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Will Ospreay Issues Statement On His Departure From NJPW

February 12, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AEW All In Will Ospreay Image Credit: AEW

In a series of posts on Twitter, Will Ospreay wrote a statement his departure from New Japan Pro Wrestling, as he wrestled his last match there yesterday. However, it’s only his last match on a full-time contract, as he’s said AEW will allow him to continue to appear there.

He wrote: “Thank you New Japan Pro Wrestling. I’m really going to miss you guys. I love you all so much. Thank you to all the lads of UE. When the fans didn’t have a voice we were the shot in the arse that NJPW needed. You all are like my brothers and if you ever needed me, my door will always be open to you all. Thank you for getting in that cage with me & making history

Big shout out to (Henare). I was the first guy that saw him when he was hit. No word of a lie his head was split so bad it’s like someone left a tap on in his brain. He lost so much blood and taped a towel to his head and finished the match. Define a warrior. That’s Henare.

My co founder (Great-O-Khan). You have shown so many of us the human you are when you saved a little girl from being attacked by a dude. I’ve known exactly who you are the first month we teamed up. You’re one of a kind, proud I got to have the time I did with you.

Everyone needs someone to turn to for advice. That’s (TJP). Endless knowledge from years of experience. Can’t tell you enough how much I hold you to the highest regards I’m thankful I can call you up whenever & talk about life. Thank you for everything you’ve done

Big Jefferson Cobb. First guy me & O’khan brought into the group. For his size, strength & endurance. But the (Jeff Cobb) I know enjoys doing Bane impressions and like to avoid pain as much as possible You’re the coolest guy I’ve ever had in the locker room. Thank you

Italy ruined the euros for us & I’ll truly never forgive (Francesco Akira) for Italy. But I met Akira in Japan while he was in AJPW. We just naturally bonded and in these last few months you have shown a lot more maturity. I truly love this little dickhead so much.

Last is my little brother (that’s now bigger than me) (Callum Newman). The world can be yours. Don’t get distracted, don’t become arrogant, don’t lose sight of what you dreamed of. Japan will mould you to become the best you. I know you can do it kid I love you so much dude

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