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WWC Puerto Rico LockOut 2012 Results

December 10, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Jose Perez and Pwinsider.com

WWC-PR held their last event of the year, “LockOut 2012”, last night at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, PR. Here are the results from the show:
1. WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match – “The Precious One” Gilbert defeated “El Leon” Apolo to become the new crowned champion.

2. “El Diabolico” defeated Jay Velez via pinfall

3. Special Challenge Match: “Full Nelson vs Full Nelson” Sebastian Guerra defeated Super Gladiador via submission with the “Full Nelson”.

4. Samson Walker defeated Chris Angel

5. Xix Xavant defeated “El Rebelde” Noriega.

6. WWC World Tag Team Title Match – Thunder & Lightning defeated Sons of Samoa to become tag team champions once again. Much better match than their last one at “Honor vs Traicion”, which had been very good too. Lightning covered Afa for the win via pinfall after a very well executed 3-D.

7. Family Matters Match: Father/Son vs Father/Son – AJ Castillo & Huracan Castillo defeated Barrabas Sr & Jr

8. Andy Levine defeated Tommy Dreamer

9. Main Event: “Hair vs Hair” Match w/ Savio Vega as special guest referee – Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated “Mr. Ratings” Ray Gonzalez. Really good fun match with momentum swinging from Gonzalez to Carlito and back at different junctions. At one point Carlito focused his attack on Gonzalez’s left knee, preparing him for the “figure 4 leg lock” later in the match. Towards the end of the match Carlito went for the figure 4 once again only to be kicked into Savio Vega by Gonzalez. Vega landed on the apron after the bump. As he was getting up, Carlito tried the figure 4 again and again was kicked into Savio Vega. This time Vega landed on the outside where he stayed for a few minutes. With the crowd cheering him, Gonzalez mounted a comeback and was able to apply his finisher “Fenix Landing”. Savio Vega came back in the ring and counted 1, 2 and… you guessed it; Vega’s right arm was hurt and could not count to 3. Gonzalez goes to get him and asked him to count with his left arm. As Vega starts the count he stops again and tells Gonzalez to wait. Gonzalez goes to check on him in the corner and its received with “green mist”, followed by a super sidekick to the jaw. Carlito looked surprised buy Vega’s actions and hesitated to take advantage. In comes Invader #1 to the ring for the save. Back and forth between Vega and Invader until Carlito hits the “BackStabber” on Invader to send him out to the floor. Carlito still look hesitant until Vega told him to cover Gonzalez for the pin. Carlito wins the match… or so we thought.

Out comes WWC’s President Victor Jovica. In his broken Spanish he tells Savio Vega that he never wanted him in his company and that he accepted because the people wanted to see him. He then told him to leave and called for security to take him out.

Vega took care of the first security guard to come in the ring to get him. After that he stepped out of the ring only to be trapped by a couple more guards and taken back to the dressing rooms.

Jovica turns to Carlito and tells him that he will not win the match like that and he is ordering it to be restarted. Out comes referee Pelayo Vazquez and Gonzalez gets a second chance. The brawled for a few minutes, with Carlito taking advantage and hitting a “BackStabber”. He only gets a 2 count. He gets Gonzalez up, hits another “BackStabber” and gets the win via pinfall.

After the match, Carlito goes to get the scissors. He sets up a chair in the middle of the ring for Gonzalez to sit and get his hair cut. Gonzalez sits and starts arguing with Carlito. Carlito gets distracted with the crowd and Gonzales capitalizes on this by giving him a very stiff chairshot to the head. He then proceeds to set up the chair again and sits down.

After a few minutes Carlito rolls out of the ring. Gonzalez asked referee Vazquez to go ahead and get his hair cut. Vazquez started to cut with the scissors but apparently was too slow for Carlito’s liking. Carlito went to the back and returned with a guy with clippers and had him shave Gonzalez’s head. The crowd was stunned and there was a silence in the building as they watched Gonzalez being shaved.

– The show started on time, right at 6:05 PM. At the beginning of the show there were approximately 1,500 fans in the crowd. That crowd grew during the first couple of matches and it ended up being close to 2,500.

– Crowd was hot during several matches, but it seemed that they were just waiting for the main event. The matches that got a lot of reaction were: Gilbert vs. Apolo, T&L vs Sons of Samoa and the main event. After the first 10/12 minutes of the main event match, the crowd was on their feet for the duration. When Carlito hit the second “Backstabber” on Gonzalez the crowd’s reaction was just plain an simple: silence. They were stunned by the results of the match. They got hot once again when Gonzalez hit Carlito with the chair, only to go back into dead silence as he got his head shaved.

– Savio Vega was sending tweets and pictures while on the ring before the main event started.

– Carlos Colon and Invader #1 were seen throughout the night at the entrance way, watching the matches; especially looking at their younger talent in action.

– There are a couple of stories being worked on WWC’s Facebook page. One is Savio Vega being irate after having been thrown out of the arena by Victor Jovica. The second one is a letter from Ray Gonzalez letting everyone know that he is aware that he might have “let down a lot of people last night” and takes full responsibility for not being prepared for what happened. However, he states that “Ray never dies, he is only reborn…”. Since he lost his hair, there is a very good possibility that he will go back under the mask as “Rey Fenix” which was the name he originally used when he went to work for Savio Vega at IWA-PR back in 2002.

– No date announced for their first event next year, which will be “Euphoria 2013”. This show would normally take place during the first weekend of the year, but this year WWE SmackDown will be running during that weekend, and the show is being promoted by Carlos Colon.

– In talking to a few people last night, all signs point to WWC’s Aniversario show in June/July taking place at “Coliseum of Puerto Rico” in San Juan. This year WWC will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary and there are very high expectations for this show.

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