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Wrestling Is Art Results 02.16.13 – Haverhill, Massachusetts

February 17, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Credit: Zim & PW Torch

Rough crowd estimate: at or above 300, great turn-out for the promotion’s debut show.

(1) Sugar Dunkerton beat Francis O’Rourke with a running knee trembler. Fun opener. The crowd got really into chanting “Francis” at O’Rourke who demanded to be called Frank.

(2) Kobald defeated Jervis Cottonbelly with the Demon Toilet (diving seated senton). Another fun match-up with the gentleman taking on the goblin. Kobald stole everything he could get his hands on and had good heat. Jervis is a funny character concept who just needs a bit of improvement.

(3) The Batiri defeated Drew Gulak & Estonian Thunderfrog with a diving Blockbuster. Gulak stood out with some hard hitting offense, but had a tough time communicating through Thunderfrog’s mask. The flow of the match suffered a bit as a result. Great spot where the Batiri bumped huge when Thunderfrog came off the top and smashed the mat with a giant wooden malet he brought to the ring.

Gavin Loudspeaker announded that WiA will return to Haverhill on May 11.

(4) Chuck Taylor defeated A.R. Fox with the Awful Waffle. This was Match of the Night from a workrate aspect. Fox definitely came to work, but I worry about his legs with some of the dives he attempts and lands on his feet. Hopefully, for longevity sake, he starts to take care of himself. Usual great stuff from Taylor, who got a few more cheers than boos despite his affiliation and attitude.


(5) Mike Quakenbush defeated Jaka with a roll-up combination. The crowd wasn’t sure how to respond to Jaka, but they loved Quack, who carried Jaka through a decent match. Jaka showed some athleticism, but was more of a character than anything.

(6) Tim Donst defeated Colt Cabana after hitting him with a part of the turnbuckle. Cabana worked some of his mat wizardry and Donst was a good contrast, but I went into this looking for a technical gem and left slightly disappointed. Colt had a great time interacting with a fan of his who kept yelling “Woo Woo Woo” and Colt quipped “bless his heart.” Funny.

(7) Devastation Corporation defeated The Colony (Green Ant & AssailAnt) with the Death Blow (bearhug/diving splash combo). Green Ant shined in this one and looked good. The crowd was a bit tired after Cabana and Donst, which seemed like the match people were primarily there to see. The Corporation were the largest wrestlers on the card and really stood out as monsters as a result.

Overall: This was a really fun show. There was great crowd turn-out and everyone seemed to have a good time. It says something when you look around and see smiles of delight on people’s faces. That’s what wrestling, especially independent wrestling, is about. I’m looking forward to the Bridgewater show on Sunday.

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