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Winfree’s MLW Fusion (Ep. 130) Review 4.28.21

April 28, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
MLW: Fusion 4-28-21
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Winfree’s MLW Fusion (Ep. 130) Review 4.28.21  

Hey there everyone, it’s time for MLW Fusion so I’m here once again to relay all the happenings. Tonight Marshall Von Erich will battle “Filthy” Tom Lawlor one on one, Ross Von Erich takes on Dominic Garrini, and Bu Ku Dao will try to redeem himself after a less than stellar outing last week when he takes on Hijo de LA Park. Last week was kind of a down episode, let’s see if Fusion can rebound this week.

The opening reminds us of the feud between Lawlor and the Von Erich clan. We’ll also get something on El Jefe of Azteca Underground tonight, plus a media event for Myron Reed trying to reclaim the middleweight title from Lio Rush in a few weeks. That sends us to the ring for our first match.

Match #1: Dominic Garrini w/ Kevin Ku vs. Ross Von Erich w/ Marshall

Garrini tries to pull guard early, but Ross wont play that game. Back on the feet Garrini gets a single leg and Ross winds up in the ropes to break the sequence. Double leg from Ross but he’s caught up in a kimura and has to hit the ropes again to get free. Garrini into a leg entanglement and they trade leg lock attempts, Garrini getting the better of these. Ross kicks his way out of the hold and they set back up on the feet. Ross with a go behind and a mat return, but Garrini sweeps him into full mount and lands blows before getting swept by Ross. Garrini tries a triangle choke, uses that to switch to an armbar and Ross rolls him over onto his shoulders to force a kick out. They trade strikes now, Garrini using chops to the forearms of Ross. Ross with a spinning back kick to the body then Yes kicks and a running punt to the chest for a near fall. Garrini counters a suplex into a guillotine choke, Ross struggles and forces them to the ropes and gets a break. A flurry of strikes from Garrini, Ross counters a brainbuster attempt into a Falcon Arrow to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ross Von Erich won

Rating: 2 stars

I dug the mat work, but these two didn’t really sell me on this being some kind of hate filled grudge battle. Also the perpetual protecting of the Von Erich’s is getting old, it took everything and the kitchen sink to get the belts off of them then they kicked out of a bunch of finishing sequences a few weeks ago against Violence is Forever. It’s bordering on Super Cena territory.

Post match we get some shoving between the four men but nothing really comes of it.

In the back Lawlor berates Garrini and Ku for losing and then blames Marshall for costing them the match. He’s got an idea, pulls out his phone and starts texting.

Outside Tom Lawlor walks up to the crooked ref Tim Donaghy, he offers him an envelope to make sure things are on the up and up tonight. Tim says the envelope is a little lighter than he’s used to but they might be able to work something out.

Match #2: Bu Ku Dao vs. Hijo de LA Park w/ Salina de la Renta

Hijo mocks the height of Dao early, then clubs him with a clothesline and lays in stomps. Super kick from Hijo then he moves into a chin lock. Hijo takes off his belt and starts whipping Dao with it. They head out of the ring and Hijo hits a scoop slam on the hardwood. Hijo is just abusing Dao before they head back into the ring. More chops from Hijo, Dao tries to fight back with kicks then hits a bulldog. Hijo rolls out of the ring, Dao dives under the second rope onto Hijo. Dao with a crucifix bomb for a near fall, guess he’s been studying Austin Aries moves lately. Hijo floors Dao with some chops, then sets Dao on the rope rope and hits a series of kicks then a Codebreaker for a near fall. Dao with a tilt a whirl into a Crossface but he can’t get the tap and bails on it. Enziguri from Hijo in the corner then a meteora for another near fall. They head up top, Dao kicks him off then hits a really ugly looking flying Flatliner to win.


Rating: 1.5 stars

Dao is really rough man, there are constant pauses in action while he sets up and a lot of his stuff just feels short. That’s not a knock on his height either, everything just feels like he’s clipped, it’s a timing issue that he’s got to work out. Also that finish, it really needs work because this one was comical. I get that the overall point is put Salina more out of favor with El Jefe, and if losing to Dao doesn’t bring him out of hiding to get his boys back on track nothing will, but Dao still needs a ton of work.

Dao in the back, says this is the Dao or Die era now. He sent TJP back home, and that match was dedicated to his parents.

Apparently Lio Rush never made it to the press room for the event. We catch up with Alicia Atout, she reminds us about the Championship Committee comprised of promoters from all around the world. There might be a new member of the matchmaking team here in MLS. She reminds us that the new season starts July 10th and that we’ll be in for a new era of MLW.

Marshall gets an interview with Alicia, he says he’s got to be ready and here comes Lawlor. Lawlor says he made sure things are on a level playing field and demands Marshall take a drug test with the crooked ref. Lawlor says there’s no way that’s all genetics. So no we’ll have to wait and see if the main event goes through.

Some masked guy abducted Salina de la Renta, I guess El Jefe is really displeased with her.

Myron Reed talks, he’s annoyed Rush missed his media obligations. He’s sacrificing time with his family to be here while Rush doesn’t care about the title or the promotion or the fans. All Rush wants is clout and fame. That’s not what Reed wants, he knows what he did wrong the first time and will beat him in 7 days when Rush Hour ends.

Alicia is with Alexander Hammerstone now. Hammerstone says he’s almost at 2 years as National Openweight champion, he wanted this to be the wrestler’s title and thinks he’s done a good job with it. But he’s a man of the people, and the people want to see him face Fatu for the World title. He says he’s not scared of Fatu, Josef Samael might have Fatu’s leash on too tight and Fatu is scared of climbing Muscle Mountain bare foot. When he hits the Nightmare Pendulum that will be the end of Fatu’s World Heavyweight title reign.

Lawlor stands by with Alicia as they wait for the results of the drug test. Marshall shows up with his cup of “urine”, he passed the test according to the crooked ref, and tosses the contents of his cup into Lawlor’s face.

Richard Holliday will be in action next week, and here’s a Contra video as well. Josef Samael and his cigar address Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone is saying the right words, but does he really mean them? Even if he does Hammerstone doesn’t call the shots, Samael does. He’s got some truths for Hammerstone, one year ago Contra took over MLW and he reworked some contracts. Samael is the one who controls the fate of the World Championship, he chooses the challengers, not MLW or Hammerstone. Hammerstone can flex all he wants, but his challenge has been denied. But he promises to call Hammerstone if he ever needs a refrigerator moved. It needs to be said again, Samael is really really good in this role.

Match #3: Tom Lawlor w/ Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku vs. Marshall Von Erich w/ Ross

Lawlor starts off with a drop kick to the knee and they start trading strikes, Lawlor gets a takedown and slams the knee into the mat. Back up and trading strikes again, Marshall gets the better of the strikes, Lawlor fires back and lays in chops. Lawlor to the knee with another drop kick and he looks to take over. Marshall fights back to his feet then blocks a German suplex and Lawlor gets to the ropes. They tease a ref bump, and Lawlor with a chop block to the knee. Lawlor hits the Stroke and starts working a series of holds on the mat. Modified calf crusher from Lawlor but Marshall gets to the ropes to save his leg. More leg kicks from Lawlor, he’s really after the knee. Marshall tries to fight from his back, he’s back up and landing strikes in the corner. Marshall wants a suplex, Lawlor counters but gets caught up with a series of clotheslines. Garrini and Ku distract the ref and Lawlor whacks Marshall’s knee with a torque wrench. Lawlor back to work the knee and yells at Ross to throw in the towel and save his brother. They start trading forearms, Marshall just doesn’t sell anything when he’s on offense but he collapses when trying to run the ropes. Lawlor continues attacking the knee. Marshall fights up but gets driven back to the mat in the corner with a barrage of elbow strikes. More corner work from Lawlor, he’s really beating down Marshall. Marshall avoids a corner rush and hits a few drop kicks, not like his leg’s supposed to be hurt. Lawlor avoids a drop kick and goes into a modified Indian Deathlock. Marshall tries to punch out of a slightly modified Trailer Hitch (shoutout to Jamie Noble), then Lawlor switches to a straight ankle lock. Marshall grabs a claw but can’t get his leg out of Lawlor’s grasp. Eventually Marshall uses a claw to fight free and stand laying in rights while he’s got a left Claw. Lawlor with a leg kick then a really high angle uranage slam.

Both men trade blows back on the feet, Lawlor grabs a guillotine choke and pulls guard with it. Marshall tries to Claw out of it, does so then switches into a Claw assisted Catatonic for a near fall. Lawlor with kicks and punches, then a leg kick to finally break the Claw. Lawlor grabs a Half Crab and drags Marshall away from the ropes. Marshall passes out, very quickly, from the pain.


Rating: 2.5 stars

Almost 3, but the spotting selling from Marshall dropped it a bit. That said, these two at least got over the hate they share with a brawl rather than a match. The ending fell a bit flat for me, there was no drama, no teasing of Marshall giving up, no camera shots of him in agony but refusing to quit, it just kind of came out of nowhere.

Post match Team Filthy jump Ross as well. Here comes ACH to save the Von Erich boys, and the episode ends with a brawl between all six men.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Definitely better than last week, but it's also kind of clear MLW is setting up for their hiatus while they essentially relaunch. Bu Ku Dao is still a rough property in the ring, the opening match was fine but never quite clicked, and the finish to the closing match felt flat which drag things down a bit. That said they did a decent job building to the Middleweight title match next week, and sowing seeds for some big narrative twists that should be coming soon.

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