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Winfree’s AEW Dark: Elevation Review (Ep. 10) 5.17.21

May 18, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
AEW Dark: Elevation
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Winfree’s AEW Dark: Elevation Review (Ep. 10) 5.17.21  

Hello everyone, Winfree back for another Monday night and another AEW Dark: Elevation. Should be a decent show tonight. . .Oh come on! The run time for this one is 2.5 hours. I feel like this is at least partially done to troll me at this point. This show can’t sustain that kind of run time, the content just isn’t that interesting. Well, the sooner we start the sooner we’re done I guess.

Match #1: Jungle Boy w/ Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus vs. Adrian Alanis

Some arm wringers and escapes, Jungle Boy getting the better of the mat wrestling early. Some lucha arm drags from Jungle boy, then a drop kick and he’s just rolling all over Alanis. Alanis winds up on the outside, Jungle Boy with a Suicide dive. Back into the ring, Alanis hits a slingblade backbreaker. Some corner offense from Alanis, then a suplex. That’s enough hope for Alanis, Jungle Boy hits a clothesline, runs into a corner kick but hits a belly to belly suplex into the corner, then a German suplex and sliding elbow strike then hooks the Snare Trap to force the tap.


Rating: Butternut. . . SQUASH

Jungle Boy is solid in the ring as usual.

Match #2: Dustin Rhodes vs. Aaron Solow w/ The Factory

Dustin and Solow get right after it, Dustin sends Solow out of the ring with a clothesline. Some brawling around the ringside area, Dustin is tossing Solow all over the place. Dustin hits a snap powerslam on the floor, the ref has abandoned counting. Eventually they get back into the ring, while QT Marshall keeps his vacant stare. Comoroto gets involved behind the refs back and yanks Dustin off the ropes. The ref has seen enough of this and tosses the Factory goons out of the ringside area. Solow back out of the ring and clotheslines Dustin to resume the ringside brawling. They head back into the ring, Solow still in charge and stomping away on Dustin. Dustin fights back with chops, but Solow cuts him off with elbows. They start trading blows, then clash heads in the corner and both men are down. Again there’s an exchange of rights, Dustin starts in with the clotheslines and hits a back body drop. Another snap powerslam from Dustin gets a 2 count. Dustin wants a bulldog, Solow tosses him away and hits a super kick. A series of kicks from Dustin then a Code Red only gets 2. Solow hits a tornado kick then an exploder suplex. Solow up top, flying double stomp but that also only gets 2. After that frustrating count Solow grabs the bullrope Dustin came down with, but Dustin avoids his attempt to use it and hits his bulldog, but doesn’t want the cover. Dustin wants to dish out more punishment and gets the bullrope. Dustin thinks about it, decides against it and hits Final Reckoning to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dustin Rhodes won

Rating: 2.5 stars

When Dustin wants to go he can still go. Solow held up his end of things, my only gripe being the use of the Code Red, if you’re not going to end a match with that one maybe just keep in in your back pocket.

Post match Dustin wants Shattered Dreams but here’s Nick Comoroto to save his buddy, he wallops Dustin with the cowbell. Lee Johnson is here to equalize things and Comoroto decides to just head out with QT “Mannequin” Marshall.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. Danny Limelight and Royce Isaacs

Kingston and Limelight start us off. Some leg kicks from Limelight, then Kingston checks one and starts laying in strikes. Some arm drags from Limelight trying to quicken the pace, but he gets too happy and runs into a clothesline. Moxley tries to talk to Kingston, but Kingston is pissed and drills Limelight with a powerbomb. Both men tag out, Moxley gets taken down but fights back up and they trade some reversals on the mat. Moxley can’t get free of Isaacs, eventually he shoots him off and Isaacs drop kicks the knee then hits a bridging fisherman’s suplex from his knees for a 2 count. That pisses off Moxley, who starts yelling with Kingston. Moxley with some slaps then tags in Kingston. They double team Isaacs concluding with Kingston hitting a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Kingston with chops, Isaacs fires back but Kingston chops him again but misses a Backfist to the Future and Isaacs hits a spinning back suplex. Limelight tags in, hits a double springboard tornado DDT for a near fall. Limelight climbs the ropes again, but flies into an exploder suplex and Moxley tags in. Moxley runs into a kick, and he trades blows with Limelight but Limelight springboards into a standing rear naked choke. Moxley holds it as he back to his corner, tags in Kingston then they hit the Violent Crown, Moxley takes out Isaacs with a Paradigm Shift as Kingston pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston won

Rating: 2 stars

Not quite a full squash, Danny Limelight continues to be a real highlight of these shows and everyone’s willing to give him plenty of time and shine. Kingston and Moxley did their typical solid work.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts are in the back. Roberts starts talking, they’re finally putting the big boys out there to run into each other. He says Bronson is a big boy but he’s going to learn not to play with the snake or you get bitten. He only touched Archer because there’s gold in his future. Archer kind of cuts him off, saying he’s listening to Jake and gets what he’s saying, but it’s his showtime. Archer isn’t looking past Bronson but he is going to run through him. He knows Jake wants to get paid and get a contract, but Archer wants Miro and that TNT Title. Jake advises him not to do it for free, but Archer wants to do this his way. No one, not Jake, not AEW, not Miro is going to stop him. Remember Miro, everyone dies. Decent promo work from both men, Archer has never been a great talker but he kept it simple here and that works to his advantage.

Match #4: Lance Archer w/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Bear Bronson

Roberts joins commentary, and says Bronson caught a bad card on this one. They stare off then Archer puts himself in the corner and calls on Bronson. Bronson obliges and lays in a forearm. Archer approves and they start shoving. Bronson puts himself in the corner, and Archer returns the forearm which Bronson approves of. Chops traded now in the corner, Archer got the better of that but Bronson shoulders him aside and starts pacing. Again they trade elbows, they hit the ropes and Archer hits a short rebound northern lariat. Short arm clothesline from Archer. Archer in full control, lays in strikes in the corner. Some more physical abuse from Archer, but Bronson avoids a corner rush and lands a clothesline of his own. Bronson wants a suplex, but Archer counters with a suplex of his own. Archer tries the helli-coaster but Bronson ducks under it and hits a German suplex. Bronson with shoulder blocks in the corner and drops Archer to his seat. Cannonball senton from Bronson, but Bronson looks a little winded. Archer back up lands a right, Bronson fires one of his own and then low bridges a charging Archer. Bronson sets for a suicide dive and hits it. Back into the ring, senton from Bronson for a near fall. Archer elbows out of a back suplex, they trade some escapes then rights and Archer with a Pounce style shoulder block. Archer tries a bit of a jumping splash, gets a 2 count. Senton from Archer, that gets 2 but Bronson rolls him up for his own 2 count. Bronson charges in the corner, Archer kicks him down then hits a chokeslam. Archer drags Bronson up, sets him on the corner then hits the Black Out to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lance Archer won

Rating: 2 stars

Surprisingly fun brawl with two big meaty men slapping meat. I’m a little surprised at how much they gave Bronson given that they still try to treat Archer as a big deal, but it was a welcome surprise.

The Elevation Showcase with Paul Wight is up next, special guest this week is Ryan Nemeth. Nemeth says AEW has changed his whole life, he finally feels trusted and valued, not a side kick anymore. Wight asks him about his nickname, Nemeth says he’s a hunk just kind of by nature and then thanks a bunch of people who help him get spots on various film and television projects. He brings up his friends in wrestling who are making up his entourage now, says that much like Hollywood everyone needs a team and that’s true in AEW. He wants to be the face of AEW eventually. Nemeth is a fairly standard wrestler, and this was a fairly standard segment.

Match #5: Layla Hirsch vs. Natalia Markova

They tie up, Hirsch quickly takes things to the mat but Markova able to kind of hold her own. Markova gets to the ropes and forces a break. Another tie up, Hirsch gets a headlock takeover and they’re back on the mat. Markova fights up and starts landing kicks. Hirsch has had enough of that and drills her with a German suplex. Another German from Hirsch and Markova heads out of the ring. Markova tries to drag Hirsch out, but Hirsch kicks her into the barricade. Hirsch out of the ring and tosses Markova around the ringside area for a bit. Back into the ring and Markova lands a couple of knee lifts to the body, but Hirsch hits a Saito suplex, then a running knee to the downed Markova and transitions that into an armbar to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Layla Hirsch won

Rating: Calabaza. . . SQUASH

Hirsch, much like Danny Limelight, has been a real bright spot in these shows.

Match #6 – Tag Team Match: Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky vs. Jaylen Brandyn and Traevon Jordan

Page and Jordan start us off. The tie up, then Page lands a right when they break from a corner tie up. Jordan reverses a shot in the corner, then tags in Brandyn and they hit a double team leg drop/splash combo. Some rights from Brandyn, Page distracts the ref while Sky ties up Brandy then Page hits a hard shoulder block. Sky tags in and goes to work on Brandyn. Page tags in, hits a pump kick then mocks Brandyn’s inability to tag out. Big suplex, almost a brainbuster, from Page then he mocks Brandyn some more. Sky back in, they’re keeping Brandyn isolated thus far. Brandyn fights back with rights but runs into a knee to the body, though he avoids a suplex and tags out. Page tags in as well but Jordan gets to run wild for a bit including a sidewalk slam on Page. Sky blind tags and clips the knee of Jordan as Page ties up Brandyn and Sky locks up the heel hook to force the tap. Just for good measure Page drops Brandyn with the Ego’s Edge.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page won

Rating: Shishigatani. . . SQUASH

Page and Sky keep rolling right along.

In the back Hardy is with Bunny and the Blade to talk. He says anyone who joins the Hardy Family Office grows, Bunny has become more violent, demented, and deranged. Bunny takes over, saying everyone underestimates The Bunny but going down the rabbit hole never leads anywhere good.

Match #7: KiLynn King vs. The Bunny w/HFO

King avoids Bunny early, and hits some arm drags then a scoop slam. Bunny lands some strikes to take over. King avoids a right, hits a snapmare then a blockbuster to the seated Bunny for a near fall. More offense from King, Bunny eventually snaps her over the top rope and drops her to the floor. Bunny tosses King around the ringside area before they get back in the ring. More heat from Bunny, she tosses King into the corner and stomps on her for a bit. Knees from Bunny, but she gets caught in a fall away slam from King and they’re both down. Clotheslines from King as she fires up, hits some kicks and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Shotgun drop kick from King in the corner, then lays in punches but Hardy hands her some kind of foreign object while the ref is distracted, Bunny clocks King with some kind of loaded object and pins to win.


Rating: 1 star

This really didn’t click for me, it was a bit slow, disjointed in a few spots, and ultimately didn’t really need to happen here. Post match Bunny hits Down the Rabbit Hole. Big Swole is here to chase everyone off.

Match #8 – Tag Team Match: The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) vs. Kevin Bennett and Kevin Blackwood

Caster and Blackwood start us off. Caster takes over quickly with strikes. A long headlock sequence from Caster, Blackwood eventually slips free and lands leg kicks. Bennett tags in and they start working the knee of Caster. Caster fights back after letting Bennett get a few spots in, Bowens tags in blind and kicks Bennett in the face. Bowens with a cheap shot to Blackwood, then he and Caster double team Bennett for a bit. Quick tags from Bowens and Caster as they keep Bennett isolated. Bennett avoids a knee drop from Caster, lands an enziguri and tags out as does Caster. Blackwood gets some strikes in while running wild, even drops Bowens with a German suplex. Bennett blind tags and tosses Blackwood at Bowens but this goes horribly. Bowens tosses Blackwood into Bennett, hits a blockbuster onto Bennett which makes Bennett DDT Blackwood, then Caster flies in with the Mic Drop to Bennet and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Acclaimed won

Rating: 1 star

This would have been better as a squash match than a pseudo competitive affair.

In the back Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page talk, they don’t think they could lose even if they tried to. They should be celebrating but rather than talking about their match they celebrate Darby Allin losing the TNT title. They don’t want to take full credit, that would be unfair to Miro, but definitely had something to do with it. Sky says all they did was keep Sting out of the equation because Miro earned that shot and his moment. If Blade and Neo formed a team they’d be Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, Page reminds us that Keanu Reeves is also Canadian. Those two have great talking chemistry as well as in ring chemistry, it’s a real delight to see.

Match #9: Baron Black vs. QT Marshall w/The Factory

They tie up, trade hammerlock escapes the Marshall with a shoulder block. Japanese arm drag then a regular arm drag from Black to ground Marshall. Marshall lands a chop and starts laying in strikes. Black with an inverted atomic drop and a chop of his own. More chops from Black, they fight over a hip toss but Marshall hits a really weak looking chokeslam. Marshall tosses Black out of the ring, and Comoroto throws him around the ringside area then back into the ring. Some strikes from Marshall, then a drop kick. Black with some chops and uppercuts, but he’s caught on a cross body into a backbreaker flatliner combo for a near fall. Black fights back with some rights and uppercuts, but he’s caught on a rolling chop with a kick and a right hand. Black fires up, hits an atomic drop and a backstabber, then with a discus clothesline in the corner and an exploder suplex for a near fall. They really badly set up a Marshall counter, then he gets a clothesline, climbs up top and hits a diving headbutt for another near fall. That top rope headbutt has a bad track record buddy, might want to retire that. Black grabs a surprise crippler crossface, Marshall tries to roll free but Black holds on and cranks the hold. Another roll up from Marshall, Black breaks the hold to avoid being pinned then walks into a Diamond Cutter and Marshall wins.


Rating: 2 stars

Slightly below average match, there were a few obvious set up spots. I’m also not sure if they’re trying to elevate Black with this kind of match or cool down Marshall.

Match #10: Daniel Garcia vs. Joey Janela

Garcia right after the arm of Janela. Janela counters a hammerlock and gets a modified Indian deathlock. Garcia grabs an inside heel hook and Garcia gets the ropes to force a break of the hold. They tie up again, trade go behinds until Janela hits a German suplex. Garcia avoids a brainbuster and lays in some chops. A roll up from Garcia then a German suplex all of which gets 2. More strikes from Garcia, but Janela avoids a kick and lands a clothesline. Janela in control now, he lays in some chops of his own. Garcia fires up after taking some clotheslines, then they trade strikes and Garcia lands a Busaiku knee then locks up an STF. Janela crawls to the ropes and forces a break. Another right from Garcia, then an uppercut. Janela strikes back and they trade rights and slaps with Janela getting the better of things. Super kick from Janela then the one armed brainbuster for a near fall. Janela wants a Death Valley Driver, Garcia fights free and hits a drop kick, he wants a powerbomb but Janela counters into the corner. Garcia up top, Janela catches him with a right hand heads up top and hits a bridging superplex for another near fall. Janela has had enough of this, hits the DVD and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joey Janela won

Rating: 2.5 stars

Boy they gave Garcia a lot there, not that I’m complaining too much. I don’t usually care for Janela’s work, but we got a perfectly acceptable match here.

In the back QT Marshall and the factory talk. Marshall thanks God AEW is taking things back on the road soon, getting out of the dump of Jacksonville, Florida. He blames the loss to Cody Rhodes on the location. Agogo says he hates America because it values money more than life. He runs down the typical complaints about America, and says you wont be proud of Cody Rhodes after he punches the peroxide out of his hair. Rhodes may have beaten some good Brits in the past, but he’s the hardest bastard you’ve ever set eyes on and he’ll smash Rhodes again. Whoever thought letting Marshall talk was a good idea should probably be fired, Agogo did the typical stuff, nothing bad but nothing all that memorable. Apart from his left eye, which seems damaged.

Match #11 – Tag Team Match: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. Alex Reynolds and Alan “5” Angels

The ref throws out the HFO and Dark Order before the match starts. We get a brawl at the bell, Reynolds tosses Quen into the guardrail while Angels and Kassidy square off. Reynolds gets sent into the ring post, just wild brawling from everyone with nary a hint of a count from the ref. Eventually we get into the ring, Angels kicking Quen while Kassidy is on the entrance stage trying to recover. The 5 punch from Angels in the corner then Reynolds tags in. Gut buster from Reynolds, then Quen tosses him into the buckles and tags in Kassidy. Drop kick from Reynolds, he takes out Kassidy and Quen, tossing Quen into the barricade again but that let’s Kassidy get him from behind and hit a suplex on the floor. Back into the ring and Quen tags in then starts landing shoulder blocks in the corner. Kassidy blind tags and they keep Reynolds isolated. Back suplex from Quen after he tags in, Reynolds in need of a tag. Reynolds hits a back body drop, tags but Kassidy distracts the ref and he doesn’t see it. Reynolds sends Kassidy out of the ring then hits a roaring right hand. Kassidy trips Reynolds into Quen, then hits a swanton bomb as Quen was holding him but that just gets a 2 count on the cover. Reynolds set on the top rope while Quen and Kassidy tag in and out. Reynolds blocks a top rope hurricanrana attempt, kicks Kassidy off and tags in Angels. Angels is the proverbial house on fire on both men and hits a double hurricanrana into the second rope then a low cross body to both men. Quen and Kassidy out, Angels with the Austin Aries heatseeker suicide dive onto both of them. Back in the ring Angels hits a moonsault for a 2 count. Reynolds tags back in, pop up knee strike then a wheel kick from Angels and Reynolds hits God’s Last Gift (a small package driver that Tyler Black/Seth Rollins used to use as a finish on the indy scene) but Kassidy is in to break up the pin. Angels tosses Kassidy out of the ring, they brawl outside the ring. Here’s Matt Hardy while the ref is busy with the other two, he hits the Twist of Fate and Quen covers to pin and win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Private Party won

Rating: 2.5 stars

I know the heels go over most of the time building up a feud, but it’s getting almost impossible to root for Dark Order in this thing. The action was solid, which is to be expected from these teams. Post match the HFO beats down Reynolds and Angels. Eventually Dark Order shows up and the HFO scatters.

Kris Statlander gets some mic time, Dr. Britt Baker interrupts that because the interviewer isn’t Tony Schiavone and Statlander isn’t the the number one contender. She reminds us she’s getting a title shot against Shida, and that brings in Shida. Shida whacks the crutch out of Rebel’s grasp, nearly clocking Statlander with it, and dares Baker or Rebel to do anything. Baker powders, after saying Rebel will fight Shida on Dynamite, which seems to unsettle Rebel.

Match #12 – Tag Team Match: Ryan Nemeth and JD Drake w/ Peter Avalon and Cesar Bonini vs. Roman Rozell and Derek Pisaturo w/ First Sgt.

Nemeth and Roman start us off. They trade some mat wrestling sequences, then Nemeth goes dirty with the tactics to take over. Drake in, and Roman with a quick arm drag. Roman gets sent out of the ring, the heels beat him up for a bit before sending him back into the ring. Drake and Nemeth double team Roman for a bit, keeping Roman isolated. Roman avoids a Rude Awakening and tags in Derek. Derek runs wild on Drake and Nemeth until a Bonini distraction causes his undoing. Rude Awakening from Nemeth, Drake with a moonsault and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Nemeth and JD Drake won

Rating: Acorn. . . SQUASH

This didn’t do a whole lot for me, but that’s kind of Nemeth in a nutshell. When I complain about the overall length of an episode this long, it’s stuff like this that probably could be cut or aired on another episode to keep the runtime lower. In a vacuum it was passable, this deep into this show it almost put me to sleep.

We get a replay of Dr. Baker at the recent photoshoot wanting photo’s with the belt and the resulting brawl between her and Shida. Just in case you forgot that match was coming up I guess.

Match #13: Tay Conti vs. Kiah Dream

They tie up then break a few times before Conti gets the arm of Dream. Dream fights back after taking chops, Conti objects to her hair being pulled and lands a super kick. Running kicks from Conti, then a misdirection kick to the back of the head. Dream with a knee to the body then a kneeling flatliner. Conti lands a spinning back kick to the body and lays in chops then a series of soft clotheslines. Some seo nagi throws from Conti, then she tosses Dream in the turn buckles a few times and lands a pump kick to the side of the head. Another pump kick in the corner and a running face wash in the corner a la Samoa Joe. The DDTay finishes things.


Rating: Ampullaris. . . SQUASH

Tay Conti is a pretty darn good professional wrestler.

In the back the HFO talk. Hardy says Private Party didn’t need his help tonight, he just wanted to hurt Reynolds for the injustice done to Kassidy last week. But Hardy got the last laugh with the Leech, and says he’ll beat Reynolds any day of the week. He mocks John Silver’s helplessness but whenever Silver gets medically cleared he’s happy to Leech him to. The HFO will always dominate the Dark Order, and that’s the truth.

Match #14: Penta El Zero Miedo w/ Alex Abrahantes vs. Robo

Robo offers a handshake, Penta replies with the old zero miedo bit. Spin kick and chop from Penta, but he runs into a shoulder block from the larger Robo. They run the ropes a bit, and Robo hits a drop kick. Penta lands a super kick, then enziguri and another super kick to the seated Robo. Robo misread that spot a bit. Chops from Penta then a leg kick and he grounds Robo. Back into the ropes, and Penta lands another super kick. Penta wants the Fear Factor but Robo counters with a headbutt, runs into another super kick but gets a pump kick on the charging Penta for a near fall. Penta fights off of the shoulders of Robo and hits a backstabber. They hit the corner and Penta gets Robo in the tree of woe and hits a running basement drop kick. Penta with the Sacrifice armbreaker, then the Fear Factor and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Penta El Zero Miedo won

Rating: Aurantia. . . SQUASH

I like Penta as a general rule, he might have given Robo too much here, and Robo looked very green. Hopefully he can work through that, because Robo has a decent look physically.

Match #15: Thunder Rosa vs. Robyn Renegade

Rosa quickly gets a go behind, she out wrestles Robyn early then goes after the arm with a hammerlock. Robyn tries to counter with a top wristlock but Rosa gets free, they awkwardly run the ropes then Rosa with a snapmare and drop kick to firmly get control. Rosa keeps control with corner work, then Robyn slips free and lands a kick then a jumping double knee strike for a near fall. Robyn gets Rosa onto her shoulders, but Rosa slips free and drives her into the corner, then hits the diving clothesline and meteora into a basement drop kick combination. Butterfly suplex form Rosa gets a 2 count. Bit of a slingblade from Robyn, she gets the fireman’s carry position back but again Rosa gets free and this time hits a flatliner, tries the Peruvian necktie but Roby botches it and she switches to an inverted triangle choke to get the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Thunder Rosa won

Rating: Caserta. . . SQUASH

Robyn looked really green, and screwing up a finish like that is a pretty big mark against her.

Nemeth and co celebrate with a promo. JD Drake is grateful that Nemeth found a mean streak. Bonini says this is the smartest, sexiest, most dominant faction in AEW. Amazing, not a single word of that was true. Bonini isn’t a native English speaker so I try not to be too hard on his promo but that was rough.

Match #16: Mike Sydal w/ Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage w/ Hook

Cage over powers Mike early, as expected. Bit of a strike flurry from Mike, and some drop kicks then he avoids a clothesline and hits an enziguri. Cage out of the ring, and catches a diving Mike then slams him onto the apron. European style uppercut from Cage and he abuses Mike with the ring apron for a bit. Back in the ring and Cage still over powers Mike. Mike hits the ropes, and gets tossed off trying a head scissors takedown. Cage curls Mike a few times then tosses him overhead. Mike fires back with some strikes, but eats a knee strike while he was floored in the splits. Cage with an overhead throw from the floor, impressive strength from both men to make that work. A flurry from Cage in the corner, but Mike flips out of a German suplex and lands a drop kick to the back of the head. Another kick from Mike, then a super kick. Hurricanrana from Mike, Cage out of the ring and Mike climbs the ropes then hits a moonsault to the floor. Back into the ring, Mike up top and hits a meteora for a near fall. Mike back up top, but Cage intercepts with a jumping knee then hits a second rope suplex taking Mike from the apron into the ring and that gets a near fall. Cage has had enough of this, wants the Drill Claw but Mike rolls through and rolls Cage up for 2. Discus lariat from Cage, then he hits Weapon X to win.


Rating: 1.5 stars

Can’t call it a full squash, and maybe I’m being overly harsh on the rating given that. Cage still looks very good, and is a good professional wrestler. Mike made the most of this, he played rag doll when he needed to and his offensive spurts at least kind of made sense when he got them in.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
The overall length here drops the rating down a bit. There was some good stuff here, but a lot that could have been aired on another episode. This kind of show really isn't interesting enough to support this kind of run time.