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Will Ospreay Discusses Not Signing With Evolve, Taking Less Independent Dates, More

August 11, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Will Ospreay recently spoke with The Tag Rope, here are the highlights…

On the EVOLVE contract offer from Paul Heyman: “I have not signed any contract. I’m currently signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling, so it says in my contract that I have to actually hand over any contract or agreements to New Japan so they can go over it. On that note, it’s my decision whether I want to go or not, but I think people need to understand that New Japan work very closely with Ring of Honor, and if they would like me to sign any contract with any American company it would probably be for Ring of Honor. Ultimately, it is my decision what I want to do. But it’s a very selfish thing that I’m about to say, but I need to think about me. I don’t see my friends as much, and I don’t get to spend as much time in England, so I would really like to think about what I would like to do and what is best for me.“

On other offers and what’s ahead: “I feel like maybe I need some time out. Just to let my body heal a little bit, so I have not signed anything. I should leave it at that because I have had other offers come in and I’m just trying to swim in an ocean full of talent and stay relevant. The one thing I’ve always wanted to do is that I don’t want to leave. A lot of people have asked when I’m going to WWE, and I am interested, but I’m not interested right now. I’m so happy in England, it’s been an incredible journey and I want to keep it going, I want to help out, I want to do more things. On that note, the EVOLVE deal is unsigned right now but the contract is up on my wall.”

Doing less independent dates in 2016: “In 2017 I’ve made it quite clear that I’m going to stop doing as many independent dates. Recently I’ve just had an idea, I don’t want it to be said now because I feel like someone might steal my idea, but it’s going to be coming up quite soon and it involves the trios division. That’s all I’m saying.”

On the most important thing he’s learned in Japan: “I don’t feel like I’ve changed but apparently I have. Maybe I’m a bit stiffer! I’ve embraced the culture a little bit more, it’s very respectful. The crowd is in awe of everything you do, they pretty much worship the ground you walk on. I’m just so thankful and so honoured for the opportunity. I am the little goldfish in a big, big ocean of talent. The CHAOS faction has looked after me so well, and taught me wrong from right. I can see that somewhat now in my movement and how I move as a wrestler. I don’t even know if people notice it these days but I hardly ever go to the top rope. I’ve toned it down a little bit. I can still do it if I want to, but I save it now for the big moments. I’ve just learned to pick my moments. I guess that’s the thing I’ve learned most in Japan.”

On Vader: “I think it’s really stupid. It’s a stupid, bitter, jealous old man that has such a problem that wrestling has evolved. No matter what your view of wrestling is, or my view of wrestling is, wrestling is an art form. Wrestling is whatever you want it to be. At the end of the day, there’s different types of music, there’s different types of religion, there’s different types of wrestling. I can see perfectly where Vader is coming from, I can see where everyone is coming from, I wish we had more time to sell, but the fact is [against Ricochet], we had fifteen minutes. And we went 14:55. We were so close to the mark it was unreal. If we had more time we would have sold more. But we just wanted to do what we do. As far as Vader goes, I just think, what’s your problem?”

Performing in front of new crowds: “These days the beauty of the Internet is we have the entire world in the palm of our hands, so I don’t find it difficult anymore.I put it back to when I first appeared on the video screen for New Japan saying I’m joining the CHAOS faction, and the crowd started clapping when they said my name, because they knew who I was. That was ridiculous, one of the most insane things I’d ever seen. I’m still shocked when I go over to Ireland and people know who I am! On that note, I just go out and I just be me. The crowd’s always different because the Americans are rowdy, but the Japanese are quiet and respectful, but the British people are even more rowdy, so you’re always changing, but you’ve just got to listen to the crowd. That’s one of the main things I’ve learned through wrestling.”

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