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WWE & Christian Fighting Over “Captain Charisma”

August 17, 2006 | Posted by Ashish

WWE and Christian Cage could end up in court soon over the rights to the “Captain Charisma” nickname. Cage has attempted to trademark the name, but WWE claims that they already have the rights to it in relation to pro-wrestling. WWE doesn’t have a specific trademark on the name but they claim that their contract with Christian included clauses that stated that any nickname created for Christian’s use while he was in WWE would be the property of WWE. “Captain Charisma” was created while Christian was in WWE. WWE is claiming that allowing Cage to trademark the name would cause “confusion in the marketplace” and that WWE would suffer damages from it.

WWE is now opposing Cage’s application to trademark the name. Cage now has forty days to respond.

Credit: PWInsider.com


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