, and then Curt Hawkins should beat The Undertaker too. I mean, he is close to retiring too, right? Hey, full-timers should go over the part-timers! Then have Zack Ryder return and pin Brock Lesnar before his contract expires next year. Age is a factor, correct? Gotta have those young guns beat those pesky old timers. No, Kevin Owens shouldn’t dominate Goldberg and beat him cleanly.

WrestleMania 33 Update

Officially less than a month until heading to Orlando. The nearly finalized plan (that may change again) is to fly in on Friday and then leave on Monday. Only WrestleMania 33 is on the agenda; that’s the entire purpose of this bucket list trip. If I end up going to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, NXT Takeover, or even stick around for TV tapings, that would be a spur of the moment decision. It is all about attending Mania baby!

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