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Winfree’s MLW Underground (Episode 15) Review

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
MLW Underground 15
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Winfree’s MLW Underground (Episode 15) Review  

Hey there people, and welcome to another old episode of MLW Underground. I’m Robert Winfree, suffering through these old shows so you don’t have to.

We get a video recap of the Raven vs. CM Punk situation from last week, the video highlights have more of the match than the actual airing last week showed. I’m even more pissed at that last episode now. That leads into the usual intro.

Styles welcomes us to the show. He runs down a few of the ongoing issues, mostly related to the EXTREME Horsemen and their title related shenanigans. We get a cut to the back where Los Maximos trick the Samoan Island Tribe into running over tacks. It’s funny because they’re barefoot I guess? The Maximos lay into them with chairs but the Tribe chase them to the ring for our match.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: Samoan Island Tribe (Samu and Mana) vs. Los Maximos (Jose and Joel)

Things break down immediately but Samu gets isolated, then Mana gets double teamed. Samu and Mana get into it on the outside, then avoid baseball slides and take over with headbutts. A lot of ringside brawling, pretty typical stuff. Mana throws Jose around in the ring while Samu abuses Jose on the outside. Mana with a suplex. Catatonic to Jose now, Samu still beating up Joel on the outside. Mana with a double under hook facebuster. Samu tosses Joel all the way into the backstage area and chops the crap out of him. He throws Joel out of the building and beats him down in the parking lot. Joel gets the last laugh though as he escapes and goes back into the building, shutting the door behind him and locking Samu out of the arena.

Back in the ring Mana still kicking the crap out of Jose in the ring. Mana just killing time for Joel’s return. Senton from Mana, Joel finally returns and lays into Mana with a chair. Mana no sells a few chair shots to the head but Joel kicks the chair into his head and he table top falls over Jose. Both Maximos on top for the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Los Maximos defeated Samoan Island Tribe at about 6 minutes

Rating: 1 star

Might be harsh, but this sucked. I don’t mind a plucky never say die underdog, but even in professional wrestling you can only suspend your disbelief so far. They should have gotten to the trickery a lot faster than they did if that’s the story they wanted to tell, having Jose get beat like the proverbial government mule for 6 minutes only to have enough stability to trip Mana for the pin is more than just one bridge too far for me.

Los Maximos celebrate in the crowd with fans as Samu finally returns to the ring.

Back to a CM Punk promo. He notes how much Raven has changed over the last couple of years, most notably that Raven has lost his edge. He wonders why, maybe because he went from the misfit champion to six figure salaries. Maybe because all the drugs and alcohol have added up for him, and maybe Raven should try straight edge.

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson in the back now, wearing the same clothes from their attack on Doctor Death a few weeks ago but who cares about continuity. Diamond says they’ll fight anyone including Doctor Death and Sandman on the condition that, Anderson takes over, Williams and Sandman have to beat them both in singles matches. Anderson says the EXTREME Horsemen don’t lose.

Back to Styles now. He recaps what just happened, and announces some new signings for the promotion. We head to a Christopher Daniels promo, he’s with Jerry Lynn and James Mitchell. Lynn is hyped up, noting that Paul London is afraid to show up and Daniels says he told him this would happen once they joined forces. Mitchell and Whipwreck show up. Mitchell puts over Lynn and Daniels, then offers to set up a meeting where they can discuss the future they might make together. Daniels seems on board for this.

Styles is nervous about this Army of Darkness forming. He brings on Homicide who takes the mic and shoves him away. Homicide throws out a bunch of buzz words for indy wrestling from the early 2000’s, then says to beware because he’s coming.

Back to Styles, he runs down their upcoming card. Raven promo now, he can’t believe he allowed Punk and Shane to get the better of him last week. He addresses the fact that he’s not dark and scary anymore, he wants to dispel that notion. He’s chosen a partner, someone he would never normally associate with just because he’ll have to be twice the man he ever was to beat the two of them with that partner. Catchphrase to close.

Styles still hyping the upcoming events, then sends us to a Kenzo Suzuki promo. Suzuki promises to destroy Smiley, and he’s got no time for the wiggle. More card hype from Styles, I don’t know what they were paying him for all this but it wasn’t enough given how much he’s carrying these shows. He throws us to the EXTREME Horsemen.

Corino says the rise of the renegades begins with the EXTREME Horsemen as Diamond pours a little bit of the bubbly over his head. He told everyone that the Horsemen would dominate MLW, and they’ve got all the gold now. He runs down everyone in the promotion, it doesn’t matter because the EXTREME Horsemen rule and dominate. Diamond takes over, saying they haven’t even begun to lay claim to their destinies. Somewhat serious question, does anyone associated with this stuff realize how repetitive it is? It’s the same thing week after week. Genuinely feels like contemporary WWE with their branding efforts.

Styles again, talking more about the EXTREME Horsemen and what they’ve been up to lately. Top ten heavyweight contenders list next. That leads to a Mike Awesome promo, he promises the EXTREME Horsemen will go down as they’ve awoken a pissed off giant.

Over to Los Maximos, they hope MLW uses the new footage they gave them of them beating the Samoans down. They tell any tag team in the world to show up and they’ll beat them. They close with expect the unexpected. So, those two having a good match?

That leads to our main event match, the participants make their way to the ring.

Match #2: Kenzo Suzuki vs. Norman Smiley

Smiley plays with the crowd a bit to start. Suzuki jaws with the crowd as well, they’re taking their sweet time getting going. They tie up and trade arm wringers before Suzuki lands a clothesline. Suzuki gets a side headlock, then shoulder blocks Smiley to the match and spits at the crowd. That gets us to a break.

Back from break and they’re still circling each other. Smiley with some chain wrestling into a botched snapmare. Someone explain to me how Suzuki got enough clout to hold down Tanahashi for a couple of years? Smiley dances a bit, Suzuki is a tad off put by this buffoonery. Strikes from Suzuki in the corner, Smiley fights back and they trade chops but Suzuki gets the better of that. Suzuki takes his time beating Smiley around the ring for a bit. Smiley gets thrown all the way out of the ring, and Suzuki chases him out there. Suzuki beats Smiley around the ringside area for a bit, then back to the ring. Smiley catches a kick and tries for an ankle lock but Suzuki gets the ropes. Headbutt from Smiley, but Suzuki isn’t taking that and fires back with a knee strike. Suzuki gets a Boston crab, Smiley to the ropes to save himself. Elbow from Smiley, then it takes him a couple of clotheslines to finally get Suzuki off of his feet.

Smiley sets for the Big Wiggle, and gets it. Roll up from Smiley, only gets 2 and Suzuki shoves him down. Smiley tries a Fujiwara armbar but can’t keep Suzuki away from the ropes. Awkward spear from Suzuki, then he hits a back drop driver and a shining wizard to end this.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kenzo Suzuki defeated Norman Smiley at about 6:30 shown

Rating: Dud

Boy that was slow, boring, and incredibly pointless. I ask again, how did Suzuki get enough clout to slow the rise of someone like Tanahashi? Because by all logic it doesn’t make sense.

Suzuki celebrates post match, then they cut to Styles. He gives us another reminder of their upcoming card, the hard sell is real folks. They give a video package to sell the card as well, we fade out after that’s done airing.

The final score: review Very Bad
The 411
I can't think of anything positive to say here. Uninteresting matches, the same old promos they've been doing for weeks on end, and mostly a serious hard sell on the upcoming event. I suffered through this, you don't have to, save yourself.

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