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Winfree’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.08.21

September 8, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Daniel Bryan AEW Dynamite
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Winfree’s AEW Dynamite Review 9.08.21  

Hello everyone, Winfree tagging in for Tony tonight. We’re on the heels of the All Out PPV that saw the AEW debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, Cole aligned with The Elite while Bryan is solidly in the good guy role. Also at that event Kenny Omega retained the AEW World title when he bested Christian Cage, so we might get a hint about who will be his next title challenger. The Lucha Bros claimed the tag team titles so we’ll get the start of their title reign. On the agenda tonight Malakai Black continues his rampage through the Nightmare Factory when takes on fellow face paint enthusiast Dustin Rhodes, the former Heidi Lovelace/Ruby Riott Ruby Soho will debut on Dynamite after winning a title shot in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out to presumably start the issue between her and women’s champion Britt Baker. The big match tonight though is between Jon Moxley and everyone’s favorite Murder Grandpa, Minoru Suzuki. These two had a fun brawl in 2020 and I’m curious to see if they can top that 18 minutes of violent mayhem tonight. Well that’s enough preamble, let’s see what AEW has in store for us tonight.

We’re in Cincinnati, Ohio tonight. First up is the usual PPV recap video before we go live to the arena. JR, Tony Schiavone, and Taz are providing commentary. We get right into the action as Malakai Black makes his way to the ring.

Match #1: Malakai Black vs. Dustin Rhodes

We get right into a brawl, Rhodes with some clotheslines then an inverted atomic drop but Black pops up and hits a roundhouse kick. Rhodes off the ropes and hits a right hand then hits a German suplex. They head out to the floor and resume brawling. Black hits a kick then a back suplex through the time keepers table. Pretty decent “Malakai” chant as he gets back into the ring and starts exposing a turnbuckle. More kicks from Black as they head back into the ring. They tease the turnbuckle being used, but don’t commit to it and Black then lands a kitchen sink knee strike to drop Rhodes. Rhodes starts fighting back, but Black drops for a heel hook or a kneebar and Rhodes has to get to the ropes to break. Black starts attacking the leg of Rhodes, which he’s been selling since the table spot. Rhodes collapses on an Irish whip, his leg is toast, and Black mocks him. Some kicks from Black but Rhodes starts to fire up and hits a series of clotheslines. Rhodes hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Rhodes tries a Canadian Destroyer, has to settle for a slow motion sunset flip after his knee gives out, but that only gets 2. Black moves into the corner, Rhodes wants a 10 punch but Black slips out and kicks his knee causing Rhodes to collapse again. Black with a jumping knee strike for a near fall. That seems to annoy Black, he heads out of the ring and gets Cody’s boot from under the ring. Black tosses the boot to Rhodes and laughs at him. Rhodes fights up and they trade kicks but Rhodes starts getting the better of things. Rhodes hits the Canadian Destroyer with a little help from the corner but that only gets 2. The crowd gives Rhodes a “You still got it” chant for that one. Black avoids a suplex, then avoids a bulldog and Rhodes goes into the exposed turn buckle, then Black with the Black Mass to the back shoulder of Rhodes and he pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Malakai Black won

Rating: 3 stars

This was trending higher but the slightly off finish and Rhodes’ spotty selling of the leg cause a few dings. But Rhodes can still go at his age and Black is quite good.

The Lucha Bros get a quick video package, Fenix says finally the tag titles are with the best tag team in the universe, and Penta invites anyone who’s willing to suffer to take a shot at them. After this break CM Punk will talk.

Post break here’s a video from Eddie Kingston, he calls out Miro for cheating in their match and says if you know anything about God He has no favorites, when it rains it pours on the wicked and the righteous alike. Miro says Eddie couldn’t handle the heat when he realized you can’t hurt a man chosen by God. I’m glad to see those two continue as they had arguably the best match on All Out. Also, put a title on Eddie Kingston already you cowards.

Back to the arena, and here’s CM Punk. Punk gets right into it, he thanks Darby Allin and Sting for All Out and says while he wasn’t sure he could do this again it’s just like riding a violent bicycle. The crowd bust out the “You still got it” chant again, Punk thanks them. Punk says we’ve got Minoru Suzuki taking on Jon Moxley tonight and he’ll be watching as a fan. Punk sees Aunt Linda, the woman who raised Brian Pillman, and calls her an angel. That leads to Punk listing all the new comers, and mentioning Bryan Danielson gets a pretty big “Yes” chant. Punk doesn’t know what’s next, so he asks the fans what should be next for CM Punk. A lot of confused noise from the crowd, Taz asks for a mic from the commentary position and interrupts. Taz is trying to be a gentleman, but he’s tired of the BS love fest that Punk is putting on. Taz warns Punk not to mention anyone from Team Taz, Punk jokes that no one from Team Taz was mentioned. Hobbs and Hook come out and stand by Taz. Punk, out of respect for Taz, tells him to send whoever he wants and tells them to beat him if they can, or survive if Punk lets them. That’s certainly a choice for Punk’s next feud.

Hobbs will be in action after this break when he takes on Dante Martin.

A quick video from Santana and Ortiz yelling about being the best, guess they want a title shot. Then here’s Ruby Soho in the back with Schiavone, she wants to prove her win wasn’t a fluke but here’s Britt Baker and her goons. She calls Ruby the flavor of the month. Ruby runs down all the nick names Baker uses, and says she uses all of those to hide her failings. Baker is the women’s champion, and tells Ruby to runaway to catering where she’s been for the last 4 years, and Jamie will give Ruby a beating tonight. Ruby tells Schiavone that she’s going to whip Baker’s ass.

Back to the ring where Hobbs awaits Dante Martin.

Match #2: Powerhouse Hobbs w/ Hook vs. Dante Martin

Martin quickly ties up with Hobbs, and runs into a clothesline. Martin tries to fire back , but gets caught trying a cross body and has to fight free. More evasive moves from Martin then he drop kicks Hobbs out of the ring. Hobbs catches a diving Martin and slams him face first into the ring post. That was a pretty gnarly spot. Hobbs tosses Martin around the ringside area for a bit until we get a picture in picture commercial break, thankfully that lets us see Hobbs toss Martin between the second and third ropes back into the ring, nice little spot as well. Martin tries to fight back in the ring but Hobbs grounds him and lays in strikes. Some fairly sedate offense from Hobbs, they’re waiting for the commercial to end. Hobbs is working a bear hug as we return to full broadcast. Some knee drops from Hobbs into the abdomen of Martin. Eventually Martin avoids a knee drop then lays in some kicks and heads up top for a ridiculously high shotgun drop kick. Martin kicks Hobbs out of the ring, then sets for a dive but Hook hops onto the apron and obstructs him. Martin shrugs and then jumps over Hook and onto Hobbs. Back into the ring Martin lands a kick from the apron that looked misjudged in terms of distance, then another one and tries the double jump moonsault but Hobbs avoids that. Martin charges into a high elevation spinebuster and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Powerhouse Hobbs won

Rating: 2 stars

These two didn’t mesh quite as well as you’d like, Hobbs doesn’t quite have a feel for tweaking his style to fit different opponents and Martin mistiming that kick near the end was unfortunate. Not a bad match, but it never quite clicked.

Dan Lambert is in a VIP box with the Men of the Year, he congratulates AEW on bringing in a bunch of 5’8 180 pound people to distract form the truth. The fans might think this company is the hottest thing in wrestling, but management can’t keep Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page down, and anyone who wants to try and shut them up is welcome to try. Lambert is a darn good promo.

A video package where Matt Hardy wants to shave the head of Orange Cassidy, Cassidy gives a “whatever”. After this break MJF will get some mic time.

Post match and here’s MJF with Wardlow. MJF has a mic, and tells the pot bellied pigs in the audience that he’s beaten Chris Jericho three times and he beat him a fourth on Sunday but the match was restarted due to extreme bias against him. Everyone in the back wants to be him, something none of the people can relate too. He means every word that comes out of his mouth when he calls this city the biggest dumpster fire in the world. It’s called the mid-west because everything in it is mid, skyline chili is mid, the Reds haven’t won a World Series since 1990, they’re mid just like every single person living here. Anyone who’s got a problem can jump the guardrail so he can beat the crap out of everyone, but they wont because they’re cowards. He moves on to mocking Aunt Linda, saying he’ll knock her teeth down her throat. More crowd mockery, he moves down next to Brian Pillman’s daughter. MJF says that explains her vile looks. This brings out Brian Pillman Jr with a mic. Pillman calls him Maxwell “Jerkoff” Friedman. He objects to his family being insulted, and tells him that this city breeds bad asses like his father, or John Moxley. That’s the end of the list apparently. Pillman welcomes MJF to the jungle. MJF asks if Pillman thought going toe to toe on the mic with him was a good idea, and brings up Pillman’s drug addicted mother forgot to swallow for Pillman Jr like all of his would be siblings. MJF sends Wardlow to the corner, and tells Pillman to get out of the ring, Pillman double legs him and beats him down before Wardlow, who took his sweet time, pulls him off. Pillman avoids Wardlow and lays in stomps to MJF, but Wardlow hits a German suplex. Here comes Griff Garrison, but he gets wiped out by a Wardlow clothesline then MJF clocks him with the pink ring. Pillman protects Garrison as the crowd reminds MJF that he tapped out on Sunday. Solid heel promo work from MJF.

A video package for Moxley and Suzuki follows. Moxley says he was never all that scared of Suzuki, and that tonight in the jungle Suzuki is going to die.

Back to the ring for our next match.

Match #3: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker and Rebel vs. Ruby Soho

They tie up, Hayter over powers Soho then gets a side headlock. Hayter with a shoulder block, then Soho lays in elbows and catches a kick then lands a knee to the face. Hot shot from Hayter then she throws Soho’s throat into the bottom rope. I feel like that was a mistake. Hayter kicks Soho out of the ring as we go to picture in picture. Hayter tosses Soho around the ringside area during that segment.

Back to action as Soho starts her comeback with a kick to the back of the head in the corner. More kicks from Soho, then a rebound DDT off the ropes for a 2 count. Hayter blocks a back suplex, then gets an electric chair position but Soho counters with an ugly as sin poisoned rana attempt. That looked dangerous. Hayter hits a neckbreaker then hits the death valley driver neckbreaker and a sliding clothesline for a 2 count. Soho with a step through kick to the face and wins.


Rating: 1.5 stars

This didn’t click, and featured a couple of dangerous looking botches that make me question the pairing of these two. Post match Baker jumps Soho until Riho shows up and cleans house but eats a uranage backbreaker from Hayter. Baker then tries to Curb Stomp Soho into the belt but Kris Statlander with a steel chair is enough to get the heels to head out.

Ricky Starks and Cage with videos, they’re both sick and tired of this. Cage wants a one on one match, Starks plans to prove why they call him Absolute Ricky Starks. I’m guessing because he asked them to do so. That sends us to break.

Post break, here comes The Pinnacle for our next match.

Match #4 – Trios Match: Shawn Spears and FTR (Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler) w/ Tully Blanchard and Wardlow vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and John Silver) w/ 10 and Alan “5” Angels

Silver and Spears settle into things after a bit, and Spears lands a shoulder block. Silver hits a scoop slam then a shoulder block of his own. Grayson tags in and Spears elbows him then tags in Wheeler. Wheeler with a shoulder block then tags Spears. Grayson hits a Pele kick then tags Uno and they hit a double team move. Uno then gets a tag from Silver. Silver and Uno double team Spears but Spears fights back with a jawbreaker and tags Dax. Dax with some knee drops and elbows to keep Silver down. Silver fights out of the corner and suplexes Dax. Spears and Wheeler take out Uno and Grayson to keep Silver from tagging out. Silver fights back with kicks to Dax then a running pump kick to the back of the head and a bridging German suplex for a near fall. We get an accidental collision between Uno and Silver, that lets Dax hit a slingshot suplex and tag in Wheeler. Spears tags in and Silver takes a double toss into the C4 from Spears and Pinnacle win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Pinnacle won

Rating: 2 stars

Perfectly average trios match. Uno and Silver get into it post match, Silver slugs him, so Grayson clocks him and we get a melee between the Dark Order factions. Tay Conti and Ana Jay are disappointed on the entrance ramp while Dark Order argue and we throw to a recap of the Casino Battle Royal. Everyone gets a few seconds to talk.

In the back Tully Blanchard talks with Tony Schiavone. He talks about leadership, Sting is trying to capitalize on someone else again while he’s leading things. He wants Shawn Spears to fight Darby Allin next week, and promises he’s going one on one with Sting at some point.

Sammy Guevara is here as we head to break. He’s got cue cards that talk about Jericho destroying MJF while we’re picture in picture. He brings up getting engaged in Houston, and while summer might be ending the good times are far from over. The Inner Circle will stay on top and he’ll keep getting views. The last cue card is a list of his social media accounts.

The Varsity Blonds are at the medical area, Pillman Jr. reminds us of actions taken earlier in the show. He wants to challenge MJF, and got one for an upcoming event. The Acclaimed are here to mock the Blonds, and Caster has a match with Pillman on Rampage.

Next is an in ring interview with The Elite, Schiavone hosting. The whole group is here to slowly walk to the ring. Don Callis takes the mic from Schiavone and reminds us that Kenny Omega is the PWI top wrestler, and All Out was about Omega proving he’s the best and the Bucks giving the greatest tag team match in the history of the world. But in the course of that the belts were stolen from them, but they’ve got a plan. Nick Jackson talks, and they got their best friend back, then the brings out Adam Cole. Cole makes his way to the ring and takes the mic from Nick. He asks if we’re ready for story time with Adam Cole. But first he tells Tony Schiavone that if he even looks at Britt Baker the wrong way he’ll whip his ass. I think Schiavone is actually taller than Cole. Cole sends Schiavone out of the ring. Up next Cole calls AEW the greatest wrestling company in the world, because of the people in the ring right now. All of this success is because of The Elite. For nearly 14 years Cole has been main eventing and winning world titles, he’s a once in a generation professional wrestler. Now he’s with the very best, the Young Bucks are the best tag team ever, and Omega is a once in a life time wrestler, and now with Adam Cole in their ranks everyone should thank The Elite for being complete. And if you don’t believe him, just wait for next week when Cole wrestles for the first time. Kenny Omega gets the mic, and as much as he’d like to celebrate with everyone there’s one thing he hates and that’s interruptions. And at the PPV they were interrupted, just like right now, by Bryan Danielson. Here comes The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. Omega asks for everyone else to leave the ring for a minute so he can talk their new guest. Bryan climbs into the ring. Omega calls Bryan the guy he wanted to speak with, but Bryan takes the mic from him. Bryan asks the crowd if they want to see Bryan Danielson fight Kenny Omega. The answer is yes from the crowd. Bryan asks if Omega is the greatest wrestler who’s ever lived, who talks about everyone being lower than him, but Omega wont take on Bryan because he knows that Bryan is better and will kick his head in. Omega takes his jacket off, tries to cheap shot Bryan but Bryan gets him in the Yes Lock for a few seconds before The Elite jump him. Here come Jurassic Express, Frankie Kazarian, and Christian to even the odds, and Luchasaurus chucks Marko Stunt onto the pile of Elite then Jungle Boy dives onto them. At the end of the day Cutler is left alone with the faces and eats a Busakiu Knee from Bryan. Decent promo segment, Omega’s schtick is a bit played out but Bryan might be able to get a new wrinkle out of him.

Our main event will be up after this break.

Commentary runs down some upcoming bouts and events before we head to the ring four our main event.

Match #5: Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki

They square up right away and trade elbow strikes. A lot of elbows from both men, Suzuki with a running kick, Moxley returns it and they trade laughs. Suzuki with a combination of strikes to the body and head, then Moxley with a rolling elbow to take over. We head picture in picture as Suzuki gets an armbar through the ropes to take over. Outside the ring Suzuki toes to work on the arm of Moxley. Suzuki heads into the ring and mocks Moxley for taking so long to follow him, then goes back to cranking on the arm and wrist. Moxley tries to fight back with chops but his arm isn’t letting him get maximum power and Suzuki easily kicks him down. A clothesline from Moxley drops Suzuki and both men are down. A suplex from Moxley follows as we come back to live action. Suzuki lands a kick in the corner then tries a PK but Moxley catches it and starts biting Suzuki’s face. Suzuki returns the favor then they trade headbutts. Both men throw headbutts at the same time, and that leads to them both dropping to the mat for a moment. They start trading elbows from their knees as they stand. Suzuki gets the better of the elbow strikes, then avoids a clothesline and gets the rear naked choke, switches to the Gotch piledrive but Moxley escapes and hits a Paradigm Shift and clothesline for just a 1 count. Suzuki is busted open now, and takes a lariat but doesn’t go down. Another lariat from Moxley but again Suzuki stays upright and drop kicks a charging Moxley. Suzuki tastes his own blood, likes it, and gets the choke. Moxley spins free and lays in a couple of right punches, hits an elevated Paradigm Shift and pins to win.


Rating: 3.5 stars

An abbreviated version of their match from last year, the shorter run time meant it wasn’t going to quite hit the same level of that match but the closing stretch was an appropriately violent brawl between these two.

Moxley heads into the crowd to celebrate as the episode ends.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This episode bordered on Very Good territory, hampered by some odd time allocation through the episode and a couple of genuinely rough looking spots in the wrestling. But the main event was a solid brawl between two men with excellent chemistry, we got some direction for all the major players coming out of the PPV, and there wasn't anything truly egregious. Well unless you count MJF's promo, but that was the entire point.

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