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Watry’s WWE Summerslam 2019 Review

August 11, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
Goldberg Summerslam, Jake Hager
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Watry’s WWE Summerslam 2019 Review  

This is my WWE Summerslam 2019 pay-per-view review. After another stellar NXT Takeover, let’s see what the main roster has in store for us…

Kickoff Show – I had the WWE Network on in the background but wasn’t necessarily paying attention. Drew Gulak retained the Cruiserweight Championship over Oney Lorcan, and I continue to ask when the company will make me care about 205 Live. Sorry but no, I am not going to randomly starting watching each week unless I’m given a legitimate reason. Apollo Crews (under rated star) vs. Buddy Murphy was interrupted by an run-in by Rowan. No complaints there. This all ties into the Roman Reigns attack I assume, likely more developments are coming during Summerslam. Then we had Alexa Bliss Lightyear and Nikki Cross keep the WWE Womens Tag Team Titles by beating The Iiconics. That should end their no-so-iconic run on television for awhile, not like they were on much anyways. To infinity and beyond with the new besties! The real taking point was Edge getting physically involved, during a spear to Elias. Interesting.

RAW Womens Title – Super duper surprised this opened the main card. I thought we were getting Ricochet vs. AJ Styles for the United States Title. Similar to Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle starting Summerslam 2002 in a big way. Not to be. Instead we got the Raw Womens Championship Submission match. That works too. My guess going into the event was that Natalya would receive an Edge/Summerslam 2004 style reaction from the live crowd. While Toronto did seem to favor Becky Lynch over Nattie, nobody got an outright ‘heel’ response. Mission accomplished from WWE. In the end, the two delivered a solid bout with the correct finish. Becky made Natalya tap out. Now everybody can stop pretending Nattie deserved this match and move on to new challengers for The Man.

Dolph Ziggler VS Bill Goldberg – Speaking of The Man, up next we had our two minute match of the evening. Just a shade under actually. With so many bouts on the PPV, there is usually a quick bada-bing-bada-boom match. We all knew the endgame here so no complaints. The aftermath was pretty funny. Poor Dolph Ziggler. Even Jeff Hardy was yelling at him to stay down! The Miz still wrestles him Monday night? Okay. Good luck. Nice showing from Bill Goldberg and a proper payoff to the Raw Reunion stuff.

US Title – I have been waiting for a Ricochet vs. AJ Styles, and I guess I may be waiting a little bit longer. While the ending was absolutely phenomenal, the bout was anything but. All credit to both men…but that United States Title match never got out of first gear. That thing should have been pedal to the metal for 25 minutes. Definitely disappointed if this feud is officially over. Come on! The full Summerslam PPV event is six hours long; you can spare some more time for Ricochet and Styles. Meh. If there was going to be a title change, this had to be the leading candidate. The champ retains instead. Forgettable unfortunately. 

Smackdown Live Womens Title – On another website, I reviewed Saturday night’s NXT Takeover Toronto event. There, I discussed the fact that Mia Yim never stood a chance and why anybody believed Shayna Baszler would lose was baffling. That ended up hurting the crowd reaction big time. I feared the same fate would await Ember Moon vs. Bayley at Summerslam. It was pretty darn close. The Smackdown Live Womens Championship match was on par with the United States Title match. Average. I wanted more. Some fans thought Moon had a chance, but most knew this was filler all the way. I am a big fan of Ember Moon, so I rallied for her every near fall. It was all for nothing though. She never had a shot realistically. Didn’t even get a Sasha Banks return or anything after. We’ve hit a major, major lull folks. Hopefully, things pick up again with the next match.

Kevin Owens VS Shane McMahon – Where was The Stud Drew McIntyre? Elias had already been taken out by Edge a few hours earlier. Why would Shane McMahon want him as the outside enforcer? Not exactly the best helper in the world if you ask me. Like Goldberg vs. Ziggler, this was always going to be straight forward. Usual Shane O’Mac shenanigans until a KO Stunner. One, two, three. Not too much to do at this point. It felt like the Shane story ran its’ course last month (as I wrote about then), so let’s hope the low blow from Owens is not made into a big deal calling for a rematch. No need. September is Clash Of Champions. Keep the non-title stuff off the card. Do a big TV special next month for those bouts. As we get a Roman Reigns video package, I must say: Summerslam needs a boost with the latter half left. Things have stalled considerably the last three matches. Perhaps having Bill Goldberg get the crowd riled up so early on the card was a mistake? Time to pick it up.

Charlotte Flair VS Trish Stratus – Thank you Trish. What a send off. You can mark it down. Charlotte Flair and Trish Stratus SAVED the 2019 Summerslam. This PPV was dying a slow death, until these two decided to go out there and wake everybody up. From the entrances to the commentators to the clean tap out victory for Charlotte to the post-match scene, it lived up to the hype. Kudos to Trish, a top five Canadian born wrestler of all-time and kudos to the Toronto fans for treating this like the dream match it was. One final bow to the greatest women’s wrestler of all-time. I was “100% stratusfied.”

WWE Title – Last month, Kofi Kingston received “We Want Lesnar” chants during Extreme Rules. At Summerslam, it was “Kofi’s Stupid.” I’m sure others will defend it, but what I just said were facts. Anyways, I had Kingston retaining here clean. Randy Orton has not even appeared live on TV to promote this bout. He’s been having fun on vacation NOT caring about this entire build, haha. Didn’t seem to be setting up a title change one bit, so that was never happening. What was happening was well, apparently a double count out? A double count out? BS! I am with the Toronto crowd. Trish and Charlotte just got this crowd jacked up again, and we get that? No thanks. I know it is too set up a series of rematches and keep both strong. I get that. Still, fell flat. Like much of Kofi’s past four months…

The Fiend VS Finn Balor – Best of luck to Finn Balor but this was all about The Fiend’s big win. Yowie wowie! Great presentation for The Fiend debuting. Love the fact that his cool music is sticking around, with a more ramped up version. Love the Bray Wyatt head outside the lantern. Loved the little introduction music. Everything about this was spectacular. I know WWE won’t be able to do this every single week for every single segment of The Fiend’s, but they should try. Even the post-match lights show was amazing. Toronto chanted “That Was Awesome” afterwards, and THAT was awesome. Seriously, go out of your way to watch this if you haven’t seen it.

Universal Title – If you listened to The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast the last two weeks, you would have known Seth Rollins was winning back the Universal Championship. The beat downs on Raw and entire story was building to him getting this huge, clean victory at Summerslam. Their WrestleMania 35 bout was gimmicked up a bit as the opener. This was legitimate, all the way. No more Baron Corbin feuds or Becky Lynch gaga. Seth Rollins has been THE GUY in WWE for awhile now and the second he guaranteed a win last Monday, what did you think would happen? I thought the ‘smart’ fans were online, yet all I saw was the usual crap about Brock retaining. For shame. As for Lesnar, another high profile bout and yet another classic showing. Nobody on the planet brings the aura he does. Nobody. So cool. Both men just had a potential match of the Year.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Good start, meandering middle, with a very good close. Best of all, we didn't get an extremely lengthy show. It was all wrapped up in a neat package, and pyro went off with the new conquering champion celebrating. Great job WWE.

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