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WWE House Show Results 4.15.16 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 15, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Live Event Image Credit: WWE

Thanks to reader Marc Veldhuizen for sending in the following results:

Venue is about 80% full, but the crowd is pretty lively.

1. Cesaro over Stardust with the sharpshooter. Cesaro was massively over here. Lots of comedy with Cesaro even performing two 619’s

2. Sin Cara over Tyler Breeze with a senton bomb. Also a lot of comedy in this one.

3. Jack Swagger over Tyler Breeze with the ankle lock. Breeze demanded another match after his loss and a massive YES!-chant broke out. Quick match which ended when Tyler attempted a top rope move and Swagger caught him with an ankle lock.

4. Kane over Rusev with the chokeslam.

5. New Day retained over Wyatt Family (Strowman and Rowan) with Trouble in Paradise. No Bray, so the Calf injury must be serious. Strowman is a monster in real life.

6. Charlotte retained over Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks with a rope assisted roll up on Becky. Easily match of the night. Great back and forth with some Ric Flair interference.

7. Uso’s over Dudleys with stereo superkicks. Lots of yelling and playing to the crowd by the Dudleys.

8. Roman Reigns retained over Sheamus with a spear. Slow and clubbing match with Sheamus working a long rear chinlock. Even the Dutch crowd was devided with a lot of women and kids pro-Roman.

All in all a fun event. The WWE doesn’t come to the Netherlands regularly and it was fun to see the three big belts defended here.

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