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WWE News: Batista On What Vince McMahon Won’t Tolerate in XFL Players, New XFL: The Showcase Video

January 8, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Batista doesn’t seem to think Michael Vick is likely to end up in the XFL, if his Twitter account is any indication. The actor and former WWE star took to Twitter to comment on the Vince McMahon-owned football league, talking about how there’s “not [a] chance in hell” McMahon would be okay with “dog murderers and piece of s**t players abounding their dogs in the middle of the street.”

Batista’s post comes a month after the NFL confirmed Vick would be the NFL’s honorary Pro Bowl captain this year despite considerable controversy over it. Vick served 18 months in federal prison after being convicted in 2007 for participating in illegal dog fighting, killing dogs and running a business that involved illegal gambling.

– In related news, the XFL has released a new episode of The Showcase on YouTube, described as follows:

Get a brand-new look inside the XFL with the new whip-around show that gets you caught up with what you may have missed around the league. This episode gets you caught up with everything related to XFL Training Camp in Houston.

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