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WWE Clarifies Stance & Punishable Offenses on New Social Media Policy for Third Parties

February 16, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Vince McMahon Image Credit: WWE

As previously reported, WWE reportedly enacted a new social media policy for Superstars and talents that would issue warnings and “violations” to talents who name third-party businesses, people, brands, or charities in their social media posts. A report by Dave Meltzer at F4WOnline.com has more details on the matter. Also, WWE has reportedly clarified its position on the matter.

WWE is taking the stance that this policy is not dissimilar from previous company policies WWE has enacted in recent months. For example, there was the recent edict that prevents talent from monetizing their Twitch accounts or using Cameo outside of WWE. Under the new policy, Superstars are banned from monetizing their Twitter or Instagram accounts by working with third parties. The previous policy apparently did not include Twitter and Instagram until now.

Additionally, the report noted that the punishable offenses would only be if Superstars are using their social media posts in a monetized fashion to promote a third-party brand or product. WWE’s stance is that the company reportedly has the contractual ownership of the likeness of the company’s wrestlers, including their social media accounts, even if they aren’t using their ring names for said accounts.

Under the new social media policy, anyone who violates the rules would first be subject to a warning for the first violation, a fine on the second, and a suspension for the third.

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