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Who Will Be The First WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?

December 6, 2018 | Posted by Steve Cook
Sasha Banks Bayley

2018 has been quite the year for WWE’s female Superstars. We saw the first Women’s Royal Rumble. The first Fabulous Moolah Invitational WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. WWE Evolution was the first all-women’s event & featured all kinds of first in & of itself, and we’re getting the first women’s TLC match here in a couple of weeks.

One thing that hasn’t happened yet is the formation of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. (Before anybody says anything, I know about the Jumping Bomb Angels, the Glamour Girls & all that, but it’s been 30 years, and it wasn’t WWE back then. Yay selective memory & technicalities) It’s been rumored to be happening for most of this year, and probably before that as well, but has yet to go down. I’d imagine that the idea would be a tough sell to certain people in WWE management. Let’s face it, as tough as women have had it in WWE, tag teams haven’t fared much better over the years. Neither Raw or SmackDown’s tag team divisions are setting the world on fire right now. Why add another one?

It makes sense though, assuming you’re involving both brands, as seems to be the case right now. Raw & SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Championships would be a bit excessive, but you can come up with enough tag teams & groups for a viable division if you combine the brands. Heck, some are even suggesting that the NXT brands will be involved too, which adds even more possible contenders.

Judging from Monday night’s episode of Raw, it seems like the plans are moving forward.

Unless Bayley & Sasha are completely delusional (which I guess is possible), the moment where WWE will have Women’s Tag Team Champions is coming. The big question, obviously, is who will the first champions be? There are a number of options…

The Iiconics

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce are a very divisive pair. People either love them & think that WWE doesn’t do nearly enough with them, or wonder why in the heck they’re on the main roster. I’m a fan, but if I wasn’t familiar with them from NXT & some of their indy work back in the day, I probably wouldn’t be. Whether they’ve gotten the proper opportunity to shine or not is debatable, but Billie & Peyton still aren’t quite where they need to be in order to be the first Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Then again, maybe you use the belts to make somebody. WWE has pushed countless new tag teams right to the titles in an attempt to get them immediately over. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch pop to mind, as do MNM, Team Angle & others. The Iiconics aren’t exactly new anymore, but winning the belts would push them at a new level.

Natalya & Somebody

You know the idea of Nattie winning the tag titles has crossed somebody’s mind at Titan Towers. What better way to honor the legacy of Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart than by having his daughter win the Women’s Tag Team Championship? There’s only one problem with that idea…

Natalya won’t be around for awhile due to an elbow injury. Since we have no idea when champions will be crowned, she could still be back in time to enter the tournament or battle royal or ladder match or whatever will determine the first champions. I think it’s slightly more likely that the people that have made her life difficult lately will obtain the prize.

The Riott Squad

Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan certainly have to be taken seriously as title contenders. Especially if they’ve been paying attention to their show lately, where “Lucha House Rules” have become a thing. I don’t think it would take too much convincing for Alexa Bliss to allow the Squad to adapt the rules that have made Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metallik such effective heels during their brief tenure on Raw.

Wait a minute. Those guys are supposed to be babyfaces? How? They’ve competed in three on one and three on two matches over the past couple of weeks where they’ve been outnumbering the Revival. Just another example of how WWE’s sense of right & wrong is broken.

Anyway, if you really want to do these stupid Lucha House Rules, use them for heels. Make it a Riott Rules or a Squad Goals Match or something like that.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

It seems likely that the championship will be won by a Raw team, which makes sense because Raw has the larger roster & wins everything always. If a SmackDown duo has a chance, it might be Paige’s former Absolution cohorts. They got a pretty big win over Asuka & Charlotte Flair on Tuesday night, even if there was some miscommunication involved between their opponents.

Mandy & Sonya have been pushed pretty well since arriving on SmackDown and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a good run in a tournament. It’s probably why they stopped having drama after a couple of disagreements. Why break up all the tag teams if you’re going to have a championship?

Nia Jax & Tamina

You know these two will be pushed as the favorites going in. You know how much WWE loves Nia & Tamina, no matter how other people might feel about it. How can anybody overcome two indestructible monsters like Nia & Tamina? Two “Savages of the Highest Order” will be awfully tough to beat for anybody in a two on two situation.

Well, unless you’re Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon. Fortunately for Nia & Tamina, I don’t expect Ronda to be anywhere near the Tag Team Championships anytime soon. WWE should still be able to push them as an unbeatable team as long as Ronda’s not involved.

Bayley & Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks Bayley

Bayley & Sasha make the most sense to attain the honor of being the first Women’s Tag Team Champions of this era. They’re the most popular duo & their matches will gain the most attention on cards. Most of the other tag teams are currently heels, so making one of them champions limits the option of who they can wrestle. If the reports of the tag champions also defending in NXT & NXT:UK are true, Bayley & Sasha would be very popular special attractions for those brands’ shows.

One could say that picking the most obvious option means that it probably won’t happen. My response to that: Vince McMahon probably thinks that Nia & Tamina are the most obvious option. Put those two teams in the finals of a tournament and most fans, no matter how much they read about the business, will assume that Nia & Tamina will end up winning.

We’ve had to wait a little while, and we’re going to wait a little longer. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are coming, and should be one of the highlights of the company’s 2019.