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WrestleMania V Review

March 11, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania V Review  

-4/2/1989 from Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ

-Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse “The Body” Ventura

-WWF Women’s Champion Rockin Robin sings “America The Beautiful.” Whoever thought this was a good idea should have been terminated immediately. Jesse rightfully buries her.

King Haku (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Hercules

Haku attacks from behind, and pounds away in the corner. Hercules comes back with a hiptoss and a bodyslam. Clothesline sends Haku over the top to the floor. Hercules suplexes Haku inside from the apron and delivers a pair of elbow drops. Hercules decides to chase Heenan around the ring, and that allows Haku to attack from behind with a clothesline on the floor. Haku drives Hercules into the apron a few times before throwing him back in the ring. A pair of backbreakers gets two for Haku, so he locks in a bearhug. Hercules is able to power out of the hold, but Haku comes right back with a thrust kick. Haku chokes out Hercules on the second rope, and sends him into the ropes. Hercules ducks an elbow and hits a crossbody for two. Haku comes back with an elbow and goes to the second rope for a crossbody, which misses. Knee lift from Hercules sets up a pair of clotheslines and a powerslam getting a two count. Hercules goes to the top, but dives into a crescent kick from Haku. Diving headbutt off the second rope comes up empty. Hercules hits a back suplex bridge combo and gets his shoulder up at two to get the pin at 6:53. Not nearly as bad as you might think a match with these two would be.

Winner: Hercules (Pinfall-Back Suplex Bridge **1/4)

-Mean Gene talks to The Rockers

The Twin Towers (w. Slick) vs. The Rockers

Here it is, the Wrestlemania debut of Mr. Wrestlemania. Rockers play keep away at the outset delivering a pair of elbows to the big men on the apron. Shawn starts with Bossman. Bossman puts him up on the second rope and delivers a smack, but Shawn omes off with a dropkick. Shawn hits the ropes and leapfrogs Bossman, and delivers a shot to Akeem on the apron. Akeem tags in and they have a bit of a dance off with Shawn getting a moonwalk. Several quick tags results in a double chop to Akeem and a shot to Bossman bringing him in. Shawn grabs an arm wringer on Akeem, but a rake to the eyes stops that. Akeem fires Shawn into the corner, but misses a charge and Marty tags in. Bossman tags in, and Akeem fires Marty into the ropes. He leapfrogs Akeem, but gets caught by Bossman as they sandwich Marty. Bossman and Akeem hit a double avalanche in the corner on Jannetty. Bossman tags in and delivers a double axe handle to the back of Jannetty. Tag to Akeem who comes in and goes to splash Marty who is being held by Bossman. Marty moves and Akeem knocks Bossman off the apron. Shawn tags in and delivers five corner punches. Marty comes in and they deliver a double shoulderblock off the second rope for two. Shawn hits the ropes, but runs into one of the most brutal clotheslines you’ll ever see. Bossman tags in and comes off the top with a splash that misses and Shawn gets two. Marty comes in for the school boy trip and Shawn comes down on top of Bossman again getting two. They knock Akeem off the apron, and go to the top rope to deliver a double dropkick for two. Akeem breaks up the count and sends Marty flying to the floor. Shawn goes to the top rope but gets caught in a spinebuster from Bossman. Tag to Akeem who hits Air Africa to pick up the pin at 8:05. Really fun big guy vs. little guys match.

Winners: The Twin Towers (Akeem pins Shawn-Air Africa **3/4)

-Tony Schiavonne gets a word with Ted Dibiase and Virgil

”Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (w. Virgil) vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Beefcake hits a backdrop and hiptoss right away. Dibiase hits the ropes again and another backdrop sends Dibiase to the floor. Back inside and Dibiase takes control with a knee. Dibiase hits a few chops, but he gets an Irish whipped reversed into the corner. A trio of bodyslams from Beefcake is followed by another clothesline sending him to the floor. Back inside, and they exchange blows in the center with Beefcake getting the best of it. They end up in the ropes, and Virgil grabs the leg, which allows Dibiase to take control. Dibiase chokes out Beefcake and rams him into the buckle. Beefcake hits the ropes and runs into a back elbow from Dibiase. Fistdrop from Dibiase gets a two count, and that is followed with a clothesline. Dibiase goes to the second rope and delivers a double axe handle. Stomp to the face gets a two count for Dibiase. Beefcake hits the ropes and counters a backdrop attempt with a small package for two. Dibiase comes right back with a suplex attempt, but Beefcake counters into one of his own. Beefcake hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline, but the second time through they both hit clotheslines putting both guys down. Dibiase gets up first and nails a suplex, and calls for the Million Dollar Dream. He locks it in, but Beefcake reaches the ropes to break the hold. Beefcake blocks an attempted ram into the turnbuckle, and delivers one of his own. Beefcake then sends Dibiase into the buckle ten more times which gets a Flair flop and some begging. Beefcake locks in the sleeper, which draws Virgil onto the apron. Beefcake releases the hold to go after Virgil, but gets thrown to the floor. Virgil gets some shots on Beefcake, and Dibiase then attacks from behind on the floor. They end up trading blows on the floor, and both guys get counted out at 10:00. Non-ending kind of kills it, but the match was pretty good for what it was.

Winner: Draw (Double Count Out **)

-Lord Alfred Hayes reports from the Wrestlemania brunch and finds The Bushwhackers downing breakfast. Hilarity ensues.

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers get a hold of Jimmy’s coat and get attacked from behind. Jimmy comes in the ring to retrieve his coat and both Rougeau’s get whipped into him sending all three to the floor. Luke starts with Raymond, and gets fired into the ropes coming off with a headbutt that misses. Butch comes in and attacks from behind, and a battering ram connects on Raymond. Jacques comes in to break up the pin, but Luke moves and Jacques elbow drops Raymond. Jacques tags in and Luke ends up down in a Boston Crab. Jacques fires Luke into the buckle, and tags in Raymond. Irish whip sends Luke into the corner, and a slam sends Raymond to the second rope for a double axe handle. Tag to Jacques who delivers a back elbow, and a cheap shot to Butch on the apron. Raymond comes in and a double clothesline connects for two. Double chop to Luke sets up an abdominal stretch by Jacques. Tag to Raymond who delivers a crescent kick to Luke. The Rougeaus celebrate while the ref tries to send one of them out. That allows Butch to come in and deliver another battering ram, and a double gutbuster, which finishes at 5:11. Harmless comedy match.

Winners: The Bushwhackers (Luke pins Raymond-Double Gutbuster *)

-Sean Mooney gets a lick from the Bushwhackers in the aisle.

Mr. Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer

Perfect debuts his colorful singlets in this match. The Blue Blazer is of course Owen Hart. Perfect grabs a headlock to start, and comes off the ropes with a hip toss. Perfect smacks Blazer, but gets one back from Blazer. Drop toehold is followed by another slap from Blazer. Hiptoss by Perfect is countered and Blazer hits a slam and a dropkick sends Perfect to the floor. Blazer connects with a baseball slide, and the action goes to the floor. Blazer quickly fires Perfect back inside and delivers a chop and hooks up an armbar. Leapfrog in the corner by Blazer sets up a hiplock. Bodyslam and dropkick follow that for Blazer and a backbreaker gets a one count. Bodyslam by Blazer sends him to the top rope for a splash attempt, but Perfect gets the knees up to counter. Knee to lower back sets up a reverse chinlock for Perfect. Perfect lets go of the hold and delivers a chop, but Perfect goes for a charge and runs into the boot. Powerslam from the Blazer is followed up by a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Crucifix from Blazer gets a two count, and Perfect comes right back with a forearm. Perfect-plex finishes from there at 5:49. I wish this would have gotten more time, but for just under 6 minutes this was fantastic.

Winner: Mr. Perfect (Pinfall-Perfect-Plex ***)

-Jesse gets his traditional Wrestlemania introduction to the crowd.

-Lord Alfred Hayes reports from the 5K run, which was run by Mr. Fuji in a tux.

-Run DMC performs “The Wrestlemania Rap”

-Recap of the Demolition/Powers of Pain double turn at Survivor Series that led to the Tag Title match.

-Mean Gene talks to Demolition, and they christen the phrase Fuj the stooge.

WWF Tag Team Championship Handicap Match: The Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition ©

Ax and Warlord start things off, and Warlord gets whipped into the corner. Ax smashes him down with a series of axe handles and tags in Smash. Smash comes in and both members deliver doube axe handles before Ax leaves. A front face lock follows snap mare by Smash. Ax tags in and works the neck a bit before again tagging in Smash. Warlord drives Smash into his corner and tags in Barbarian who whips Smash into the corner. Smash fires back with a boot and a shot to the gut. Tag to Ax who hits a clothesline and bodyslam on Barbarian. Another tag to Smash who hits a back elbow and a tag to Ax. Double back elbow is delivered and Ax hits a snap mare and goes back to work on the neck. Smash tags back in, but gets caught with an uppercut. Warlord tags in, but Smash delivers a few blows and gets another tag to Ax. Double clothesline puts Warlord down, and Ax makes the mistake of going after Fuji in the corner. Barbarian puts a stop to that, and Ax ends up getting stuck in the corner. Fuji steps on the throat of Ax, and Warlord delivers a choke as well. Tag to Fuji who delivers a chop and a headbutt to the gut. Barbarian tags in and delivers a headbutt to the lower back of Ax. Big boot connects from Barbarian, and is followed by a flying shoulderblock. Warlord tags in and delivers a pair of double axe handles to the back for two. Barbarian tags back in and sets up for a powerslam. Tag to Fuji who comes off the top with an elbow drop, but misses. Fuji tags out to Warlord who knocks Smash off the apron preventing Ax from making the tag. Ax ducks a clothesline from Warlord and delivers one of his own allowing him to make the hot tag to Smash. Smash comes in and bodyslams both guys, followed by clotheslines to both Powers of Pain members. Clothesline over the top rope gets two on Warlord as Barbarian makes the save. Everyone ends up the ring, and Fuji goes to throw salt in Smash’s face behind the back of the referee. Smash ducks however and the salt hits Warlord. That leaves Fuji in the ring with Demolition who set him up for the Demolition Decapation, which finishes at 8:56. Pretty good match which played up the stipulation quite well with Fuji getting stuck in the ring with the Demos.

Winners: STILL WWF Tag Team Champions-Demolition (Ax pins Fuji-Demolition Decapation **1/2)

-Savage is going nuts in the locker room and refuses an interview with Tony Schiavonne. Can’t say I blame him.

Dino Bravo (w. Frenchy Martin) vs. “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

Jimmy Snuka makes the most random cameo ever coming out to wave to the crowd as he makes his return to the WWF. Garvin gets attacked from behind as he goes to throw his towel into the crowd and gets a bodyslam and a elbow drop. Bravo delivers a few forearms to the lower back, and then catches Garvin in a bearhug. He tosses Garvin into the corner and continues the assault with a series of stomps. Shoulderblock connects to Garvin off the ropes, and a second time he goes for the fall with a boot to the chest for a two count. Garvin comes back with a right hand a big splash for two. Chops connect and then Bravo meets the top turnbuckle six times. Jackknife rollup gets two for Garvin, and he follows that up with a sleeper. Bravo gets to the ropes to break the sleeper so Garvin goes for a piledriver. Bravo blocks it with a backdrop, but Garvin holds on for a sunset flip for two. Garvin chops away in the corner, but get hits with an inverted atomic drop. Side suplex finishes for Bravo from there at 3:58. Garvin attacks after the bell and delivers a Garvin stomp to Frenchy. Really short, but not bad while it lasted.

Winner: Dino Bravo (Pinfall-Side Suplex **)

The Brain Busters (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Strike Force

This was Strike Force’s reunion after Martel returned from injury. Blanchard starts out with Martel, and Martel hits the ropes. Anderson gets a knee to the back from the outside, but Martel fires out of the corner. All four men end up inside and Strike Force sends the Busters to the floor with a double dropkick. Anderson is back in with Martel and gets driven into the mat for a one count. Martel gets caught in a leg scissor from Anderson, but turns it over into a Boston Crab. Blanchard gets a thumb to the eyes to break that up and tags in. Tito comes in with a tag as well and locks in a figure four on Blanchard. Anderson comes in to break it up, but Martel is there to meet him and he locks in a figure four as well. Eventually the holds are broken and Santana gets a backslide on Tully which Anderson breaks up. Tito gets a small package on Tully for two. Martel comes in with a tag as Tito hits the ropes, and Blanchard moves out of the way of a flying forearm sending Martel to the floor. Anderson tags in and the Busters begin to punish Santana. Tito gets sent into the ropes, and hits a sunset flip, but Anderson tags out. Blanchard comes in and whips Santana into the corner, but Santana comes off the second rope with a crossbody for two. Anderson tags in and slaps on a reverse chinlock. Tito comes up and whips Anderson to the corner, but a charge meets Anderson’s knee. Arn goes to the top, but gets slammed off by Santana. Tito crawls for the tag, but Martel refuses the tag. Blanchard comes in and gives Santana a stun gun, as Martel takes off to the locker room. Anderson continues the assault on Tito in the ring with a spinebuster. Tag to Tully who gets Santana stuck in the corner. Santana fights back temporarily, but Blanchard blocks a monkey flip to regain control. Anderson tags in and delivers the spike piledriver, which finishes at 9:17. Match was just a vehicle to set up the Martel heel turn, but was still entertaining.

Winner: The Brain Busters (Anderson pins Santana-Spike Piledriver **3/4)

-Mean Gene interviews Rick Martel who solidifies his heel turn.

-Piper’s Pit is up next. Fink gives a long-winded introduction, which is supposed to be Piper, but ends up as Brother Love in a kilt. He welcomes us to the Brother Love show and welcomes his guest Rodney Piper. So that’s where Santino got it. He gives a pretty good Piper impression. Next to come out is 80’s talk show host Morton Downey, Jr. They trade some verbal jabs as Downey smokes constantly. Finally Piper comes out to host the thing. Piper goes after Brother Love first, and the general idea is Piper asks a question, and then doesn’t let him answer. Eventually Piper rips Brother Love’s kilt off and he takes off running leaving just him and Downey. Piper asks how he got the name Morton Downey, Jr and Downey replies with a your mama joke. The jokes get personal and eventually Downey blows smoke in Piper’s face. Piper asks him not to, and of course Downey does again so Roddy takes him out with a fire extinguisher.

-Mean Gene introduces the trailer for that Hollywood epic “No Holds Barred”

-Sean Mooney talks to Donald Trump about hosting Wrestlemania.

-Jesse gets all indignant about Hogan invading his territory in Hollywood. Can’t blame him. He probably saw the advance screening.

-Recap of the story of the Mega Powers, which is followed by Mean Gene getting a promo from Hogan.

Andre The Giant (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Big John Studd serves as special guest referee for this match. Andre attacks right away sending Roberts into the top turnbuckle, however the pad had been removed during Roberts’ entrance. Andre drives a knee into the sternum and locks in a reverse chinlock. Jake is able to elbow out , and goes for the snake but Andre is able to stop him and lock the chinlock back in. Jake comes free, but Andre delivers a big chop and squashes Jake in the corner. Andre locks in a chokehold in the corner and delivers a chop. Seated splash connects on Jake, and Andre follows that up by standing on the chest. Jake is able to fire out of the corner with a series of blows and delivers a clothesline, which ties Andre in the ropes. Jake chokes out Andre, and punches away at the tied up Andre. Andre gets an arm free and goes back to choking. Headbutt sends Jake to the mat, and Andre then locks in a trapezes nerve pinch. Andre goes for a shoulderblock, but Jake fires back with a knee lift. He rams Andre into the exposed turnbuckle which sends the Giant down, but Andre quickly comes up and fires back with a chop sending Jake to the floor. Jake catches a headbutt on the apron sending him back to the floor. Studd gets into it with Andre, and Jake grabs Damien. Andre attacks Studd from behind, and Studd pushes back. Jake goes to let Damien out of the bag, but Ted Dibiase is out and attacks from behind taking Damien back to the locker room. Meanwhile Andre begins choking out Studd in the ring while Jake chases Dibiase down the aisle. Jake gets Damien back and brings him back to the ring, which chases Andre. Studd calls for the DQ at that point giving Jake the win at 9:33. Odd finish, and a terrible match, as Andre was near unwatchable at this point.

Winner: Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Disqualification-Assault on Ref ¼*)

-Tony Schiavonne catches up with Sensational Sherri who has words for Rockin Robin, and also for Miss Elizabeth foreshadowing her upcoming alliance with Savage.

The Honky Tonk Man & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. The Hart Foundation

Honky starts out with Bret. Bret hits the ropes and rolls up Honky for two. Bret ducks a punch and delivers an atomic drop, and then an inverted atomic drop. Honky tags in to Valentine who gets an inverted atomic drop. Neidhart tags in and gets slingshotted in by Bret with a shoulderblock. Bret tags in and delivers a backbreaker, but misses an elbow off the second rope. Irish whip to the heel corner for Bret followed by a tag to Honky. Neidhart comes in, so the ref has to put him out which draws the double team. Snap mare from Honky sets up a fist drop. Firemans carry suplex sets up a pair of elbows before a tag to Valentine. Hammer comes off the ropes with an elbow to the back of the head of Bret, and also delivers an inverted atomic drop. Headbutt to the gut sets up a tag to Honky. Shake, rattle, and roll connects to Bret, but Honky tags out to Valentine. Valentine goes for the figure four, but Bret counters out. Gutbuster gets two for Valentine, and tags in Honky. Bret hits the ropes and delivers a crossbody for two. Honky’s kick out sends Bret outside, but he comes right back. Valentine tags in and delivers a pair of chops. Bret goes for a rollup, but Valentine blocks that. He still can’t stop the hot tag to Neidhart who comes in with dropkicks to both Valentine and Honky. Shoulderblock connects to Valentine and gets two before Honky breaks up the pin. Neidhart ducks a clothesline and delivers one of his own, but again Honky breaks up the tag. Thumb to the eye allows Honky to tag in, but quickly Neidhart regains control and tags in Bret. Bret delivers a slam and a second rope elbow. Suplex gets two before Valentine makes the save. Neidhart goes chasing Jimmy who leaves the megaphone on the apron. Honky goes for the megaphone, but Anvil gets it from him and throws it to Bret. Megaphone shot connects to Honky picking up the wins for the Harts at 7:38. Match was just kinda there to be honest.

Winner: The Hart Foundation (Pinfall-Megaphone Shot *1/2)

-Recap of the posedown at the Royal Rumble, which led to the upcoming Warrior-Rude match.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: “Ravishing” Rick Rude (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. The Ultimate Warrior ©

Rude tries to knee the Warrior at the outset, but Warrior still has the belt on so it has no effect. Not like Warrior would sell it anyway. Warrior shoves Rude into the corner a few times then whips him back and forth from corner to corner. Warrior locks in Bearhug, and Rude fades. Rude is able to break the hold with a poke to the eyes, and Rude comes off the top with a dropkick getting a one count. Bodyslam connects from Warrior, and a second one does as well. Warrior goes back to the bearhug, and this time Rude tries to go back to the eyes. The referee puts a stop to that, but the hold does get broken and Warrior bites Rude before delivering a backdrop. Warrior goes for the big splash, but Rude gets the knees up. Rude connects with a piledriver , and gets a two count. Chinbreaker connects from Rude, and he goes to pose but is in too much pain. Clothesline connects for Rude getting another two count. Side Russian legsweep gets two again on the Warrior. Rude grabs a double wristlock, but Warrior gets right to the ropes. He shakes Rude loose, and comes off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock. A pair of facebusters connect to Rude, and that is followed by a backbreaker. Warrior tries to throw Rude outside, but horrible botches whatever it was he was trying. He just hits a clothesline instead, and whips Rude corner to corner. Warrior goes for a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Rude moves out of the way. Rude goes for the Rude awakening, but Warrior powers out of it. Clothesline connects and Rude bails to the floor. Warrior goes out after him and fires him back inside just to clothesline him back to the floor. Warrior goes for a suplex from the apron, but Heenan grabs the leg and Rude comes down on top of Warrior. Heenan holds on and Warrior gets pinned at 9:42 giving Rude the title. Warrior press slams Heenan after the match, and takes off after Rude. Rude did his best, and made a 1989 Warrior match as watchable as it could be. The rematch at Summerslam was better, but this was decent enough.

Winner: NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion: “Ravishing” Rick Rude (Pinfall-Suplex Counter **1/4)

Bad News Brown vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Bad News attacks right as Duggan comes in and pounds him into the corner. Irish whip into the corner is followed by a charge, but Duggan moves. Clothesline connects for Duggan sending Brown to the floor. Duggan slingshots Brown in from the apron, and delivers a forearm. Off the ropes Duggan puts his head down on a backdrop and gets caught. Brown rams Duggan into the buckle and delivers a headbutt. A few more trips to the buckle just wakes up Duggan. Duggan fires away with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner, but Brown comes back with a headbutt. To the floor they go and Brown fires Duggan into the post. Back inside and an elbow connects to Duggan. Bad News goes for the ghetto blaster, but Duggan moves out of the way. Duggan hits his three-point stance clothesline, but Brown heads to the floor. Bad News gets a chair and brings it in so Duggan grabs his 2X4. That draws the double DQ at 3:48. Duggan ends up getting the better of the post match brawl. The match seemed pretty pointless, but it was high energy while it lasted.

Winner: Draw (Double Disqualification-Foreign Objects ½*)

-Mean Gene talks to The Red Rooster. You really should re-evaluate your career if your catchphrase is a rooster call.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (w. The Brooklyn Brawler) vs. The Red Rooster

Heenan still selling his injuries from Warrior wants no part of any contact. Rooster whips Heenan into the buckle, and tries for another but Heenan reverses it into the opposite buckle. Heenan tries to charge with a shoulderblock, but misses and Rooster covers and gets the win at :31. Next.

Winner: The Red Rooster (Pinfall-Missed Shoulderblock DUD)

-Mean Gene talks to Miss Elizabeth. She says she will be in a neutral corner and will support both men.

-Tony Schiavonne says all the wrestlers are clearing the locker room to watch the main event.

WWF Championship: Randy “Macho Man” Savage © vs. Hulk Hogan

Savage stalls at the outset bailing to the floor before any contact is made, and ripping up a Hogan sign from a kid at ringside. Back inside and Hogan powers Savage away on a lockup. Savage grabs a headlock, but gets pushed into the ropes and runs into a shoulderblock. Savage bails again, and comes back in with a rake to the eyes. Savage grabs a headlock, but Hogan pushes him into the ropes so Savage bails again. Hogan chases this time and Savage puts Liz in front of him as a shield. Savage uses that opening to slide back in and even offers to hold the ropes open for Hogan. Hogan comes in on his own and takes Savage down with a drop toehold and grabs a front facelock. He turns it into a side headlock, but Savage counters into a back suplex. Savage drops an elbow that misses, and Hogan delivers a series of punches before grabbing an arm wringer. Thumb to the eye breaks that for Savage and he goes to the top rope delivering the double axe handle. That gets two and Savage goes to the armbar. Hogan tries to come up, but Savage regains control with a handful of hair. Hogan comes up again, and pulls Savage to the floor using a handful of trunks. Hogan fires Savage back inside and rams him into the buckle. Hogan hits a clothesline off the ropes and delivers an elbow. Hogan rakes the eyes with the boot, and sends Savage into the ropes. Head goes down for the backdrop, and Savage kicks him in the face for two. Hogan gets busted open on that, and Savage grabs a side headlock. Hogan comes up and elbows out of the headlock. Off the ropes Hogan delivers a shoulderblock, and then hits an atomic drop. Hogan goes for an elbow, but Savage moves. Knee to the back sends Savage into the buckle, and Savage rolls him up for two. Savage rams Hogan into the buckle, and whips him to the other corner. Savage stomps the fingers, but that brings Hogan back and Savage runs into the turnbuckle several times. An Irish whip to the corner is followed in by a Hogan clothesline. Hogan picks up Savage and chucks him over the top rope. Liz tries to help, but Savage pushes her away. Savage pulls Hogan to the floor, and tries to ram Hogan into the rail. Hogan blocks that so Savage tries the apron. Hogan blocks that too, and this time he meets the apron. Hogan goes to throw Savage into the post, but Liz stands in front to keep him from doing it. Savage slides down the back and has no problems posting Hogan, as Liz moves out of the way. Savage goes after Liz who is trying to help Hogan, so the referee decides to eject Liz. Savage comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to the floor sending Hogan’s throat into the guardrail. Back inside and Savage delivers a clothesline over the top rope. Elbow to the throat connects to Hogan on the apron. Bodyslam and a kneedrop gets a two count for Savage. Savage chokes Hogan out with his wrist tape behind the back of the referee. Savage chokes down Hogan in the middle of the ring, and heads to the top. Flying elbow connects and it gets two. Hogan Hulks up and you know the drill from here. Three punches, big boot, legdrop, drive home safely. Hogan wins his second World Title at 17:55. Arguably Hogan’s best match ever as he becomes at the time only the second man ever (officially) to regain the WWF World Title. Hogan poses with the belt as the show ends.

Winner: NEW WWF Champion-Hulk Hogan (Pinfall-Legdrop ****1/4)

The 411: Other than being about an hour too long, this is a pretty good show. The main event delivered big time, and really none of the matches were awful until the ones between the Intercontinental and World Title matches. The Coliseum Video release is a much more entertaining version as its trimmed down to three hours. Still this is the best of the four plus hour Wrestlemania’s from IV to VII.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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