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Watry’s WWE NXT On USA Network Review 9.18.19

September 18, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
Lio Rush WWE NXT 9-18-19
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Watry’s WWE NXT On USA Network Review 9.18.19  

The long wait is over. NXT has officially arrived on the prime time stage of cable television. With a stacked lineup, let’s review the premiere LIVE episode…

WWE NXT 09.18.19

THE GOOD: NXT Opening – For long-time fans of NXT, that opening promo had to be very rewarding. How long have myself and others been hyping up this product? Yelling from the rooftops about the amazing Takeover specials? It has been so good for so long that the promotion to USA Network feels great. It is like watching an independent musician go from the bingo halls to the sold out stadiums. Been there from the beginning and seen it all. Triple H is the perfect guy to do the narration and get the fans jacked. I know I was. Let’s go!

THE GOOD: Fatal Four Way Match – After a quick introduction from Mauro Ranallo, all eyes were on the women. Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, Candice Larae, and Mia Yim were set to face off for a future NXT Womens Championship match versus Shayna Baszler. Anything and everything was possible with these four going at it to kick off a cable TV premiere for NXT. No doubt, they brought it. On a couple of occasions, I caught myself just smiling at the TV. This was great. Going into this and talked about on the 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast, I had no clue who would win. Seriously. I couldn’t call it. Having Candice pick up the victory was a pleasant surprise in my book. She is the ideal face to battle heel Shayna, and if I had it my way, I’d put that on Wednesday, October 2nd. The next Takeover is so far away. Bust out the big guns in two weeks and let them tear the house down. On a side note, I mentioned this a few weeks ago…but is Bianca moving over to Raw or Smackdown Live? Just asking.

THE GOOD: Cameron Grimes – I don’t care for the name, but I like the hat, and I love the finisher. NXT is all about showcasing talents. New, veterans, young, old, or re-packaged. Doesn’t matter. Cameron Grimes appears to be next in line for an opportunity. Short and to the point. Effective.

THE GOOD: Hype Videos – Just going to mention this now. As much as WWE gets praise for their spectacular video packages, NXT is the exact same. I wonder if the same person does them. Top notch. Easy to follow and eye catching. There were tons of little hype videos throughout this episode, and none of them felt out of place. Even the Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic match announced for next week seemed epic in less than 30 seconds of promotion. Their previous meeting was one of my favorite matches of the year, so on live television and plenty of time, this should be even better! If you missed their last match, watch it! Now.

THE GOOD: North American Title Match – Wowie Yowie! We all knew it was coming but geez, this bout was incredible. A hot crowd can take a good match and turn it into a masterpiece. Roderick Strong and The Velveteen Dream did their best to make this memorable and in the final few minutes, it finally clicked. The Undisputed Era came down to help their buddy and after one unreal kickout by the artist formerly known as Patrick Clark, it was all over. One, two, three. The Undisputed Era had claimed all year they would hold all the gold, and now they are. Fitting way to end the first hour live on the USA Network. At this point, the WWE Network crashed, so I am left waiting like everyone else. In the meantime, would you look at that? Shayna vs. Candice on October 2nd…point me.

THE GOOD: Pete Dunne – Starting off the second hour (first on the WWE Network) is Pete Dunne wrecking a dude. Similar to the Cameron Grimes match, this is just about showcasing a relative new talent. He had my match of the year in 2017, so I know how good Dunne is. Whether he is 100% done with NXT UK or not is irrelevant, he deserves to be on ALL the brands. It’s Pete Dunne. No explanation needed. Just show up and break some fingers off.

THE GOOD: Aliyah VS Xia – This would be the definition of filler, except we will see if this leads to anything. Like Pete Dunne and Cameron Grimes, these guys and gals will need to get in the ring at some point if they are going to be featured every week. Consider this the first step of a long marathon. Nothing to write home about but fine. I actually like the Aliyah/Vanessa tandem, so here’s to hoping for bigger and better things! Not every feud has to center around the title. Speaking of, Dakota Kai is back next week. Add that to the line-up. Cool.

THE GOOD: WALTER – Full disclosure: I do not watch NXT UK. I saw their recent live Takeover and loved the main event. However, I do not watch on a weekly basis. Pretty sure I only watched the premiere episode many moons ago. Same with 205 Live, I do not watch it. Just being honest and upfront before I continue. The Imperium group with WALTER at the helm is legit. Those guys are the last ones I would want to run into down a dark alley. You would be f’d up beyond belief. All of us would like to see Kushida doing more on NXT currently, so if that means feuding with WALTER and taking a beating, so be it. Good showing here. WALTER is a bad, bad dude. Will he want to be in the United States every Wednesday night? Time will tell on that.

THE GOOD: Lio Rush VS Oney – Don’t call it a comeback. If you were following me on Twitter, you knew about the Rush return tonight. Kinda like Sasha Banks, it is all water under the bridge to me. Good for him going away and coming back with a clear mind. Whether it was his choice or the company’s, I honestly don’t even care. Rush got a nice ovation from the Full Sail University fans. Admittedly, I was expecting boos. This worked though. A win over Oney in a hard hitting, high flying contest is all we really need. New number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. I like how NXT is including NXT UK and 205 Live. Adds more talent and let’s be 100% real here, it gives us a reason to care about those two brands. Welcome back.

THE GOOD: Street Fight – Matt Riddle and Killian Dain destroying each other is the perfect main event for the inaugural live NXT episode. These two had a good match before and a very wild brawl at the last Takeover event. I don’t know if this story line will keep going, but I certainly wouldn’t complain. Unfortunately, we may not know because this thing brown down into complete carnage (thanks Beth Phoenix!). Seemingly the entire NXT eventually got involved, thanks to Imperium attacking Riddle. WALTER looked like a monster as usual, and everyone else including The Street Profits went nuts. The mother of all brawls as Mauro put it!

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
If you are searching for one negative, it would be the WWE Network technical difficulties. That can NOT happen. The company will likely spin that as a positive because of all the traffic. Not me though. Come on, you had to know there would be an overload of viewers. New or current, being live on USA Network is bringing in a whole bunch of people...that will then check out the WWE Network. As for the actual show, that is NXT ladies and gentlemen. I love it and am looking forward to next week and of course, the week after. Follow that my friend...

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