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WWE Locker Room Gets Huge Boost in Morale Due to Big E Title Win, Bobby Lashley Not Injured

September 14, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Big E. WWE Raw

Following last week’s edition of WWE SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, it was rumored that there was a nice uptick in optimism and morale backstage in WWE. Now, it appears that uptick in morale is even higher following Big E winning the WWE Championship on last night’s Raw, per a report from PWInsider.

As Big E is very beloved by the WWE locker room, there was reportedly a nice boost in morale among the Raw locker room at last night’s show, and there was a lot of genuine excitement for his title win, which is seen as a huge deal for the roster. Also, SmackDown talents have reportedly said they wished they could’ve been backstage for last night’s Raw at the TD Garden in Boston so they could’ve been there when it happened.

Additionally, PWInsider noted that Bobby Lashley’s knee is 100% fine, and he simply did a good job of selling the injury after his match with Randy Orton. Lashley started favoring his knee after putting Orton through a table, leading some fans to suspect that Lashley might’ve been genuinely injured. Also, Lashley is said to have received a great deal of praise backstage for his performance last night in facing Orton and then putting over Big E.

411’s Blake Lovell discusses Big E winning the WWE Championship on RAW, the booking of his title victory, why motivated WWE is the best WWE, expectations for how WWE will portray Big E as champion, and much more.

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