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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 11.13.20

November 13, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
WWE Smackdown Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre
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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 11.13.20  

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s coverage of WWE Smackdown. I’m Robert Winfree, relaying the information to you good people just as I see it. Tonight we’re still building towards Survivor Series but that’s kind of being downplayed in favor of some other narratives. Top of the list is what’s going on with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, Uso might be bridling under the leadership of Reigns and the influence of Paul Heyman. Carmella returned to TV last week when she took out Smackdown women’s champion Sasha Banks after the Banks vs. Bayley blowoff bout. We’re also being threatened with another Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio match, I can’t wait for Aalyah to turn on her family and join him and Murphy. Then they’ll keep dragging that thing out for another 3 months I’m sure. There’s also the general issue of team cohesion for Team Smackdown heading towards Survivor Series, I’m sure the presence of King Corbin wont be a giant drag. Anyway, let’s see what’s coming our way tonight.

Roman Reigns shows up to start the episode, he’s got Heyman in tow. Roman slow walks to the ring, allowing commentary time to try and put over the match between him and the RAW champion for Survivor Series. Heyman hands Roman the mic to get the segment underway. Roman basks in the boos for a bit, then asks Heyman why he calls this the Island of Relevancy. Heyman does so because Roman makes everything relevant. Roman says the numbers don’t lie, before he was just a forgotten twin and now he’s main event Jey Uso. Two weeks ago he put Daniel Bryan out, last week he beat Kevin Owens, and at Survivor Series he’ll lead Smackdown to victory. The same night he’ll establish dominance by beating the secondary champion Randy Orton (kind of spoiling the match on RAW aren’t you?). He says Orton is a great example of being able respect accomplishments but not the man.

That brings out Drew McIntyre, who probably doesn’t like his matches being spoiled. McIntyre into the ring now with a mic of his own, he says it’s been a bit since he and Roman were around each other. He takes exception to being overlooked by Roman, he’ll be the one to take on Roman at Survivor Series rather than Orton. He recalls the last time he and Roman were in the ring together, when McIntyre eliminated Roman en route to winning the Royal Rumble. McIntyre does on to recap his beating Heyman’s other client at WrestleMania, and mocks Roman for leaving after Mania. McIntyre was the one who stepped up in the his absence. He’s the man now, and will prove it at Survivor Series. Roman says he likes McIntyre and respects him, but he’s back now and ever since he came back no one knows who McIntyre is. He doesn’t watch RAW, no one does because they’re all watching Smackdown to watch Roman. I mean, he’s not entirely wrong. Roman asks McIntyre to tell everyone who he is now that Roman is back. McIntyre repeats the question, but says he’s the one who’ll beat Orton on Monday and then show Roman who the secondary champion really is. Jey Uso with a run in, he takes a mic and starts jawing at McIntyre. Jey says it’s not Monday, astute observation. He says McIntyre is being real disrespectful right now, and tonight he’ll get McIntyre just like he did the last guys who were disrespectful. Jey asks for a match tonight, McIntyre shoves him down and out of the ring before staring at Roman again. The Samoan Dynasty head out, leaving a fuming McIntyre in the ring.

A ton of repetition in that promo, not bad to try and generate interest in Survivor Series at this point but that felt like they took 15 minutes to do what could have been done in 6 or so. That sends us to break.

Back and Roman is berating Jey for his use of language or showing up without being asked to. Jey says he’ll handle it. To the ring now, where Sami Zayn tries to remind people he exists. He’s got a mic, and says he was only informed an hour ago that he’s got to defend his title tonight against Apollo Crews. He complains about the late notice, he’s being sabotaged but he’s used to this kind of treatment and he’ll show everyone the difference between the IC and US champion. The difference is obvious, they’re different belts. He tries to run down his grievances, but Crews’s music interrupts him.

Match #1 – Intercontinental Title Match: (c) Sami Zayn vs. Apollo Crews

Zayn with kicks and punches early. Crews takes him down with clotheslines then with a military press and lawn darts Zayn into the turnbuckles. Out of the ring, and back in the ring but Zayn cuts him off and sets for a brainbuster. Crews overpowers and suplex Zayn then hits an enziguri into a moonsault for a near fall. Zayn heads out of the ring, and suckers Crews close so he could slam him into the ring. Next he ties up Crews in the ring bungies and gets back into the ring to beat the count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sami Zayn defeated Apollo Crews via count out

Rating: DUD

Well that happened I suppose.

In the back McIntyre talks with Adam Pearce about his upcoming fight with Jey Uso, which he’ll make happen.

Kayla now to talk with the Mysterio clan. Rey says tonight’s match isn’t about him or Rollins, things have changed since his family was brought into this. Rollins tried to destroy their family, tonight will the final chapter in their feud (let’s hope). He says Rollins is nothing but the devil, and tonight for everyone physical and metaphysical he’ll send Rollins back to a soul crushing hell.

Sasha Banks heads to the ring next, she’ll talk after the break.

Back from break, and we get it confirmed that Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso will have an unsanctioned match tonight. Then a recap of last weeks match between Bayley and Banks and the re-debut of Carmella. Banks is ready to talk now, she celebrates having finally defended her title. Despite the highs and lows lately she’s on top of her game and everyone is now on notice. She moves on to Carmella, but gets cut off by the music of Bayley. Carmella with a jump from behind, hits a super kick, X-Factor and poses over the fallen champion for a second.

To the back where Otis is doing a feed me more impression. Roode and Ziggler mock him and his career woes for a bit. Otis flips a table at them and they skedaddle to send us to another break.

Back from break, and Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring with Bobby Roode.

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode vs. Otis

Ziggler slaps Otis but Otis drives him into the corner and starts tossing him around the ring. Otis hits an avalanche in the corner, wants the caterpillar but Roode distracts him. Otis takes out Roode, Ziggler hits the zig zag for a near fall. Ziggler calls for a super kick, Otis catches it, hits a falling power slam, hits the caterpillar, then tries the Vader bomb but Roode tries to make the save. There’s a death glare from Otis, Roode doesn’t get involved and Otis hits the Vader bomb for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Otis pinned Dolph Ziggler

Rating: Hubbard. . . SQUASH

In the back Rollins and Murphy conspire, one assumes nefariously, as we go to break.

In the back Otis says he’s staying on target. Chad Gable comes up, and says what Otis just did is what he needs to do every week. Gable offers to be a mentor and gives Otis a pamphlet for Gable’s new Alpha Academy. Otis seems like he’s down, Gable tries to look menacing as Otis heads off.

Commentary again promises that Rollins vs. Rey will be concluded tonight, I’m going to be very upset if they’re lying. That leads to a video package on the feud. Both men make their way out, just in time for a commercial break.

Match #3 – No Holds Barred Match: Seth Rollins w/ Murphy vs. Rey Mysterio w/ his entire freaking family

They stare at each other for a bit, then Rey starts landing punches to the body. Rollins counters and drives Rey into a corner. Rey hits a headscissors takedown then lands leg kicks. Rollins eats a kick to the head, and heads to the apron. Rey gets dropped over the top rope by Rollins, then Rollins gets a chair. Rey takes out the legs, and Rollins avoids a 619. Rollins on the apron, Rey smacks him around but gets caught on the shoulders of Rollins, then Rey hits a tornado DDT onto the apron. That could have been very bad. Some brawling around the ringside area now, Rey getting the better of it. Rollins tosses Rey into the ring steps, then gets Rey into an electric chair position. Rey counters with a sunset flip powerbomb onto the barricade, pretty cool spot. More kicks from Rey, Rey into the ring and tries to dive but Rollins catches him and suplexes him onto the announce table.

Rollins takes over now, tossing Rey around the ringside area. Back into the ring, Rollins gets a near fall. Backbreaker from Rollins, he’s stalking Rey now. Rollins gets the chair again, sets it between the ropes. Punches from Rollins to the kidneys, Rollins gets Rey on his shoulder and they both tease getting driven into the chair but no one does yet. Rollins misses a corner dive, Rey hits a seated senton then a hurricanrana as Rey quickens things. Wheelbarrow bulldog from Rey but that only gets a near fall. Rollins tosses Rey out of the ring. Steps now for Rollins and he brains Rey with them. The bottom steps come into play now, Rollins sets for the stomp onto the stairs. Rollins mocks the Mysterio clan, that gives Rey enough time to avoid the stomp and then drive Rollins to the stairs. Rey into the ring, diving splash onto Rollins on the steps as we head to break.

Back with Rollins bringing a table into the ring. Rollins sets up the table, Rey starts fighting back but eats a suplex. Rollins holds on, looks for the 3 amigos but Rey fights out of the last one. Rey slides under the table but Rollins shoves it into his face. Rollins and Rey now on the top rope, Rey fights free and lays into Rollins as Rollins is still seated at the top. Rey outside now, climbs up with Rollins and tries a hurricanran but Rollins blocks it. Rollins now powerbombs Rey through the table from the second rope. Cover from Rollins but just a 2 count. Rollins gets the chair from between the ropes, removes the end caps from the legs and tries to blind Rey. Dominick pulls Rollins out, eats a super kick for that. Murphy heads over now, Rollins calms things down outside, but when he goes back in eats a drop kick assisted by the chair. Murphy into the ring now, helps Rollins up and gives him the chair again. Rey held up by Murphy, and Murphy with a knee strike to Rollins. Murphy stares at Rollins then leaves the ring. Rollins yells at Murphy, Rey botches a 619 but does it again, then hits a frog splash to Rollins and wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rey Mystrio pinned Seth Rollins

Rating: 3 stars

Not bad, perhaps a little overlong but Rey worked very hard here and Rollins is his usual solid self. Hopefully this really is the end of this.

Post match Rey invites Murphy into the ring. Rey offers Murphy a handshake, Murphy accepts then Aalyah hugs him. Dominick shakes with Murphy as well and we get our happy ending.

In the back Adam Pearce is texting when Natalya comes up. She wonders why Pearce keeps putting her in matches instead of just putting her on the team. He tells her that triple threat is coming up next, right after this break.

In the back Rollins demands to see Adam Pearce. He never wants to see Rey’s face ever again, good thing Rey leans so hard into lucha culture so it’s an easy thing to give. Rollins demands a match with Murphy.

Match #4 – Fatal 4 Way Match: Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Liv Morgan vs. Chelsea Green

Oh, now it’s a 4 way. Everyone goes after Tamina early, Tamina fights them off. Morgan and Tamina left together, Morgan attacks the leg of Tamina then hits a missile drop kick. Green and Natalya toss Tamina into the barricade, then Green takes out Natalya. Morgan drop kicks Green, Natalya back into the ring with Morgan. Rights from Natalya, Morgan avoids the discus clothesline and hits a DDT for a near fall. They trade rights, both keep looking out of the ring as I think someone is missing their que. Natalya gets a sleeper hold, not sure who they’re stalling for but it’s getting obvious. Morgan escapes, hits a clothesline for a near fall. Natalya with the sharpshooter, Morgan counters again. Morgan hits a codebreaker to Natalya, then one to Tamina as Tamina shows up to eat the pinfall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Liz Morgan pinned Tamina

Rating: 1.5 stars

Really disjointed, and felt like it fell apart in the middle a bit.

Natalya is frustrated.

In the back with Kayla now, she’s got Drew McIntyre. She asks how wise it is to wrestle Jey Uso just days before his title match. He puts over Jey, and says this will be a great chance to send a message to both Roman and Randy at his expense. That sends us to break.

Back from break, in the back Big E plays with production staff. The Street Profits show up with catering cloches. They apologize for asking him how to beat the New Day, they’ve reveal some collared greens, chocolate cake, and something I don’t recognize. All the food is set up like an L, because the Profits will be serving up L’s to whoever makes it to Survivor Series. Big E says the best they’ll ever be is New Day lite, or diet if you will. He says the best team will be revealed, and it’s the New Day. All three laugh, then the Profits stare daggers at the retreating Big E.

McIntyre shows up next, Jey Uso heads down as well and we get a commercial break before their match.

Back from break, next week Rollins will wrestle Murphy.

Match #5 – Unsanctioned Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

They tie up, Drew overpowers Jey with relative ease. Jey gets a side headlock, but runs into a shoulder block. Right from Jey, he can’t win a wrestling match but he might be able to win a fight. Drew catches Jey and tosses him into a corner then lays into him with rights and stomps. Chops from Drew, Jey sells like he got chopped by WALTER so good on him. Drew hits a suplex for a near fall. More offense from Drew, he mocks Jey and chops him some more. Jey hits a jawbreaker, but runs into a kick. Drew charges, but Jey sends him out of the ring. When Jey tries to dive he runs into a right but is able to crotch Drew on the middle rope then hit a super kick to send us to break.

Jey still in control as we return to the broadcast. Drew with rights to the body and head, but he runs into a Samoan drop. Stomps from Jey, he runs into a series of clotheslines though. Drew tosses Jey around for a bit, then hits a neckbreaker and kips up. Jey counters a future shock DDT into a jack knife pin, Drew kicks out and they trade heavy blows. Jey gets hit with a high sit out spine buster but Drew can’t keep him down. Another super kick from Jey, then he sets for the Uso splash but Drew cuts him off on the top rope. Superplex attempt, but Jey blocks it and Drew winds up in the tree of woe position. Drew sits up, and grabs Jey then tosses him from the top rope. Jey heads out of the ring to avoid a claymore kick. Drew tosses Jey around the ringside area for a bit, but Roman Reigns’ music hits.

Roman and Heyman show up, Drew is distracted and Jey tosses him into the ring posts. Drew gets tossed into the ring steps. Back into the ring, Roman pulls Jey out of the ring. He doesn’t care if Jey wins the match, he wants Jey to make Drew understand. Jey into the mount position and lays into Drew with punches, and a series of machine gun cuts from production. Claymore from Drew and he wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew McIntyre pinned Jey Uso

Rating: 2.5 stars

Not bad, they’re giving Jey every chance to step up and he’s doing a pretty admirable job. Drew winning was kind of a foregone conclusion, barring some kind of appearance from Orton, but Jey didn’t look out of place. The subtext here of Jey winning when he’s doing what Roman says, but losing when he takes the initiative could be something going forward.

Drew and Roman stare at each other outside the ring. Drew asks Roman if Roman understands, Roman says if he beats Orton he’ll answer him at Survivor Series.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
The big takeaway from this show was the electricity between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, some of that might be a little fabricated by the piped in "crowd" noise but there's something between those two. Rey moving on from Rollins at long last was overdue, and Rey brought out his working boots for the match. Sadly there was a lot of filler, the women's match was awful for reasons probably just out of camera frame, Otis got to squash Dolph, Sami Zayn showed up, all things that kind of dragged the show down. And while the tension between Drew and Roman was real, that opening segment went on far too long. Smackdown continues to be reliably average, occasionally slightly above.

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