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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 10.09.20

October 9, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
WWE Smackdown Stephanie McMahon Draft
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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 10.09.20  

Hey there everyone, welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Smackdown. I’m Robert Winfree, and I’m going to be your regular host for this show now. That’s right, we’re kind of stuck with each other now. So I’ll be relaying all of the action to you fine people, just the way I see it. Thanks for sticking around, if you’re just a super fan of Tony’s he’s still got RAW but the WWE’s schedule is a mighty burden and I’m going to be shouldering my part of it on Fridays.

Tonight the WWE annual highly important and super official draft of talent is taking place. I’m sure this will be honored and not summarily thrown out the window at the first moment of necessity/convenience. I wonder if Smackdown is finally going to get some of those “future considerations” cashed in here after last year?

We open with Cole saying this will shake up the landscape of WWE. I sincerely doubt that. Commentary runs down some of the eligible names to be drafted, then they reiterate that a champion being drafted means the title comes with them. Oh good, Stephanie McMahon is hosting things again.

Steph gives us the same script Cole just did. RAW is up first, and has decided to draft/retain Drew McIntyre and Smackdown wants to keep the Better-Living-Through-Modern-Chemistry Chief Roman Reigns. Just feel the shake up. RAW retains Asuka next, then Smackdown wants the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins. Gonna have to change that nickname I guess. To close the round RAW wants the Hurt Business, all 4 of them. So 5 picks and a whopping 1 person changes brands?

In the back Rollins is in a suit without a tie to get some reactions to his move. He says he was never about the name, just the message and notes he’s been on RAW for his entire career and looks forward to new trailblazing. He is a little upset he wont be there in person to see the Mysterio’s implode but he’ll never have to see their faces again. Subtlety, thy name is not WWE.

Back to the ring and we’ve got a match.

Match #1 – Falls Count Anywhere: Big E vs. Sheamus

We start with brawling at least. Sheamus with a hard shoulder block then a rolling senton, he’s trying to end the match quickly. Big E hits the ST-Joe in the corner (I’m not letting that name go, it’s too good). Big E with a spear to Sheamus on the apron, both men outside now. There’s plunder under the ring, Big E finds a kendo stick but Sheamus with a knee strike to the jaw to take control. They trade blows, then Sheamus sets Big E on the apron and ties him up in the ropes. Sheamus mocks him, then gets the kendo stick and wails away for a bit to the chest of Big E. Big E gets free of the ropes, and kicks out of a pin attempt. Sheamus now under the ring, lots of kendo sticks there, but as Sheamus is digging around under there Big E duct tapes his feet together. Big E’s turn with the kendo stick, he sends Sheamus over the barricade and we head to break.

Back with Big E still with the kendo stick as he beats Sheamus into the backstage area. Sheamus fights back and suplexes Big E onto a metal ramp. For some reason there’s a baking station with flour and raw eggs, Sheamus dumps flour and eggs all over Big E. Sheamus gets a computer monitor, but Big E has a broom and whacks him a few times to take over. Trash can shots from Big E, which drive Sheamus into the parking garage area. They’re by the metal detector, Big E sanitizes his hands, considerate of him. Sheamus with a crowbar, he lays into Big E with that. Up on the hood of a car now, Sheamus with White Noise to break the windshield of the car but Big E kicks out when Sheamus tries to pin him. Sheamus slams the car door onto Big E a few times, then tosses him into the trunk of the car. Sheamus sets to try and break the arm of Big E with the trunk but Big E blocks that with his legs. Kicks from Big E, Sheamus tries to Brogue kick him but misses. Big E hits a powerbomb onto a car but he just slides off, so Big E has to toss him onto the windshield again to break it. Both men on the hood of that car, Big E with the Big Ending through a table for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Big E defeated Sheamus via pinfall

Rating: 3 stars

Not much of a story, but about as brutal as the WWE will allow their product to be these days. They just kind of went from spot to spot, but they didn’t wrestle in what’s supposed to be a blood feud blow off so they deserve a lot of credit in that respect.

Commentary runs down what else is coming later, then Jey Uso shows up to hang out in the ring before his confrontation with Roman Reigns after the break.

Oh, instead we head to an interview with Big E. Kofi Kingston crashes his interview, then Xavier Woods shows up as well. They celebrate the reunion of the New Day, but they’re still missing the tag team titles. Big E seems fairly non-plussed by all this so far, but comes alive when they break out the New Day Rocks chant.

Back to the ring with Jey Uso. He calls out the Big Dawg, he wants to know the stipulation for their match. Reigns isn’t coming out, but Payl Heyman is on the titantron. He asks Jey to stop embarrassing himself and his family by trying to dictate terms to the champion. The champion does things at his leisure and convenience. But as for Jey and everyone else, the champ applauds their ambition as it’s necessary for survival on the island of relevancy. Heyman just warns him not to get too ambitious because bad things happen when you step to Roman Reigns. That gives us a highlight package of Reigns beating the crap out of Jey.

Back from that and Reigns is seated at a table. When he was a kid his dad used to tell them to only believe half of what they see in this business, but what Jey just saw he can believe that. He tried to help Jey, to make his life better, but Jey wouldn’t acknowledge him as the chief. So now, for the first time inside Hell in a Cell there will be an I Quit match (seems redundant, Reigns could just insist he wont win any other way while Jey tries to pin him). He says it didn’t have to be like this, he just wants to help Jey and loves him. But after Jey quits, there will still be consequences. Heyman is still really good, and Reigns certainly seems better in this role than whatever babyface variation WWE had been shoe-horning him into.

Our next set of draft picks are coming up after the break.

Post break the broadcast puts over Stephanie McMahon again. She’s here, and announces that New Day will get a title match against Cesaro and Nakamura later tonight. RAW drafts AJ Styles, Smackdown responds with Sasha Banks. RAW pulls Naomi next, while Smackdown gets Bianca Belair. Final second round pick is RAW’s and they want Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler despite the women’s tag titles being an all brand affair.

Styles on video, he should have been Smackdown’s first pick after everything he’s done for them and should be offended but someone of his skill shouldn’t be surrounded by cheaters and loud mouth neckbeards like Hardy and Zayn. He’s just focused on his phenomenal future.

Miz and Morrison are back in the ring for their match, which starts now.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Miz & Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle

I feel like there’s a sobriety joke to be made around Hardy and Riddle teaming. Riddle opens with a fishermans suplex on Morrison, then they hit a broetry in motion. Miz gets dumped outside as well, then Riddle jumps off of Hardy’s back onto them on the outside and we head to break.

Back from break with Miz and Morrison double teaming Hardy. Morrison counters a twist of fate, then they clothesline each other and they’re both down. Both men tag out and Riddle runs wild with kicks to both Miz and Morrison. T-bone suplexes for both men then a senton. Deadlift German suplex from Riddle, things break down and Riddle kills Mis with the Bro Derrick to get the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle defeated Miz & Morrison via pinfall

Rating: Toybox. . . SQUASH

Not sure what else I could rate this, it was short and dominated by the good guys.

Post match Lars Sullivan shows up. He kills Hardy, no sells Riddle then plants him. Commentary tries to sell Sullivan as 6’6, no one’s buying that. Sullivan lays waste to Hardy and Riddle, then kills Miz with forearm shots and slams him into the corner. Miz back up, eats the Freak Accident and Sullivan stands tall to send us another break.

Back for round 3 of the draft and Stephanie McMahon, Sullivan is part of the draft pool. RAW drafts Ricochet of the north Hampton O’Shea’s, Smackdown retains Jey Uso. RAW with Mandy Rose, Smackdown take the Mysterio’s Rey and Dominick (subtlety and foreshadowing remain absent in WWE). To close RAW takes Miz and Morrison, pick must have come in before that last match.

In the back Rey and Dominick are happy to still be together, and Rey assures everyone that the past isn’t done with Seth Rollins yet.

Sasha Banks makes her way out for her next match.

Match #3 – Smackdown’s Women Title Match: (c) Bayley vs. Sahsa Banks

Commentary speculates about the physical condition of Banks, if she’s supposed to be selling something she isn’t. Bayley makes her way out with a chair. Banks slaps Bayley just before the bell rings. We get some brawling early with Banks getting the better of Bayley via strikes. Bayley heads out of the ring to slow things down. Oh, she’s ready to walk away and take the count out but Banks brings her back into the ring. Bank Statement from Banks, and they trade roll ups before Bayley levels Banks with a clothesline. Banks up on the shoulders of Bayley, she rolls into another Bank Statement but Bayley gets to the ropes again. Bayley with a clubbing blow, she’s targeting the neck.

Bayley hits Banks with the chair and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sasha Banks defeated Bayley via disqualification

Rating: 1.5 stars

More angle than anything.

They keep fighting after the match, Banks drives Bayley into the chair. Banks gets the chair and lays into Bayley with it. Banks sets to Pillmanize the neck of Bayley but Bayley escapes as refs show up to restrain Banks.

Video now about Kevin Owens growing issue with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. In the back just before commercial break Bliss finds Owens in the back and implores him to let Him in.

We come back to the tag team title match about to begin.

Match #4 – Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: (c) Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. New Day (Kingston and Woods)

No Big E with the New Day. Woods and Cesaro start us off. Cesaro over powers Woods easily and early. Woods hits a headscissors takedown but Cesaro takes his head off with a clothesline. Woods with a discus forearm then he kicks Nakamura off the apron. Kingston tagged in, they Day Break to Cesaro but Nakamura is in to save the match and lay out New Day with kicks to send us to commercial break.

Back from break and Cesaro and Kingston are in the ring. Cesaro is working over Kingston in the corner. Kingston with a through the ropes kick and both men are down. Nakamura tagged in, as is Woods. Woods runs wild for a bit, he looks a little rusty but given the injury I can’t blame him. Dive from Woods to Cesaro on the outside, he hits a diving DDT to Nakamura for a near fall. Nakamura avoids a run in the corner and takes out Woods with knees. Cesaro tagged in, they double team Woods. Woods tags in Kingston, who tosses Cesaro over the top rope and hits a springboard DDT to the outside. Heck of a move from both men there. Kingston off the top rope, runs into an uppercut from Cesaro. Nakamura tagged in, Cesaro sets for the big swing but Woods ties up Nakamura. Kingston Trouble in Paradise to Cesaro but Nakamura kicks him down for a near fall. Woods tags in, Paradise kick to Nakamura. Woods hits the diving elbow and to win the titles.

OFFICIAL RESULT: New Day (Kingston and Woods) defeated Cesaro and Nakamura via pinfall

Rating: 3 stars

Not great but I’m not complaining, other than about how Cesar and Nakamura are perpetually underused in a more general sense.

Big E is out after the win to celebrate, no turn tonight.

Stephanie McMahon out for the final round of the draft. RAW picks Kingston and Woods to take the titles to RAW and leave Big E on Smackdown. Smackdown picks Big E to confirm the split. The group isn’t all that happy in the ring. RAW drafts Dana Brooke, Smackdown counters with Otis who is now technically split from Mandy Rose. To close RAW picks Angel Garza.

Big E is sad panda in the ring as we head to break.

Back from break where commentary reminds us the draft continues on RAW this Monday. Otis is in the back with Tucker and they lament being broken up but hope that Miz and Morrison being drafted to RAW means that lawsuit against Otis is going to be dropped. Otis gets served with legal papers, they’re delaying the trial to drag things out.

A recap of what happened between Banks and Bayley earlier tonight, leads to Banks in the back. She calls Bayley a coward, and feels she should have known Bayley would take an easy way out. She calls for a Hell in a Cell match, and promises to break Bayley and end everything about her.

The Fiend makes his way down to the ring, and a commercial break.

Next week The New Day will have their farewell Smackdown match when the trio faces Cesaro, Nakamura, and Sheamus. So that’s when Big E will turn, got it.

Match #5: The Fiend vs. Kevin Owens

Owens comes out hard with a cannonball senton in the corner, but Wyatt no sells it. Headbutts from Wyatt, he lays out Owens with that low angle crossbody. Owens to the outside but Wyatt follows him and lariats him out of his boots (not literally). Back in the ring, Wyatt retains control and freaks out Owens. Owens tries a superkick but Wyatt catches it and plants Owens face first. Wyatt runs into a kick, and Owens hits a lariat of his own but Wyatt no sells it. Owens avoids a rush, they’re outside and Wyatt uranage’s Owens onto the table then hits him with Sister Abigail onto the table as well to send us to another break.

Back as Wyatt is still in control. Owens tries to fight back, but eats another uranage. Wyatt with the neck break. Owens fights out of Sister Abigail and hits a superkick, but Wyatt doesn’t sell it. It takes two more super kicks to down Wyatt and Owens hits the cannonball. Another cannonball and Wyatt rolls out of the ring to walk it off. Owens follows him and hits a DDT on the floor. Owens into the ring, and hits a frog splash from the apron to Wyatt on the floor. Wyatt up again and drags Owens out of the ring. Owens tries a pop up powerbomb, that doesn’t go well so he has to do it again and breaks the announce table. Owens wants a count out but Wyatt is back in the ring. Mandible Claw to Owens, Owens tries to Stun his way out of it but Wyatt doesn’t let go. Mandible Claw assisted uranage gets the pin for the Fiend.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Fiend defeated Kevin Owens via pinfall

Rating: 2.5 stars

I like The Fiend, but this felt a little long and you can’t ignore the physical issues they had at a few different points. That attempted pop up powerbomb on the outside was especially ugly and possibly very dangerous.

Lights go out, lights come on and Bliss and Wyatt stare at each other on the ramp. They turn to look at Owens, then back at each other before we cut from that.

Commentary puts over next week when Reigns defends the title against Strowman. That wraps the show. I’ll be back next week, I hope you will as well. If you’re an MMA fan you can find me Saturday in the MMA zone for the next UFC event. Until next time stay safe out there and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Pretty bog standard draft show, if not a tad lower. They spent 70%-80% of the draft picks keeping people on the show they're already on. The matches were fine but nothing out of the ordinary, with the possible exception of Big E and Sheamus doing their level best for a hardcore style match in the current era.

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