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Watry’s WWE Raw Review 8.05.19

August 5, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
Goldberg WWE Raw 8-5-19, Miz

After a long, busy, eventful weekend, I am back home ready to enjoy another spectacular edition of WWE Monday night Raw!

THE GOOD: Samoa Joe Interrupts Opening Video – Not a fan of the new RAW open and remixed song. Meh. Not as bad as the NXT open but pretty close. Bring back The Union Underground! This gets a positive review though because of Samoa Joe. Unique start by having him just cut in and start rambling. Screw the commentators and the typical welcome. We want Joe ranting like a madman about how he’s been wronged. Again. Solid hook for the rest of the show on proving his innocence in attacking Roman Reigns on Smackdown Live. Before he could continue, Becky Lynch’s music hit…

THE GOOD: Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair VS Trish Stratus/Natalya – Just barely. I was tempted to go with ‘bad’ here. I will be nice because there were a lot of moving pieces, and it had to have been difficult planning this all. First off, kudos to the company for not just having Becky and Charlotte tag up as buddies. Props for that. Secondly, I saw some grumbling on Twitter about the fact it was Nattie teaming with Trish rather than Becky. Um, well…yeah, WWE thinks Becky is the heel in this story line for Sunday’s Summerslam. It is ridiculous, but that is the logic. I see an Edge/Summerslam 2004 situation awaiting Natalya. Thirdly, Ms. Stratus barely did anything inside the squared circle, which was fine. Let her and Charlotte go at it on pay-per-view. Save that. On the latest edition of The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast, I said that was a legitimate dream match, and I stand by it. The ending was okay in that Natalya came off as looking credible when she is 100000% losing at Summerlam. Overall a decent job all around.

THE GOOD: Andrade VS Rey Mysterio – We’ve seen this bout a million times, and it works. Not sure if Mysterio winning for redemption after last week was the right call or another spotlight moment for Andrade. Tough call. Andrade won thanks to Zelina Vega, so maybe there is more? So far, Raw has been okay but nothing blow away or exciting with Summerslam just six days away. Perhaps the 24/7 Championship picture will turn things around…

THE GOOD: Maria/Mike Kanellis At The Doctor – Oh boy. Or girl. Whatever. This is getting more and more absurd by the week, and I am digging it. Wrestling has and always will need this kind of wacky crap. If it isn’t your thing, cool. If it is, wonderful. Mike pinning Maria during the visit was predictable but awesome. Once we saw the referee in the same room, that was all she wrote for the FIRST EVER PREGNANT CHAMP! Of course, that celebration was short lived, as R-Truth was in the waiting room ahhh, waiting. One joke later and boom! Yet another title victory for Truth. Poor Mike, not only did he lose the belt, he may have also lost his wife. Entertaining nonsense.

THE BAD: Becky/Nattie Promos – They tried this a week or two back, and it fell flat. Same thing this week too. Becky and Nattie is such a forced feud, and none of this was wanted or asked for by the WWE Universe. At least officials were smart enough to do Ronda Rousey vs. Nattie on an episode of RAW before moving on. This has been week’s worth of awkward BS. I talk about more on The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast for those of you interested. Unless Bret Hart decides to show up ringside, Nattie is not going to get a hometown crowd reaction as most in WWE expect. Becky wins clean via submission. No more wasting time after Summerslam. The woMAN just main evented WrestleMania 35 and deserves better as the WWE2K20 cover star.

THE GOOD: Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins Beatdown – I was recently watching Summerslam 2010. Most people will likely recall the Team Nexus vs. Team Cena main event, but that show also featured a classic return moment for The Undertaker. He had been takent out a few months earlier by Kane, and this was going to be his big comeback. The casket outside the ring was set up, the live crowd went nuts, and his brother Kane made the perfect facial reactions when he knew he was screwed. However, something funny happened. When Taker got out of the casket, he struggled to stand. He winced in pain. He had a tough time grabbing the ropes to get in the ring. He made his way towards Kane and was about to get a chokeslam in, except Kane simply laughed and reversed the move into a Tombstone. Taker was being stubborn, returned early despite not being 100% and was dead set on revenge, even if it was not the best decision. Same thing happened on Raw. Seth Rollins took a brutal beating from Brock Lesnar last week. All the guts and glory in the world were not going to help him Monday night. He came out limping, and Brock destroyed him again. This time, with much more ease. Great stuff. From the Paul Heyman promo first to the ending scene with a dominant Lesnar standing tall over a fallen and weakened challeneger. Afterwards, Rollins vowed to be at Summerslam and guaranteed to defeat Brock Lesnar. I think he will.

THE GOOD: Kurt Angle & The Street Profits Enjoy Some Milk ‘O’ Mania – The Stud Drew McIntyre saved this segment. Silly fun. Kurt Angle is in town for his Pittsburgh fans. No harm, no foul.

THE UGLY: Viking Raiders Experience – Can we get on with it? I am thrilled to see these two get regular television time, but we get it. They are intimidating and can pummel local talent in 30 seconds. Even Ryback moved up to lower card wrestlers after awhile. I don’t sense the crowd cares about The Vikings Raiders anyways, so take that as a hint to get them involved more.

THE GOOD: Harley Race Tribute – No explanation needed. 

THE GOOD: The Fiend Strikes Again – Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee was the backdrop to the real story. Drew was handling Cedric for the most part as Angle stood by and watched. Then the lights wet out! The Fiend Bray Wyatt showed up and used his Mandible Claw on Pittsburgh’s own Kurt Angle. Dang. Nothing memorable or fancy; just a cool moment for Bray reminding everybody of his big return match vs. Finn Balor at Summerslam.

THE UGLY: The New Day With Nothing New – Were we really going to get a Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions vs. Raw Tag Team Champions match without a single mention beforehand? Yikes. Right when The New Day came out, I rolled my eyes. The OC and AJ Styles arriving made this a tad bit better but still no real purpose. Ricochet coming out to save The New Day got a big ‘meh’ from yours truly. I’d have respected him more if he simply let The OC demolish The New Day. I’d have cheered that. Regardless, this led to a six man tag. The lone bright spots were Luke Gallows going old school on the face paint and The New Day losing. Yay?

THE GOOD: Hit And Run On Roman Reigns – I guess this clears Samoa Joe, huh? Not that anybody really thought he was the culprit to begin with. Even so, a car almost struck Roman Reigns in the parking lot and then bailed. I could have done without Joe showing sympathy towards Reigns. If anything, he should have shrugged and walked off. Joe even attempting to be genuine would only make sense if a face turn was on the horizon, which I doubt. Back to the hit and run on Reigns, I thought the reveal would be Daniel Bryan from the start. Even before it was reported. I discussed much more on last week’s edition of The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast.

THE GOOD: New Women Tag Team Champions – About time. I was actually cheering for The IIconics at WrestleMania 35. As cool as it would have been for Bayley and Sasha Banks to travel across all the brands bringing prestige to the new titles. Once this bout was announced, I knew we were getting a title change, and I knew The IIconics were being eliminated first. It was definitely time for a new direction. Nothing was being done with the tag straps. This had dragged for far too long. Would it be Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville? Eh, probably not. Fire and Desire can wait. Sorry Corey Graves. That brought us down to Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss or The Kabuki Warriors? One was just throw together; the other had been chasing The IIconics for months. Of course, it’s the new team! I am not against the outcome but wow, The Kabuki Warriors were the payoff. That was the buildup. Geez. WWE loves Bliss; we know that. Heck, we all love Bliss. I just don’t know if this win was necessary to showcase her on both shows. Congrats to Nikki Cross though. First title in WWE. Big moment for her career.

THE GOOD: Miz TV – We made it through another full show without Shane McMahon folks! Goes with my theory, which I laid out on The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast last week. This interview segment was supposed to be a contract signing between Miz and Dolph Ziggler for Summerslam. Good ol’ Shawn Michaels was there as well. Nice little spots like that (and Kurt Angle tonight) are how you use legends. Oh yeah, legends. Speaking of legends! This was all a set up to reveal Dolph’s true opponent at Summerslam: BILL GOLDBERG! Spear, jackhammer, over. I love it. A more than worthy payoff to the story of Ziggler dumping on RAW Reunion and allows Goldberg a little bit of redemption following Super Showdown, not that many really care anyways. Fans were as hot as ever for his entrance, and I actually thought the first 90% of his clash with The Undertaker was great. A shame the ending fell apart but here we are! Dolph Ziggler, you’re next.

SUMMARY: Not sure there was a ton of Summerslam build, minus a few instances. I was hoping for a whole lot more hype. The main stuff got a spotlight, so I suppose that is what counts in the end. Summerslam pay-per-view or not, a fairly solid show and a massive improvement over recent months. Very quietly, WWE has absolutely stepped it up with Raw. Now if only they could do the same for Smackdown Live…

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