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Winfree’s WWE RAW Review 7.13.20

July 13, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Winfree’s WWE RAW Review 7.13.20  

Hey there everyone, Robert Winfree in to pinch hit for Tony this week. Wait, don’t go. I promise it’s not that bad. By popular request I’ll be adding star ratings post match, so feel free to yell at me about how bad they are. Mostly I want to thank you guys for being here and reading along as I bumble my way through this episode of RAW. But enough of my self deprecating comments, let’s get to the action. Please let there be good action, I sat through an 8 hour broadcast on Saturday night and I’m not sure what might happen if I have to deal with something that feels that long tonight.

This is our go home show for Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Apt name I imagine.

MVP is in the ring with the United States title belt he stole from Apollo Crews. He introduces his guest on the VIP lounge, someone wildly better than everyone. He’s got a huge heart, that’s not a good medical condition to have you know, because he brought Drew McIntyre off the street and helped him out. All this to bring Dolph Ziggler out. Video package to remind everyone of what’s been happening between Ziggler and McIntyre, because nothing helps a show like endless recaps. Ziggler likes the set up and approves of the new US Title belt, and jokes he’ll bring back the spinner belt when he beats McIntyre on Sunday. MVP praises Ziggler not telling what the stipulation for their match will be. Ziggler reiterates he made McIntyre, and that McIntyre has never thanked him and would be unemployed without him right now. MVP thanks Ziggler on behalf of McIntyre. McIntyre’s music hits to break up the mutual admiration society, he tosses over the velvet rope and makes his way into the ring. He apologizes for interrupting the ass kissing session but promises not to claymore MVP this time. McIntyre has been thinking about his career and Zigglers, and feels Ziggler just uses people, they interrupt each other but McIntyre promises to hurt and maim Ziggler, make him beg for mercy, and make him regret ever bringing him to RAW. He doesn’t think he can wait until Sunday, Ziggler tries to hide behind MVP but McIntyre cold cocks him anyway then punks out MVP.

A little long for the segment, and a pretty generic PPV hype segment.

In the back Angel Garza, Andrade, and Zelina Vega are being interviewed. Vega claims that her clients get along, and puts over them teaming with Randy Orton and sending the Street Prophets running. Vega runs down Charly a bit, but Andrade and Garza slow that roll then we get a little hint of dissension between them but the Viking Raiders show up. The Raiders claim to have been the most dominant team for over a year, but Garza and Andrade have disrespected their competition. Hanson takes a rose Garza had and gives it to Charly, stealing his attempted romantic thunder as we go to commercial. Because there’s no better way to start a wrestling show than two different promo segments taking up 15 minutes.

Back with that tag team match.

Match #1 – Elimination Tag Team Match: The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs. Angel Garza and Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Another recap before the match starts, showing the end of the six man tag match featuring these two teams from last week. Pearl Harbor job from Garza and Andrade, Andrade and Ivar are in the ring. The tension is thick between Garza and Andrade on the first tag of the match, then the pants come off. But that lets Erik tag in Erik who runs wild for a bit. Ivar back in, Garza eats tandem offense including the Hammer of Thor but Andrade breaks up the pin to avoid the elimination. Erik back in, but Garza avoids some offense and hits a super kick. Andrade in, running knees in the corner, hammerlock DDT and Erik is eliminated. On that note we head to break, wondering if Ivar will be able to overcome the odds.

Back with Andrade working over Ivar. During the break both Garza and Andrade lost their t-shirts. Ivar fights back, looks for a suicide dive but he’s cut off by Garza. They argue about being on the same page, which lets Ivar doe the suicide dive again to pumped in audio as he wipes out both men. Ivar takes out Andrade, but Garza takes him out with a drop kick. Ivar lands a haymaker right out of the corner, winds up hitting a cartwheel lariat as well. Andrade with the blind tag, but Ivar takes him out with an accidental spinning heel kick to eliminate Andrade.

Garza and Ivar one on one now. Flying drop kick from Garza, he tries to set for a wing clipper but Ivar is too big. Super kick from Garza, Ivar hits a seated senton then the spin kick again but Andrade puts Garza’s foot on the ropes to save the match. CGarza counters the seated senton with a powerbomb to end the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrade and Angel Garza defeated the Viking Raiders via pinfall (Garza last eliminated Ivar)

Rating: 2.5 stars

Not bad, but still very paint by numbers. The hints of the team still not getting along but finding ways to work together are nice.

Ruby Riott in the back, the Iiconics cut that off and mock her for being all alone. They jaw back and forth before Bianca Belair shows up to be Riott’s new partner. Belair is apparently the EST, why she insists on representing a time zone that forcefully is beyond me but sure. That sets up their tag match next.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: The Iiconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) vs. Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair

Riott and Royce start us off. Some roll ups from Riott early, then she out wrestles Royce for a bit before trying to tag Belair but that’s cut off and Kay tags in blindly to ambush Riott. They beat down Riott for a bit, she nearly makes a tag but Royce cuts her off with a spin kick. Kay in, stopping the tag but Riott eventually kicks her off and tags Belair. Belair runs wild on Kay, and mocks Royce on the apron. Handspring moonsault from Belair but Royce is in to break up the pin. Riott takes out Royce with an enziguri, Belair hits the kiss of death onto Kay and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair defeated The Iiconics via pinfall

Rating: 2 stars

Again paint by numbers, and too short to be much beyond a reminder that Belair exists and is pretty good.

In the back R-Truth has some comedy bits where he thinks he’s wrestling Ric Flair instead of Randy Orton since Flair issued the challenge. R-Truth seems moderately distressed by the revelation of his misunderstanding. He runs into Akira Tozawa, and asks him to make him a black belt in ten minutes. Tozawa declines, tries to pin Truth and we get a Kung-Fu stand off that ends with Truth demanding a 24/7 match in the ring.

Match #3 – 24/7 Title Match: (c) R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa and the ninjas are in the ring, and here comes R-Truth rapping to a “crowd” behind plexi-glass. Truth notes he’s here alone while Tozawa has 1, 2, 3 ninjas with him. The proceedings are interrupted by Shayna Baszler. Tozawa sends the ninjas after her, Baszler kills the ninjas and Tozawa bails. Oh, Truth is still here and decides to bail before he loses the title to Baszler.


Rating: No actual match took place. As far as Baszler’s return, I’ll give that a thumbs up.

Baszler has a mic, she runs down the other women’s champions as being delusional, hoping the terror Baszler leaves in her wake was just a memory. She promises to bring a hard dose of reality to everyone in her way.

Recap of Rey Mysterio getting to pick their match, making it an eye for an eye match. In the back I’m not your Buddy Murphy meets up with the great enucleator Seth Rollins. Rollins says nothing great happens without sacrifice, and that Mysterio asked for this then tells Murphy to focus on his upcoming match with Aleister Black while he delivers a message.

Seth Rollins and his man-bun make their way to the ring for promo time. He ruminates on the reality of an eye for an eye, much like how a pokemon communicates with endless repetition. He notes an eye for an eye is a metaphor, but Mysterio meant it literally and he can’t quite get his head around how they got to a point where televised eye removal is the key to winning. He says the sanction and stipulation are unprecedented in the history of WWE, but he never meant to harm Mysterio. Apparently he was asked to be this character by the WWE Universe, and here I thought it was Creative. He promises that The Horror Show Extreme Rules will be a horror show as he’s forced to rip, tear, and gouge until Mysterio is blind. Mystrio will never watch his son get married, see his wife’s face, sunrise or sunset, and Extreme Rules will be the end of Mysterio, but also a new beginning. His further rambling is cut off by Kevin Owens. Owens isn’t sorry to interrupting, but does note he expected a more traditional feud ender like last man standing or steel cage. Owens feels slightly disturbed by the concept of that match, but he’s even more disturbed by Rollins’ ability to drive a great person and performer like Mysterio to this point. Owens says he was willing to end his career just to shut up Rollins at WrestleMania, then tells him not be worried because he’s good friends with Jean-Pierre LaFitte and he’s got an eye patch for him.

Rollins calls out Murphy to help him attack Owens but Alesteir Black is out and we’ve got a brawl as there’s another commercial break.

Pretty good promo from Rollins, my sarcasm aside as he tried to impress gravitas onto a silly situation. Not sure how well it worked, but kudos I guess for trying.

Match #4: Not-your-Buddy-pal Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Joined in progress, with Black kicking the crap out of Murphy before Murphy botches a dragon screw leg whip. Murphy in control now, still attacking the right leg of Black, he hangs it up on the middle rope with a proper dragon screw leg whip. Murphy hops into a front kick and both men are down. Back up, more strikes from Black, Murphy tries to get the leg again but eats a knee strike. More blows from Black, Murphy cuts that off with a chop block. Another knee strike from Black, this time for a near fall. Murphy back to the leg, winds up kicked to the apron. They jockey for position on a superplex spot, Black gets free, Black Mass but Rollins yanks him off for the DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Aleister Black defeated Murphy via Disqualification

Rating: 1.5 stars

Not bad but felt like an angle not a match. Also the matches between these two are starting to really blur together.

Rey and Dominick Mysterio come out and Rollins is cornered, leading us to another commercial break on that cliff hanger.

Match #5: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

We come back to Rollins and Owens in the ring. Owens takes it to Rollins early, the ring is surrounded by the enemies of Rollins so he can’t run. Owens starts attacking the left leg of Rollins, then lays into him with strikes. Rollins begs for mercy, Owens declines to grant it and resumes assaulting him. Black distracts Rollins when he tries to take over, leading to Owens taking him out in the corner and hitting a cannonball senton for a near fall. Owens is in full control here, Rollins to the outside for a reprieve but he’s still surrounded and has to return to the ring. This time Rollins with a knee to Owens and tosses him outside. Everyone forms a wall between Owens and Rollins when he tries to follow up, buying Owens time to recover and blast him with a right. Rollins tries to escape but Owens lays into him more and sends him back into the ring. Rollins still trying to escape, but the hockey boards around the barricade prevent him from doing so. More abuse from Owens to Rollins, they meet on the apron and trade blows, Rollins back into the ring but eats a headbutt. Rollins takes out the knee of Owens as he tried to get back into the ring. Owens outside, and a suicide dive from Rollins prompts another commercial break.

Back with Rollins in control. They wind up outside the ring and brawl a bit. Back in the ring and Rollins resumes offense and talking smack to Owens. They trade slaps, then Owens fires up with chops and forearms before Rollins cuts him off. Kicks from Rollins, he avoids a DDT but winds up getting hit with a super kick and they’re both down. DDT from Owens but just a 2 count. Rollins counters a cannonball senton, drops Owens onto the buckles and hits a blockbuster for a close 2 count of his own. Owens catches a super kick, then lands one of his own, tries the pop up powerbomb but Rollins with a kneeling super kick for a near fall. Rollins sets for Black Out, Owens avoids it, tries the Stunner but it’s countered as well. Rollins up top, cut off by Owens who joins him on top in the corner. Eye gouge from Rollins, Black distracts him as does the Mysterio clan. They’re all up on the apron, Owens hits a Stunner and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall

Rating: 3 stars

These two work incredibly well together, the numbers game being against Rollins for once and that playing into the finish was nice. Owens also could use the win, while Rollins will be beating Mysterio to get his heat back on Sunday.

Mysterio on the mic now, he says Rollins crossed every line there is to cross and now it’s his turn to do so. He promises to make his own sacrifice at Extreme Rules, Rollins is walking into that match with two eyes but he’ll leave with only one.

Flair in the back and he’s talking with Big Show. Flair mentions he’s spent 20 of his 48 year career around Show, and then puts Show over as the most athletic giant he’s ever seen. He puts him over again, but says he can’t win the upcoming fight as you can’t do Hollywood and wrestle and says Show is making money on his Netflix show and doesn’t need this anymore. He doesn’t need this, and Orton is in the best shape of his life and might give him a serious injury. Flair encourages him to go live the good life. Show says he’s a master of manipulation and then says Orton is the most dangerous guy right now, and Orton might be the best in WWE history. But he knows what Orton has done to Edge and Christian, and then asks if Flair is willing sacrifice his friendships in the business just so Orton can be the legend killer.

You know, solid promo work from those two. Now we get a break.

Back from break and here’s a Randy Oroton video package. That segways to Orton in the back. He notes he was one of the lucky people to have had a handful of friends in this business, Edge, Christian, Big Show, and Flair all but Flair he uses the past tense on. He mentions Edge not being able to trust him and that he’s happy Edge is home being a family man nursing his injury, then mentions Christian showing up and talking but then selfishly accepting an unsanctioned match with him. That leads him to Big show, noting they’ve known each other for 20 years and that Show was one of the first to take him under his wing. He can’t understand Show wanting to avenge some fractured skulls at the cost of his friendship with Orton. Lastly he brings up Flair, who he calls closer than family but thinks it would be a shame if Flair did anything to jeopardize that. He respects R-Truth as a guy who’s made the WWE Universe happy for years, and thinks it’s a shame he’ll just be another chapter in the history of the legend killer.

Flair shows up now to escort Orton out for his match. Orton defers just long enough for a slightly sinister look at the camera before we get another commercial break.

Really solid segment from Orton there, a couple of enunciation issues aside.

Match #6: R-Truth vs. Randy Orton w/Ric Flair

Truth raps to the ring again. Flair is out first with a mic, he just wanted to be the first to congratulate him on his two decade career. He also wants him to know Orton loves him and that’s why he wont punt his head off, just the RKO. That prompts the music of Orton, and the legend killer himself. Truth asks Orton to wait a minute so he can talk to Flair. Orton tries to attack him, Truth cuts him off, tries the scissor kick but runs into an RKO for the end.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Randy Orton defeated R-Truth via pinfall

Rating: Acorn. . . SQUASH

Orton debates the value of punting Truth with Flair as well as the voices in his head. He sets for it, Flair kind of stands between them and Big Show comes out. Orton with a mic gets Show to stop before getting into the ring. He says he knows Show is angry, but kicking Edge and Christian hurt him more than them. He notes he wasn’t going to kick Truth, that kick has Show’s name on it and offers an unsanctioned match for the RAW after the PPV. Odd choice there. Show accepts, charges the ring but Orton bails.

In the back Bobby Lashley and MVP run into Lashley’s opponent for tonight. No one is impressed with anyone. MVP promises to beat Crews again at the PPV and promises to celebrate at an undisclosed location. Lashley promises to leave Richocet nursing injuries or worse. Our interviewer runs over to interview McIntyre, he says him letting Ziggler choose the stipulation was him being nice but now the psychopath is out. Ziggler flies into him and we get a brawl to head into commercial.

The last 45 minutes or so have been pretty good, the beginning was slow and I’m not sure how the last hour will go.

Match #7: Bobby Lashley w/MVP vs. Ricochet w/Cedric Alexander

Ricochet with an enziguri, Lashley no sells it. Lashley chases Ricochet around, then winds up slamming him onto the ring apron on the outside. Lashley throws Ricochet around the ringside area, then back into the ring. Ricochet gets abused in the corner, Ricochet tries a rollup but Lashley stalls him out. Ricochet quickens the pace, heads to the top rope but runs into a modified dominator for a 2 count. Lashley back to abusing Ricochet in the corner, hits a suplex for another near fall. Ricochet avoids a palm strike, hits a kick then the standing shooting star press for a near fall. Top rope for Ricochet, Lashley avoids a 630 but then runs into a super kick, Lashely catches him in a full nelson though and that’s the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley defeated Ricochet via submission (full nelson)

Rating: 1 star

Not much here, I know you don’t want to fully squash Ricochet but it kind of felt like Lashley needed a full squash because diminishing Ricochet with minimal offense in a losing effort hurt almost as badly.

Cedric Alexander in, kicks MVP down but Lashley uses that to get him in the full nelson as well. Lashley and MVP stand tall. That leads to another commercial break.

Commentary runs down the upcoming PPV card back from break. Big Show in the interview space with Charly, he wants to make things clear, he definitely accepts the challenge from Randy Orton. The women’s tag team champions come out for their match, and we cut to commercial as they reach the ring.

Banks and Bayley in the ring and give us a video tribute to themselves.

Match #8 – Women’s Tag Team Title Match: (c) Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane)

Pearl Harbor job from Banks and Bayley to get immediate control. The Warriors fight back with stereo drop kicks, Banks and Bayley reset outside and we get another commercial break. Not a fan of that.

OK, apparently the match just now officially started. Asuka and Banks start out, Banks running away constantly. Bayley tagged in. She and Asuka tie up and hit the ropes for a break. Asuka with kicks to the body, Bayley catches one and slams her down to the mat. They double team Asuka for a bit. Asuka lands a leg kick, Bayley lays in forearms. Codebreaker from Asuka and that lets her tag in Sane. Sane flies into Banks, then hits a blockbuster on Bayley. Sane takes it to both Banks and Bayley with arm drags, then a double spear. Now Sane walks the plank and hits a sliding D to Bayley for a near fall. Banks tags in blind, then Asuka does the same. We get Asuka and Banks as the legal parties, double hip attack as Banks and Bayley are on the apron. Back in the ring kicks from Asuka to Banks. Asuka working the arm of Banks, tags in Sane but Bayley attacks Asuka on the outside and Banks hits a kick to Sane so the champs are back in control. Banks tags in Bayley and they slingshot Sane into the glass on the outside to send us to break.

Banks still working over Sane as we come back to action. Bayley tags in and they resume beating the crap out of Sane. Banks tagged back in, flying knees to Sane. Banks mocks Asuka, then rolls up Sane for a near fall. Suples to Sane, another near fall. Bayley back in and hits a hip attack of her own. Sane hits a chin breaker, can’t get the tag though and Banks is back in to keep her isolated. Sane escapes a double team attack, and hits a spinning back fist to Banks. Asuka gets the hot tag and meets Bayley in the ring. Hip attack to Banks, Asuka runs wild on Bayley for a bit. Banks in illegally and Asuka takes them both out with a tandem bulldog and lariat. Bayley to the outside, Asuka with a sliding knee from the apron. Back in the ring, Bayley escapes a pin at 2. Bayley with a forearm on the top rope then hangs up Asuka on the top rope and tags in Banks who hits a meteora. Bayley tagged back in, they hit a double slam onto Asuka but still just another near fall. They set Asuka up top, hit a hurricanrana on the top rope, Banks with a splash but that’s just a trade of near falls. Asuka gets the Asuka lock while everyone is indisposed, Sane spears Bayley to keep things clean and Banks has to roll through to the ropes to save herself.

Elbow from Banks, they trade near finishers then Sane tags in blind. Ax kick from Sane, super kick from Asuka and Sane hits the flying elbow but Bayley breaks up the pinfall. Bayley takes out Asuka, Sane takes out Bayley then back in the ring Sane hits the Alabama Slam onto Banks but Banks counters the sliding D into a Banks statement for the submission.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Banks and Bayley defeated Asuka and Sane via submission to retain the titles

Rating: 3.5 stars

These teams know how to work together, though I wonder if this couldn’t have been trimmed down a bit. Also I feel the ending was telegraphed by the end, but that’s not a huge complaint.

Banks and Bayley celebrate on the ramp as the show ends.

The final score: review Average
The 411
The show suffers from being 3 hours long again, it just didn't need all that time. The women's tag match, Owens vs. Rollins, and some of the stuff between Orton and Show was all solid. The rest was kind of just chaff padding out the run time.

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