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WWE News: Edge Talks Retirement, HBK Congratulates NXT, Cody Takes In WM 39 Set

April 1, 2023 | Posted by Ashish
Edge WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

– The Toronto Star has an interview up with Edge in which he discusses his first retirement and having to let wrestling go. Highlights are below.

On his first retirement: “I just realized I had to wrap my mind around the idea that this was done and I was given no choice. When you’re given no choice, in a strange way it almost makes it easier because you’re told you can’t do this. Well, if I can’t do it, then the choice is being taken out of your hands.”

On accepting that his career was over: “The doctors all told me: this can’t happen, this won’t happen. At that point, I was single, didn’t have kids, I didn’t have another career in mind or anything.”

On wrestling going away for him: “Over the nine years, wrestling went away for me. A lot of that was a conscious decision. When you’re told you can’t do it, it’s like ‘Hmm, well that feels like it might be painful to continue to watch something that I can’t do that I love. It’s hard to go back to being just purely a fan. You’re going to watch it a different way, you’re going to maybe not enjoy it and when it’s taken away from you like that …”

– Shawn Michaels took to Twitter to congratulate NXT and thank the fans after NXT Stand & Deliver.

– WWE tweeted a photo of Cody Rhodes taking in the WrestleMania 39 set.

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