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Watry Q&A: WrestleMania 33 Build, WWE In 2017, More

April 9, 2017 | Posted by Justin Watry

Hi, I’m Justin Watry. You may remember me from such classic columns as March 2012’s “WWE WrestleMania 28: Sheamus Should Defeat Daniel Bryan in Less Than a Minute” and October 2015’s “WWE NXT: Bobby Roode, You’re Next.”


Once a month, I reply to the comment section. No insults or cuss words allowed. Here is my reader feedback from March 2017…

Previous Q&A

Voice of Logic: “Congrats, good call.” on Sheamus/Bryan at WM28

Thanks. That is the first logical thing your voice has said in months. Unfortunately, ten people did not do the same as you. Thus, the column opener stays. Instead, everyone else decided bickering and arguing about my writing status for the 176,385th time was a better idea. Oh well.

Carl Rood: The Mets made it to the wild card game last season with the most of their pitching staff injured by the end of the season. Now that they’re healthy and the rest of the team is pretty much the same, there’s little reason not to expect them to do the same or better.

Hey Carl, hope all is well. Just a prediction of mine, nothing more. The Mets are solid, but last year does not always predict this year. New opponents, new time, new players, new new new. I could be wrong here, just like my Colts/Super Bowl pick…although I did predict the Cubs/World Series in 2016. We’ll see.

Tips To Attending A WWE Show

Sweaty Teddy Foreskin: I’m Justin Watry….you may remember me as the guy who wrote this article simply to brag about going to Fastlane and Wrestlemania 33

Funny user name. Hey, can you blame me? Not every day I go to a show headlined by Bill Goldberg and then follow that up with my bucket list item of attending WrestleMania in Orlando. Pretty cool.

Topper Bottoms: I usually get my WWE ticket sale information from here. Most of the time, the presale password and dates are on main page.

See? That is a good use of an internet headline. Accurate, give real information and provides a purpose for those clicking. Quality post.

Travis Homewood: So i have never been to a wrestling show ever and am leaving iowa to go see fast lane. It will be my first show ever and i am super excited. Seats are gonna be not the best but i cant wait. A buddy of mine will be attending with me and we will be stopping by no less than 3 breweries before checking onto the hotel.

Another good user name. Or real name. Either way, I love it. Did you enjoy Fastlane Travis? How about the breweries? Our group went to Mader’s which is right next to the arena. Nice place. I highly recommend it. When we sat down to get our orders, the sweet old waitress asked “Are you guys in a band?” Haha, heck yeah!

World’s Schlongest Man: I will be at wm33. I hope I run into you on I-Drive. I’ll tell you which strip clubs to avoid.

Run into me with your car or run into me, say hello, and buy me a beer? One sounds better than the other.

WWE Fastlane 2017 Review

J. Frizz: Well, whoever guessed that this guy would post a positive review about this wretched show deserves a cookie.

I’ve been to bad shows before and said as such. This was a fun event and despite a few questionable outcomes, it was well worth the pricey/great seats.

Dane Forgione: He got you guys to click on his article and comment, so I think he pretty much got all of you from a mile away…

No, I respect what “vegasdonk” and “Nikki’s Butt” have to say. Surely. I do. Sincerely.

Mark Clark: Not a bad article. No stupid egotistical statements for a change… Though you mentioned the crowd a lot in that but conveniently leave out how the crowd absolutely crapped on reigns. Like pretty much every crowd that isn’t a complete bore fest.

Thanks as always Mark. I posted my Roman Reigns entrance video of him loudly being booed, wrote about it on another website various times afterwards and talked about the Fastlane reaction on my Twitter account. Try again.

ReadySaltedCrisps: I honestly can’t wait for your live Wrestlemania review. Love it!

EDIT: I have it posted now. The column features just SOME of my thoughts though. Not everything. Much more will be written later this week (on another website). I have tons to say about the weekend

AJ Styles/Shane McMahon

Billy: I think it’s a fair argument. Phenomenal? No. But it shows that Vince has a lot of trust in AJ and wants him to be in what he views as a high profile match. Just because the Internet community views it as a waste doesn’t mean Vince does. The McMahons truly feel this is marquee match, which is a good thing for AJ Styles.

Exactly. Shane McMahon returned to wrestle The Undertaker and has been linked to feuds with Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Yeah, I would say AJ Styles being in that group is a huge honor. Like it or not, this IS the best spot for him right now. I’m writing this paragraph two weeks before WM, but all signs are positive as of now. Big vote of confidence from the back. Even more is rumors from late 2016 that Vince McMahon is so impressed he wants him back on Raw in 2017.

unhappy_meal: Is this the Kellyanne Conway of 411mania?

I don’t know who that is. Your user name made me chuckle; that’s why I posted this.

Ken Wood: Ha, can you imagine if AJ actually loses this match? People would FLIP! I’ll admit, I haven’t been excited about the idea of this match. Not that I’ve thought it would suck, it just hasn’t grabbed me yet, but you did a good job selling it. I’m definitely more excited than I was before reading the article.

Appreciate that. As noted, Shane McMahon does not win on pay-per-view. It has been nearly 13 years, and that was a victory over non-wrestler Eric Bischoff. Not quite much to write about. The ONLY way I can even imagine AJ Styles losing at WM33 is if there is some kind of stipulation thrown in there about leaving Smackdown LIVE for Raw. Other than that, no way.

Ashing: Watry isn’t my favorite, but I have to admit thus is a really good article. Well researched opinions, lots of relevant history referenced, and a conclusive argument that backs up the title. Well done.

Thank you sir. I knew I wanted to write about the rumored matchup from the moment it hit the internet weeks ago. Since all the other rumors came true on the blue brand (Wyatt wins the WWE Title, Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble, and John Cena feuds with The Miz), this story line took center stage. Happy with how the card is shaping itself in mid-March. There are not a ton of complaints from yours truly, besides the Raw women’s scene and both tag divisions. Minor nitpics there.

Timwie J. Malmsteen: When I heard the rumor of Shane vs AJ I got excited. Any time I hear Shane is wrestling I get excited. My mind instantly remembers the Shane vs Angle match in 2001 and doesn’t care that it was almost 16 years ago. That match blew my mind back then and guaranteed I’d always get excited for matches with Shane. Hopefully with Angle’s HOF induction they’ll do some call backs to that match and maybe even have Angle get involved starting the build to AJ vs Angle at SS.

Admittedly, that is the only holdup. Shane McMahon in 2001 is not exactly Shane McMahon in 2017. We got a taste of what he can do in 2016, but there has to be more, right? Against AJ Styles in his prime is a little different than The Undertaker who wrestles once a year – I think we would all agree on that. Still, it is Shane O’ Mac. I’m excited for the match. If WWE wants to introduce a new opponent for Styles to battle for Shane later on, all the better. Shinsuke Nakamura is a popular choice, as is Kurt Angle. There is always time for that to develop down the road.

JimmyG: I truly believe we will be talking most about Aj v Shane after mania. Except for the whining over Reigns retiring Taker.

Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles is my pick to steal the show. Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker will be very interesting and potentially have the hottest crowd. I am 100% looking forward to their showdown, especially if the match ends how I suspect it will…

Luisho: Doing Dolph Ziggler things should be a new term for when someone’s life in in limbo.

Let me trademark that catchphrase then. Another line that can be attributed to me!

Miz/Cena Rundown

AG Awesome: I’d have much rather seen Cena vs Taker or Cena vs AJ again, but honestly the Miz match isn’t a bad choice overall. The history they have is well documented and I expect a really nice video package to help reiterate their history. I just wish that over the years the Miz would have improved to the point he seems like a threat and legit opponent against Cena instead of still being the cowardly heel who lucks/connives his way to victory. Also, I think you did a pretty good job selling this match… don’t let the compliment go to your head though. Lol

It wasn’t me that sold the feud in the column. It was The Miz and John Cena during their promos. The Total Bellas BS was alright. I actually enjoyed the in ring talking segments more. Same with the rare Talking Smack stuff that I saw. The best part is I showed a passionate Cena promo to a casual wrestling fan (who has seen very little WWE in 2017) a few weeks ago, and she said “Is this real?” That is when you knew the story line had viewers hooked. You never knew when the work started and the shoot ended. Or vice versa. Adds an entirely new dynamic to a matchup when people question the legitimacy. Cena and Miz did that.

Honest Look At The WM33 Card

gooched: Actually I’d personally put 31 in my top 5, great opener, good seth/orton match, the HHH/sting stuff is far better removed from the night. middle was decent, the Rock/Ronda thing was white hot wrestlemania level stuff and the main event plus ending was one of the best ever. It kinda shows you that these cards aren’t about how many great matches you have together but how well laid out the show is top to bottom.

Yeah, WrestleMania 31 is one event I go back and watch on the WWE Network. There are shows from the Attitude Era that I have still never cared to go back and watch over again. Mania in 2015 was very good and can be viewed repeatedly without it losing much value. Top to bottom, it was entertaining. Obviously, we could nitpick things here and there…but you could do that with anything.

Fran Lazartic: Reigns beats Undertaker, Brock beats Goldberg. The two guys that beat Taker at Mania build up to a showdown that nobody wants to see. All is right in Vince McMahon’s world.

I’d love to see Reigns/Lesnar again. Their first and only battle was incredible, and we never got a winner. That only adds to the drama. Oh, and all IS right with Vince McMahon. He just saw his company post over $730 million in revenue for 2016 (another record for WWE), and profits are rolling in. You stay in the comment section; he can remain a billionaire.

Bunny Carlos: If you actually think Nia Jax is there to take the first pin, you clearly don’t know Vince McMahon. Nia is there to leave as champ and hold the belt until Summerslam. Or maybe until next ‘Mania (like they’re planning with Brock…)

Bunny Carlos ladies and gentlemen!

violator13: no mention of Rollins v HHH?

Not officially announced when I wrote the column. Enjoyed the build and despite the injury, WWE made it work.

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