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Why Ronda Rousey Would Fail In WWE

January 3, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is likely done with MMA for the time being and everyone is already speculating that she might be headed to WWE.


Following back-to-back brutal knockouts where I’m not sure she landed a single strike in either fight, her mystique and appeal are gone. She’s no longer “the most dangerous unarmed female on the planet.” She’s just a good looking girl who would be very bad at pro wrestling. She’s the type of girl WWE would have signed years ago, when they thought they could train models who didn’t really like pro wrestling to be pro wrestlers.

This isn’t to say WWE wouldn’t take her because they would. She’s a celebrity. They’ll take any celebrity they can get their hands on. And it may work for a one-off, but Rousey has no staying power in wrestling.

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE following back-to-back knockout losses and instantly became the biggest star in the company. And people will cite Lesnar as an example of why Rousey can enter WWE and be just fine. Except, Lesnar and Rousey are two different people. Lesnar truly has an “I don’t give a fuck what you think” attitude. Ronda just likes to pretend that she does. That’s why Lesnar came back and was so successful. It also helped that he was a star in WWE prior to his UFC run and is very good at just about every aspect of pro wrestling.

Ronda Rousey is not a trained wrestler, and there’s no way she would be willing to spend a year or two in NXT to improve. Her ego is way too fragile for that. She refused to change training camps following her loss because she preferred to stay with people who told her that she’s great at everything. She stayed with a training camp where she was head and shoulders better than the best person they had. Thus, she never pushed herself and improved.

She’s not spending a year in NXT learning the basics of pro wrestling. Accepting that she’s doing things wrong and that she knows nothing about pro wrestling. She would expect to come in and be on top immediately.

Not only is she not a trained wrestler, but she’s not good at other pro wrestling aspects. Her “bad bitch” attitude is fake, and just about everyone has realized that over the past year. She’s not a comfortable speaker. She doesn’t even have a confident presence following these losses. You think Charlotte and Bayley are rough on the mic at times? They’re going to look like The Rock if Rousey ever spends more than a minute on the mic in front of a live crowd.

Rousey refused to do media prior to UFC 208 so she didn’t have to talk about her loss to Holm. Then, she immediately left the cage following the official decision. She had to be consoled following a basic staredown with Amanda Nunes a month ago. People really think she can walk into WWE and act like nothing happened against Holly Holm and Nunes?

Brock is also far more likable due to the fact that he’s not fake with his attitude, and he can be humble and accepting when defeated. Ronda, well, isn’t very likable. I’m not saying people want her to fail, but people definitely get far more satisfaction when she does.

Brock returned to “add legitimacy” to WWE. What exactly is Ronda adding? They’ve spent over a year throwing “Diva’s Revolution” in our face and telling us that the men and women are now equal. Hell, they’ve used Rousey’s name to push the Diva’s Revolution. But what does she add at this point? The women’s division is already legitimate. Remember how often we’ve been told how much history they’re making?

If I thought Ronda could handle the scrutiny and criticism of being in WWE, I’d be all for it. But how can anyone be confident in Rousey given the way she’s handled herself since November 2015?

Ronda can go to WWE for a Wrestlemania appearance. She can have a match with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie can play nice and not embarrass her on the microphone like she would a regular employee. Ronda can awkwardly get through some interviews. They can have a 30-second match or a smoke and mirrors sports entertainment fest. And it’ll be a chore to sit through, but it’ll add some extra attention to the event.

But she can’t go to WWE full-time. She’s not comfortable enough in her own skin to succeed.

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