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WrestleMania VI Review

March 12, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania VI Review  

-4/1/1990 from Skydome in Toronto, Ontario

-Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse “The Body” Ventura

-Canada’s own Robert Goulet kicks things off with a stirring rendition of “Oh Canada.”

Koko B. Ware vs. Rick “The Model” Martel

Ah yes, the carts from Wrestlemania III are back for this show. Nothing quite says Wrestlemania like a Koko B. Ware match. Martel attacks Koko as the ref was checking him to take the early edge. Koko springboards off the seconds rope with a crossbody, which gets two. He follows that up with a pair of dropkicks and a backdrop before clotheslining Martel to the floor. Slingshot back inside and Koko delivers a shoulderblock. He comes off the ropes again, but this time Martel fires him to the floor. Back inside Martel puts the boots to Koko before delivering a suplex for two. Second rope double axe handle connects for Martel, and that is followed by a backbreaker. That sets up a Boston Crab attempt by Martel, but Koko is able to get to the ropes before Martel can turn it over. Martel fires Koko into the turnbuckle, but Koko no sells that because his head is so hard and makes a quick comeback. A pair of flying headbutts gets a two count. Koko again tries for the springboard crossbody off the second rope, but this time no one is home. That allows Martel to slap on the Boston Crab, which picks up the submission at 5:31. Standard Wrestling Challenge main event. Nothing much here but establishing Martel.

Winner: Rick “The Model” Martel (Submission-Boston Crab *1/2)

-Mean Gene gets a word with Tag Team Champions Colossal Connection, and Sean Mooney gets the retort from Demolition.

WWF Tag Team Championship-The Colossal Connection © (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Demolition

The Colossal Connection is Andre The Giant and Haku. Andre was so broken down at this point he basically stays on the apron while Haku does all the work. Champs ambush early as Haku starts with Smash. Smash is able to duck a chop and fires Haku into the boot of Ax. Ax tags in and hammers Haku down. Andre comes in to put a stop to things before getting shown out by the ref. Tag to Smash who delivers some punishment before tagging out again. Demolition continues to take turns pounding away until a thumb to the eye gets temporary control for Haku. Smash and Haku end up fighting for a backslide, which is won by Smash. Andre stops the count though. Tag back to Ax who tries to deliver a clothesline, but Haku ducks and delivers a thrust to the throat to regain control. Backbreaker connects which gets two for Haku. Trust kick is followed by a stomp and a choke from Haku. The ref pulls Haku off which allows Heenan to get smack in and Andre delivers a headbutt from the floor. Haku gets a two count from that, and then rams Ax into Andre’s forehead for another two count this time broken up by Smash. More choking on the ropes from Haku, and a thumb to the eye is delivered to Ax. Snap mare sets up a nerve hold from Haku. Ax gets chopped into the corner, which allows Andre to choke him out with the tag rope as the ref is tied up with Smash. Shoulderbreaker from Haku gets a two count. Irish whip into the corner is followed by a charge, but this time Haku runs into the boot of Ax. Clothesline follows which allows the hot tag to Smash. Back elbow and backdrop sets up a crossbody from Smash for two. Andre comes in and gets a double clothesline from Demolition. Ref tries to put Ax out which allows Andre to grab Smash from behind. Haku goes to deliver a thrust kick to Smash, but hits Andre instead which ties him in the ropes. That leaves Haku all alone with Demolition. Double clothesline sets up the Demolition Decapitation to give Demolition their 3rd and final Tag Titles at 9:14. Match kind of drug, but Haku did a great job of controlling his portion without ever tagging in Andre.

Winners: NEW WWF Tag Team Champions-Demolition (Ax pins Haku-Demolition Decapitation **)

-After the match Heenan goes nuts and gets in Andre’s face for blowing the match, and slaps him. That was not the brightest move as Andre smacks Heenan around, then stops an attempted backjump from Haku and gives him a beating too. Andre leaves his final WWF match a babyface as he rides the cart out of the arena all by himself.

-Mean Gene gets a word from Earthquake and Jimmy Hart.

Hercules vs. Earthquake (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart)

Quake tries a Pearl Harbor job, but Herc outsmarts him and gains the early edge. After a barrage of right hands Quake bails to the outside. Back inside and Quake requests a test of strength. Herc obliges and gets powered down first of course. Herc comes up, and Quake breaks the hold and delivers a forearm. In the corner Quake delivers a pair of shoulders, and then sends Herc to the ropes for a backdrop attempt. Herc stops that with a boot, then hits the ropes with a pair of shoulderblocks and clotheslines, which fail to knock, Quake down. A third clothesline finally puts him down to a knee, but then Herc goes for the torture rack, but can’t lift him because he’s too fat. Elbow drop from Quake sets up the Earthquake splash and that finishes at 4:50. Quake delivers a second splash for good measure.

Winner: Earthquake (Pinfall-Earthquake Splash ¼*)

-Gossip Columnist Rona Barret gets a sitdown interview with Miss Elizabeth. She says she’s going to be taking a more active role at ringside soon. FORESHADOWING!

-Sean Mooney catches up with Brutus Beefcake who promises to end Mr. Perfect’s perfect record.

Mr. Perfect (w. The Genius) vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Beefcake beat the Genius to sleep and cut his hair at the Royal Rumble, which prompted a run in from Perfect and a beat down which set this match up. Perfect tries to jump from behind, which seem to be a theme today, and they trade blows in the corner with Beefcake getting the best of it. Perfect goes flying to the floor, overselling like only he can. Beefcake drags Perfect back in, and after a reversed Irish whip Perfect puts his head down and gets a kick to the face. Atomic drop again sends Perfect to the floor. Back inside Perfect takes control with a knee and a chop before driving Beefcake face first into the turnbuckle. Beefcake reverses an Irish whip and sends Perfect into the buckle. Beefcake again whips him and Perfect seems to overselling even by his standards and he comes flying out of the corner. Beefcake calls for the sleeper hold, but The Genius jumps on the apron to provide a distraction. He is able to slip the scroll to Perfect who blasts Beefcake with it and gains control. Neck snap connects for Perfect picking up a two count. Chop from Perfect connects and is followed by a forearm and a knee lift. After toying around with Beefcake for a minute or so he delivers a big clothesline. Beefcake comes back out of nowhere with a slingshot into the ring post which shockingly ends Perfect’s undefeated streak at 7:49. Decent match, but the completely out of nowhere finish hurts it for me. Basically its Perfect beats the shit out of Beefcake for 6 minutes, then gets posted and loses. Afterward The Genius sacrifices himself so Perfect can escape. He gets the rest of his hair cut for his troubles.

Winner: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (Pinfall-Slingshot **1/2)

-Recap of the Roddy Piper-Bad News Brown feud.

-Mean Gene catches up with Roddy Piper and his infamous half-black/half-white paint job.

Bad News Brown vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Big pull apart to start, which requires the ref to separate the combatants. Piper comes out of the corner with a crossbody for two, and another pull apart commences. Finally Piper gets the better of things with a few right hands, and Brown comes back with a few shots of his own. Headbutt from Brown staggers Piper, and a right hand puts him down. Brown rams Piper into the turnbuckle twice to no effect. Brown goes back to the right hands and then a nerve hold. Piper elbows his way out of that and they exchange blows in the middle, with Brown getting the better of it with a headbutt. Snap mare and thrust to the throat gets a two count for Brown. Bodyslam sets up an elbow drop for another two count. Piper goes to the eyes, and unloads with a series of rights in the corner. Brown comes back by going to the eyes himself. As the ref checks on Piper; Brown removes the turnbuckle pad. He attempts to whip Piper into the corner, but gets reversed and sent into the corner himself. Piper grabs a white glove from his trunks and puts it on and begins delivering punches with it eventually sending Brown to the floor. Bad News pulls Piper out with him and they brawl on the floor drawing a double count out at 6:48. Incredibly lame considering the payoff to the match is basically the same thing that started it. Both guys brawl all the way back down the aisle as referees and agents attempt to separate them.

Winner: Draw (Double Count Out *)

Steve Allen is with The Bolsheviks in the shower to rehearse the Russian National Anthem. Hilarity ensues.

The Hart Foundation vs. The Bolsheviks

Nikolai sings the Soviet National Anthem, and Neidhart takes exception jumping him from behind, which is the fifth time in six matches that has happened. Volkoff gets clotheslined to the floor, leaving Zhukov in the ring. Hart Attack finishes at :18.

Winners: The Hart Foundation (Hart pins Zhukov-Hart Attack DUD)

-Wrestlemania VII is coming to the LA Memorial Coliseum and will set all kinds of attendance records…riiiight.

-Mean Gene gets a word with Tito Santana.

The Barbarian (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Tito Santana

This was shortly after the Powers of Pain were separated, but Barbarian is still wearing the POP garb. Santana gets the better of a lockup firing away in the corner, and Barbarian bails to the floor. Back inside Barbarian delivers a knee and chop. Tito comes off the ropes with a crossbody for two, and grabs a side headlock. Barbarian counters out sending Tito into the ropes and hitting a hiptoss. Barbarian misses a diving headlock, and Tito comes off the ropes, gets caught, but punches his way down getting a two count. Off the ropes again comes Tito, but this time he runs into a big boot. Shoulderbreaker connects for Barbarian setting up a second rope elbow attempt, but that misses. Tito hits a pair of dropkicks, and goes to the second rope connecting with a double axe handle. Flying forearm connects, but Heenan puts Barbarian’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Tito tries for a rollup, but Barbarian ducks at the ropes and Santana clotheslines himself on the top rope. Barbarian heads to the top and hits a top rope clothesline, which finishes at 4:31. Just a vehicle to establish Barbarian as a singles competitor.

Winner: The Barbarian (Pinfall-Flying Clothesline *1/2)

-Recap of the Savage/Sherri-Dusty/Sapphire feud.

-Sean Mooney talks to Sapphire and Rhodes. Dusty promises to unveil “The Crown Jewel” tonight.

Mixed Tag Team Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage & Sensational Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (w. Miss Elizabeth)

Ventura hilariously question’s the weight announcement of Rhodes and Sapphire asking if the combined weight of 465 means that Rhodes only weighs 200, because he knows damn well Sapphire weighs two and a half. Dusty introduces The Crown Jewel as none other than Miss Elizabeth. Savage of course goes nuts. Dusty delivers an elbow to Savage as they start things out. Sherri tries to come and attack from behind, but provides a distraction allowing Savage to attack from behind. Off the top comes Savage but he gets caught by Dusty who throws him into Sherri knocking her to the floor. Tag to Sapphire, and Dusty fires Sherri inside for her. After a few hips, Sapphire delivers the shittiest airplane spin in history for two. Sherri goes for a slam, but Sapphire is too fat and she can’t hold her. Sapphire tags out to Dusty and the men go back to work. Dusty holds Savage for Sapphire to slap him. To the floor they go and Savage gains control. Double axehandle from Savage off the top the floor, and after a few shots from Sherri on the floor Savage delivers another. Savage goes for a third, but Sapphire stands guard. Savage grabs Sapphire and throws her to the floor as Dusty rolls inside. A third top rope double axehandle connects for Savage this time in the ring for a two count. Suplex gets another two count for Savage. A distraction from Sherri allows Savage to come off the top rope with the cepter and deliver another shot to Dusty. Tag to Sherri and she dives off the top rope with a splash, which gets two on Dusty. Savage comes off the top rope but this time Dusty blocks with a fist. Double noggin knocker to the heels, and Dusty delivers a series of elbows to Savage in the corner. Sherri jumps on the back of Dusty, but he gets to his corner and Sapphire tags in. She biels Sherri off Dusty’s shoulders to pick up a one count. Sherri and Sapphire square off and a series of hair pulls sees Sapphire fire Sherri to the floor. Elizabeth fires Sherri back inside and Sapphire hits a god-awful suplex. Things break down with all four in the ring, and Sherri goes after Liz. Liz gets involved again throwing Sherri back in the ring and tripping her over Sapphire who rolls her up thankfully ending this garbage at 7:28. Easily the low point of two great wrestler’s careers.

Winners: Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (Sapphire pins Sherri-Rollup -*)

-Mean Gene gets Bobby Heenan’s thoughts on the situation with Andre.

-Jesse and Gorilla meet up with Rona Barrett who has adult footage of Ventura, but he cuts her off and sends things to Sean before the footage rolls.

-Sean Mooney is with a furious Savage and Sherri. I’d be pissed too if I was in that last match.

-Mean Gene is with the New Tag Champs Demolition. They’re ready for the Hart Foundation.

-After intermission Mean Gene catches up with Hulk Hogan who gives one of the most ridiculous interviews of all time, even by Hogan standards. Hogan is going to ask Warrior if he wants to live forever, and if he does he can breathe his last breath into Hogan and he will be saved.

-Mooney is with The Ultimate Warrior who gives equally as insane of an interview.

The Orient Express (w. Mr. Fuji) vs. The Rockers

This was the original Orient Express with Sato and not the Kato and Tanaka version that came later. Jannetty starts with Tanaka. Thrust kick from Tanaka drives Jannetty into the corner. Sato whips Tanaka into Jannetty, and then Tanaka hits the ropes. He runs into a powerslam. Michaels comes in and a double hiptoss is delivered to Sato. Double press slam sends Tanaka into Sato and both men to the floor. The Rockers come over the top rope with crossbodies before heading back in. Back inside and its still Jannetty and Tanaka, as Jannetty grabs a side headlock. Jannetty hits the ropes, but Fuji pulls the rope down and Jannety goes flying to the floor. With the ref distracted Fuji delivers a shot with the cane, and Sato sends Jannetty into the post. Back inside Tanaka pounds away and fires Jannetty into the buckle before tagging out to Sato. Knife-edge chops from Sato connect, before another tag to Tanaka. Jannetty reverses a backdrop attempt and tags out to Shawn who is in with a Bodyslam. Backdrop from Michaels sends Tanaka into his corner for the tag to Sato. Swinging neckbreaker by Michaels connects on Sato. He hits the ropes, but gets a kick from Tanaka, which allows the Express to regain control. Stomachbreaker from Sato connects before a tag to Tanaka. Standing crossbody from Tanaka connects, and another tag is made to Sato who comes off the top with a kneedrop. Sato locks in nerve hold before another tag to Tanaka. Tanaka counters backdrop attempt, but Michaels hits a clothesline. That allows the hot tag to Jannetty who comes in with a series of dropkicks and double noggin knocker. Jannetty covers, but Sato attempts to break it up. In doing so he elbow drops his own partner. Michaels is back in and a double dropkick sends Sato to the floor. Double backdrop puts Tanaka down and sets up for the top rope fist drops. Fuji gets involved smacking Jannetty in the leg with the cane. Jannetty goes out after Fuji but with the ref distracted Sato is able to sneak up from behind with the salt to the eyes. That prevents Jannetty from beating the count and The Express wins by count out at 7:38. Okay match, but they would have a MUCH better one at Royal Rumble ’91 once Kato replaced Sato.

Winners: The Orient Express (Jannetty Count Out **1/4)

-Steve Allen is in the locker room with Rhythm & Blues as they rehearse for tonights big performance.

Dino Bravo (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart & Earthquake) vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Jesse points out the idiocy of Duggan carrying an American flag in Toronto. Duggan ducks a clothesline, and delivers one of his own. Backdrop connects, and is followed up with another clothesline this time sending Bravo to the floor. Back inside and Duggan hits an atomic drop. In the corner Duggan delivers a series of corner punches, but misses a charge. Clothesline from Bravo allows him to gain the upper hand. Inverted atomic drop connects on Duggan, and is followed up by some choking. The ref delivers a warning, which allows Quake to get a shot in from the outside. Elbow drop from Bravo picks up a two count. Bravo fires Duggan into the top turnbuckle a few times but that only wakes up Hacksaw. Duggan goes for a backdrop, but gets kicked in the face instead. Bravo charges into the corner, but runs into a knee, which is followed by a trio of clotheslines. Duggan calls for the three-point stance, but gets grabbed by Quake. They tussle during which Jimmy Hart attempts to slip the 2X4 to Bravo. Duggan is able to pull free of Quake, and with the ref distracted he is able to beat Dino to the 2X4 and deliver a blow that finishes at 4:14. After the match Duggan gets a beatdown and a pair of Quake splashes. Meh.

Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (Pinfall-International Object ½*)

-Recap of the Dibiase-Roberts feud as they face off for the Million Dollar Belt

-Mean Gene gets a word with Jake Roberts who delivers an epic promo. What an amazing speaker.

Million Dollar Championship: “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (w. Virgil) vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

So Dibiase put Roberts out of action in May of ’89, and Roberts returned in November looking for revenge. Dibiase told Jake if he wanted the belt to come take it, which Jake took literally. Now the belt is essentially vacant and this match will decide the rightful owner. They trade blows out the outset and Roberts hits a shoulderblock and a knee lift. He goes for a DDT, but Dibiase bails. Back inside and Dibiase gets a knee, but runs into a hip lock. Both guys miss elbows, and Dibiase ducks another DDT attempt and again goes to the floor. Back inside and Jake grabs a knuckle lock and turns that into a hammerlock. He drives the knee into the arm of Dibiase while working the hold. Dibiase is finally able to reverse into a hammerlock of his own, but Roberts quickly counters himself sending Dibiase to the floor. This time Roberts goes out after him and fires Dibiase back in. Back inside Dibiase catches Roberts with an elbow and whips him into the corner. He charges but runs into the knee. Roberts charges with a knee lift attempt, but Dibiase is able to move and Jake takes himself out. That allows Dibiase to gain control with a series stomps. Dibiase locks in front facelock, as the crowd starts the wave much to Jesse’s delight. Dibiase stomps Jake to the floor, and goes out after him. He rams Jake’s shoulder into the post and fires him back inside. Piledriver connects for Dibiase as he stands over Roberts before dropping down for the cover. Jake reverses the cover into a sunset flip, which gets two. Dibiase takes exception and quickly regains control with a series of stomps. Million Dollar Dream is slapped as Roberts fights to get to the ropes. Jake collapses but his feet reaches the ropes to break the hold. Dibiase goes for a cover, but again Jake gets a foot on the rope. Finally Dibiase drags him to the middle, but this time Jake kicks out at two. Off the second rope Dibiase attempts a double axehandle, but Jake delivers a shot to the stomach. An inverted atomic drop follows a clothesline from Roberts. Another clothesline now sets up a backrop. Short clothesline from Roberts sets up the DDT attempt but Dibiase is able to grab the ref and Virgil pulls Jake to the floor. Virgil gets slammed on the floor, and Dibiase goes out after Jake. Million Dollar Dream is locked in on the floor, but the run into the post. Virgil is able to fire Dibiase back in the ring to beat the count and Dibiase regains the belt by count out at 11:56. After the match Jake DDT’s Dibiase and shoves a C-Note down his throat. Virgil is able to save Dibiase seconds before Damien can have his way, but Jake hands out some of Dibiase’s hundys to the ringsiders. Good match ruined by a terrible finish.

Winner: “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (Count Out **1/2)

-Sean Mooney has words with Slick and Akeem. Mean Gene gets the retort from The Big Boss Man.

Akeem (w. Slick) vs. The Big Boss Man

The Twin Towers…EXPLODE!!! Dibiase offered a payoff to Bossman, but he’s too proud to take the money, which necessitated his face turn so here we go. Dibiase was hiding under the ring after the last match and he attacks Bossman on the floor before the match starts. He delivers a slam on the floor and an elbow drop. Then he posts Bossman and fires Bossman inside. Akeem attacks with an avalanche and gets a two count. Akeem delivers some splashes in the corner and a series of corner punches. Bossman botches an inverted atomic drop out of the corner, but that sets up his comeback. Irish whips from corner to corner set up a clothesline. Bossman Slam connects and finishes things at 1:45. Akeem got a prematch assist and still got beat in less than two minutes. Afterwards Bossman gets a shot in on Slick for good measure.

Winner: The Big Boss Man (Pinfall-Bossman Slam ¼*)

-Sean Mooney interviews Mary Tyler Moore at ringside who says wrestling is the best of athletics and theater. Uh oh, she broke kayfabe!!! Its clear she could care less about being there.

-Rhythm and Blues come out to sing their new song “Hunka, Hunka, Hunka, Honky Love” and are drove to the ring by a young Diamond Dallas Page. After the song the Bushwhackers attack setting up the feud that the entire world has been begging for.

-Skydome’s attendence record of 67,678 is announced. Gorilla promises next year will be a bigger record. I can’t help but snicker.

”Ravishing” Rick Rude (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

This was the beginning of Rude’s transition from mid card comedy heel to serious threat main event heel to prepare him for Warrior. Rude jumps Snuka from behind to re-establish the early theme of the evening. Rude sends Snuka off the ropes, but misses a dropkick. Flapjack from Snuka connects, and is followed by a backdrop. Diving headbutt connects and is followed by a dropkick sending Rude to the floor. Rude tries to come in with a sunset flip, but Sunka counters. Rude hits the ropes and delivers a snap suplex. He fires Snuka into the buckle, and then sends him off the ropes for a backdrop. Snuka blocks another backdrop attempt from Rude this time with a facebuster. Rude rakes the eyes, but after several ducks gets hits with a headbutt off the ropes from Snuka. He goes for the Superfly splash, but Rude is up early. He leapfrogs Rude and then bodyslams him. This time he goes to the second rope and misses a headbutt. Rude delivers a Rude Awakening from there, which finishes at 3:51. Glorified squash for Rude.

Winner: “Ravishing” Rick Rude (Pinfall-Rude Awakening *)

-Recap of the events that led to the main event.

WWF & WWF Intercontinental Championship Title for Title: The Ultimate Warrior (IC Champion) vs. Hulk Hogan (WWF Champion)

The very definition of a split crowd here. It didn’t turn out to have the long lasting effect that many thought it would, but at the time this was basically Hulk and Andre all over again. They trade shoves to start. Warrior shoves Hogan into the corner off a lockup, and Hogan returns the favor on a second. Test of strength follows and after a struggle Warrior is able to gain control. Hogan is able to come up and gain control himself. Warrior comes to his feet, so Hogan takes him down with a trip. Elbow drop gets one for Hogan and both men are up in a standoff. Criss cross sees Hogan drop down and slam Warrior. Warrior no-sells it and they hit the ropes again. This time Warrior drops down and slams Hogan. Warrior clotheslines Hogan out to the floor and Hogan injures his knee on the way down. Warrior goes out after him and puts the boots to Hogan’s knee. Hebner goes out to check on Hogan, and is told by Hulk that “my knee is gone, but I’m gonna try to get back in.”. Warrior doesn’t wait so he throws Hogan back inside. He continues to kick at Hogan’s knee, but Hogan resorts to an eye rake. Warrior returns the favor as Jesse loves that its getting dirty. Hogan’s knee miraculously heals thanks the immense power of Hulkamania and he delivers a punch and corner clothesline. Eight punches in the corner set up a Bodyslam and pair of elbow drops getting two. Gorilla theorizes that Hogan may have dislocated his patella and it popped back into place. Well that makes more sense than he randomly forgot to sell the injury. Hulk grabs a front facelock and turns it into a small package for two. Knee lift sends Warrior into the corner for a series of chops. Off the ropes Warrior runs into a clothesline from Hogan, which gets two. Backbreaker connects by Hulk again getting two. Hulk goes to a chinlock to slow things down. Side suplex connects for Hulk getting two as he goes back to the chinlock. Warrior elbows out of it, and hits the ropes. Both men connect with clotheslines putting them both down. Both men get up as Warrior goes to the ropes for his power and no-sells shots from Hogan. Warrior hits the ropes for a trio of clotheslines, and then whips Hogan from one corner to the other. Suplex connects by Warrior to get two. Warrior grabs a bearhug and nearly puts Hogan out, but he gets a second wind before the arm drops three times. Hogan fights out of the bearhug, and Warrior hits the ropes. Hogan ducks a flying shoulder and Warrior takes the referee out. Warrior goes to the top rope twice and delivers a pair of double axehandles. Warrior comes off the ropes with the flying shoulder tackle, but Hogan sidesteps him and Warrior gets faceplanted. Hogan goes for the cover, but there is no referee to count. Hogan tries to wake up the official, but gets a side suplex from Warrior. Again no referee, but Hebner slowly regains his wits. Hebner crawls over and makes the slow count, but Hogan gets the shoulder up at two. Hogan goes for a rollup, but the still dazed referee is not in position and it only gets two. Hogan connects with an elbow-sending Warrior out to the floor. He goes after him and they brawl on the floor. Warrior gets the better of it posting Hogan as they head back inside. Clothesline connects for Warrior on the inside, which sets up the Gorilla Press Slam. Big Splash looks to finish but Hulk kicks out at two, and Hulks up. The usual looks to finish as the no sell, three punch, and big boot all connect, but this time there is no one home on the legdrop. Warrior hits the big splash from there, which gives him the clean win and the title at 22:46. This was the only clean loss in Hogan’s 1983-1993 WWF tenure. This was supposed to make Warrior the next big star that would catapult the WWF into the 90’s. As you’ll see by the next year’s Wrestlemania that plan didn’t quite work out. Still, while it’s not a technical masterpiece, the incredible atmosphere in the crowd more than makes up for it. After the match Hogan presents Warrior with the belt, and even Jesse puts him over on commentary. Hogan is full of shit a lot of the time, but when he said that him presenting the belt and his exit was the moment he’s right, and that is why the Warrior never quite worked out. Well that and he’s batshit insane.

Winner: NEW WWF Champion/STILL WWF Intercontinental Champion-The Ultimate Warrior (Pinfall-Big Splash ***3/4)

The 411: The show was basically just a long drawn out mess just waiting to get to Hogan and Warrior. Nothing could possibly compete, and they didn’t even try with this card. There are fourteen matches, only about four of them matter. Cut about five matches out, and the main event could have saved the card as a whole. As it stands, seek out Hogan-Warrior elsewhere and save your time on this one.
Final Score:  4.5   [ Poor ]  legend

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