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More Details on WWE’s New Headquarters Building and the Future of Titan Tower

March 25, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
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PWInsider reports that WWE’s new Global Headquarters building is the former headquarters of UBS, and that when UBS was occupying the building, it featured the biggest trading floor in the world. The building is also in a more central location in downtown Stanford, CT, located just a short walk from the Stamford train station. That’s a big difference from the old Titan Towers that WWE had to use a shuttle service to get people from the train to their building.

The reason for the move is said to be space. WWE just needed more space and had outgrown the old building. WWE had already been housing many of their departments in other locations, so the move will allow them to consolidate everything into one building.

The new building is also better for branding as it is a prominent part of the Stamford skyline.

There is also talk of the XFL offices being in the new building, but that isn’t finalized yet.

WWE plans to sell the old Titan Tower building instead of converting it into a museum or using it in some other way.

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