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Watry’s WWE Raw Review 9.16.19

September 16, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
Baron Corbin King of the Ring Raw
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Watry’s WWE Raw Review 9.16.19  

Hot off the eventful WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view, we are back for yet another edition of WWE Raw! A royal edition if you will…

WWE RAW Review 09.16.19

THE GOOD: Opening Segment – Nothing memorable or interesting here. Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt inside Heck on a Deck was expected, so this just confirms it. WWE has only three weeks to promote this upcoming PPV. No need to waste time. I did like that The Fiend is still being kept separate from the smiley, upbeat Firefly Funhouse skits. Keeps it intriguing and builds up the potential Universal Championship switch. The live audiences have loved the surprises appearances by The Fiend. My gut says we have a new title holder come HIAC. We will see how the next few weeks go. One small bit I enjoyed (no, not the upside down graphics seemingly brought on by The Fiend) was that we immediately were reminded that Braun Strowman is in the building and is NOT happy! Good teaser for the rest of the show.

THE BAD: Tag Team Summit – I spoke too soon. I know most will dislike this because it “buried” the tag team division and made the new champs look like chumps. That is not why I disliked it though. Truth be told, the tag division has been in the dumps for awhile. One more segment on Raw won’t change that perception. What I didn’t care about this little deal was Braun Strowman. He came out, did his usual wrecking ball act, and I simply didn’t care. Ho hum. Yawn. Blah, Whatever. Braun is upset and enraged. Who cares?

THE BAD: The OC Win – California! In a bubble, this was fine. AJ Styles and The Club win again, and it was done in impressive fashion. On the flip side, Cedric Alexander lost again. So much for Paul Heyman being a fan. Yep. I know not everybody can get a spotlight at all times…but yikes. Cedric got demolished Sunday night and did even worse Monday night. I will give a boost to The OC looking strong not at the expense of Cedric. Again. Oh, and The Viking Raiders were there.

THE GOOD: 24/7 Title – The entire theme of Clash of Champions is for every title to be defended. Are we saying R-Truth vs. Alexa Bliss counted? Okay. Just thinking aloud. Fun stuff with Mayor Kane winning the championship in Tennessee and then losing it back to R-Truth. As always, this is silly, so either take it or leave it.

THE GOOD: King Of The Ring Finals – It happened. It really happened. Admittedly, I thought all of this build was for a face to beat Baron Corbin in the end. I said that on The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast for the past month. However, once that face became Chad Gable, it was clear King Corbin was indeed the plan. I can’t believe it but at the same time, I can. He is former Money in the Bank winner. He is the guy selected to retire Kurt Angle, and yes, he is a heel that can absolutely use this gimmick to rile up fans OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Annoyed now? Get ready. It will only get worse. Like MITB, I do think face winners don’t always click. With heels, it is easy. To top it all off, the matches in the tournament were good. Nobody can knock the in-ring aspect of the 2019 KOTR. Where it goes from here? Time will tell.

THE UGLY: Gender Reveal Party – First off, this was ridiculous. Second of all, I am actually a sucker for these over the top nonsensical segments. Sometimes. When they work, they work. This did not. Even if it is one night and clearly a lie, involving Ricochet in this is a mistake. If Paul Heyman is indeed a huge fan of Ricochet, wow. Same with Cedric…and that is going well, right? Yikes. If you do these Attitude Era style story lines in 2019, tread lightly. I must say congratulations on the boy though!

THE GOOD: Ricochet VS Mike – No explanation needed.

THE BAD: Rusev VS Mike – Like I said, if you do this junk, it HAS to be entertaining. There is no in between. The live crowd did not care nor did I. Poor Mike getting humiliated every week can be fun. Heck, look at Drake Maverick. That is hilarious. He is STILL trying to consummate his marriage! Rusev returning was a pleasant surprise. First Luke Harper, then him. Awesome. I dig it. Him being inserted into the Mike/Maria pregnancy garbage is NOT the way to do it. No Lana is interesting, I must admit. I assume Rusev is NOT the father, so that means this is continuing. Next time, do better WWE. Welcome back to Mr. Rusev and his lovely mustache.

THE GOOD: Rey Mysterio VS Cesaro – Not a lot to write about here. I was anticipating an attack by The Fiend. Fits the bill with attacking legends. No, not Cesaro. Stop. I was referring to Mysterio. WWE did not go that route, and I am somewhat shocked. Maybe the teases by The Fiend were all for nothing? Like the 11.19 thing? Are we still waiting on that payoff? Bray Wyatt used to do the same in his promos. Hint at a whole bunch of stuff…and do nothing. Eventually, fans stopped caring. Regardless, there was no appearance by The Fiend. Just Mysterio getting another rebound victory on television, this time over the super talented Cesaro.

THE GOOD: AOP – You have my attention now WWE. You failed with The Ascension who were legitimately dominant in NXT. You have been hit or miss with The Viking Raiders. More miss than hit honestly. You could even argue The Revival, although they have had spotlights every couple of months. The Authors Of Pain were the NXT tag team call up we had all been waiting for. The team we deserved on the main roster. An injury derailed them a bit, but let’s forget about that. Water under the bridge. Start fresh in the WWE Draft, re-introduce them as fighters via these sit down interviews and have them run all over the tag division. Don’t blow it. Again.

THE GOOD: Four Horsewomen Explode – Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Solid enough. It’s your usual non-title loss for a title holder on TV; I can overlook that because the post-match stuff was so good. Becky Lynch runs out to stop Sasha Banks from attacking Nikki. After a showdown with steel chair, Bayley joins the fun to put the heels up two to one. That brings out Charlotte Flair, who I guess is back to being cheered again? Either way, it was cool. She takes out Bayley and boom! The tables have turned. Great moment. I know Sasha/Becky inside the cell is likely the destination, as promos afterwards alluded to. I say screw that. Put all four of them inside the steel structure. Make it a fatal four way for both titles. Just go all the way with it. One final battle between the Four Horsewomen before the WWE Draft surely breaks them up again. Heck, throw in Nikki and Alexa too for the full Armageddon 2000 flashback.

THE GOOD: NXT Hype – Simple yet effective. if you’re not watching NXT for whatever reason, tune in on Wednesday night. By far the BEST wrestling show. Finally getting its’ proper due, live on cable television. I said it many times on the 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast…

THE BAD: Lacey Evans VS Dana Brooke – Ugh. Dana Brooke was not the only one tapping out during this. The crowd has clearly tapped out. They have had enough and are just waiting around for The Fiend. Lacey Evans wins via Sharpshooter in a short bout, obviously setting up another rematch against Natalya. Not even the fact that Nattie follows me on Twitter could save this. No thanks.

THE GOOD: Main Event – Seth Rollins vs. Robert Roode was decent. Nobody will remember it in the morning. What mattered was after the bell. Kane came out for the big save to the delight of HIS fans. Man oh man, that was a bad move as The Fiend struck. We knew it was coming all night, and it was worth the wait. Nice flashback to his initial debut back in 2013 and devastating warning to Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Creep Firefly Funhouse music takes us out. Creepy creepy. This feud is going to be good folks.

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Well, Heck on a Deck is October 6th. There will be tons of attention of NXT moving to USA Network and Smackdown Live moving to FOX. I fear for the build to HIAC on PPV. Luckily, the company decided to get a jump start on that tonight. It was fine for the most part. The live crowd lost interest halfway through, and that really hurt the presentation. Still some solid wrestling, a big time King of the Ring finals and a memorable ending.

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