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WWE News: AJ Lee Talks Redefining the WWE Diva, WWE Returning to La Crosse Wisconsin

December 22, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

– WWE Diva AJ Lee spoke with The Detroit News. Here are the highlights:

On wanting to redefine the term “Diva”: “I said on NXT that I wanted to redefine the term ‘Diva.’ I knew what I meant, but I didn’t think I would actually be able to. Fans are ready to have a girl that is a tomboy that is more relatable, and is the kind of girl you sit on the couch and play video games with. I had this vision in my head that this could work, and it was kind of a fight to be able to be me. I’m not those perfect standards for a Diva. I hope that maybe I can set a new standard, and that’s that there is no standard.”

On her great success this year: “It’s definitely been a Cinderella year for me. It’s been my dream come true. I feel like I was sitting at home writing this myself. It doesn’t feel real, that someone has let me do all this stuff.”

On her hopes for 2013 and hopefully getting a Divas title reign: “Every time a chapter closes, I keep thinking it’s over. I’m grateful and prepared for it to be the end of the road, and for me to disappear or something. But I don’t, and then something really cool happens. So I’m going to keep that attitude, because it seems to be working.”

– WWE will return to the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin on March 9, 2013 at 7:30PM. Tickets will go on sale January 11, 2013 at 11AM. (Credit: PWInsider)

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