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WWE Main Event Taping Results (SPOILERS)

October 23, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Credit: Zim & PW.net

It’s getting close to holiday time, so they have areas set up in the lobby to play with all of the toys they advertise on TV, WWE 13, Brawlin Buddies, etc. kids dig it.

Dark Match

Johnny Curtis defeated Sami Callahan. I cheered my heart out for Sami, one of my Indy favorites, but he got completely squashed. Two kicks on offense total. Lame. “Simply” Johnny Curtis, his new gimmick, came out to tango music, wore shiny pants, and placed a rose on Callahan’s chest after the match.

WWE Main Event taping

Miz and Cole talked mid ring about tonight’s match of Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler. Video packages made Ryback look like a total animal and Ziggler’s video got him across as the young upcoming star and future. Great stuff. Matt Striker interviewed Ryback backstage, but he simply replied “Watch what I do to Ziggler. It’s feeding time.” Dolph got interviewed by Josh Matthews and had no comment, kicking Matthews out of his locker room.

1. Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler. Dolph ran to the back midmatch and Ryback was in hot pursuit, the ref was about to count them out, but decided against it. About 30 seconds later, Ryback’s music hit and he came to the ring with Ziggler on his shoulders. Resume feeding time. Ziggler got a minute to shine, but Ryback did his thing… Shellshock for the win.

EXACTLY what you would expect. Ziggler sold like a million–no, billion bucks and made Ryback look absolutely amazing. Fun match.

Paul Heyman was backstage on the tron, he got interviewed by cole and Miz about what Ryback did to Ziggler and how Punk would fare against Ryback.

2. Alberto del Rio defeated Sin Cara. Decent back and forth match. Finish came on the Cross Armbreaker. Post-match, Del Rio cut a promo about Randy Orton. Then he said he doesn’t need stupid catchphrases like “millions of dollars” because he has millions of dollars. Funny.

Enter Prime Time Players, who took offense to the comment, but Del Rio sweet talked them into beating down Sin Cara. Randy Orton ran down and made the save. There was an RKO for each PTP. Orton took the mic and set up next week’s main event: A 6 man tag, Del Rio and PTPs vs. Orton, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara.

That should close out the show

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