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WWE News: Mojo Rawley’s Shoulder Injury Is Legit, Upcoming HBK Appearance

October 17, 2014 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Mojo Rawley

– Mojo Rawley’s recent shoulder injury on NXT is said to be legitimate. Mojo will have surgery on the shoulder very soon.

– Shawn Michaels was announced as the main guest for the “Legends of the Ring” convention in Monroe, New Jersey this June. You can find more information here.

Credit: PWInsider

  • Jim

    I thought he was just being written out of storylines because NXT brass realized he was terrible compared to… everyone else.

    • Scott

      Not everyone, Bull and CJ are right around his level

  • The Hulkster’s Skullet

    Pray for Mojo….

    (Can’t believe I got to quote that twice in two days [did it yesterday for JoJo]). 😉

    • Joseph Lee

      But who will pray for Mojo Jojo?

  • Bighustle

    This is a classic case of creative going, “hmmm, this guy looks like he could be a sadistic monster heel…but let’s make him a plucky baby face instead.” If it were the 1980s, he could’ve easily gotten over with a Russian gimmick. I don’t want to hate this guy, but the gimmick is all wrong for him. Hopefully he comes back repackaged as a heel.

    P.S. No wrestler should look that smug in a roster photo unless that’s his assigned gimmick. I would never get behind a character with that dumbass smile on his face.

    • LandDolphinMan

      I think a few things need to be done to help Mojo.

      1) Give him plenty of time off camera, but while he’s injured have someone help him develop an on-screen personality.
      2) Get him some new trunks, or at least tell him to stop tucking in the white t-shirt. My wife thought he looked like a fat guy at a public pool.
      3) Give him a legitimately interesting part in a feud. I’d like to see him come back in a while and start giving Bull Dempsey unnecessary assists to win matches. Mojo can then start taunting Bull with the idea that Bull hasn’t won a match in x weeks without his help.

      He’s not the best talent, but there is plenty to work with if given the time and training.

  • maskedcabana

    Dixie can’t wait that long.

    • CJ47


  • Erh

    Odd he’s still kept to this awful gimmick, they were pretty quick to change TJ Parker into a heel when it wasnt working.

    • LandDolphinMan

      I think they actually tried this, but no one really noticed because he was so one-dimensional you can’t tell. During his feud with Dempsey I thought they pulled a heel turn — then he was still Mojo — but frowning.

  • LandDolphinMan


    Don’t worry about your spot. Please take your time getting healthy. Take as much time as you need. A month. Two months. A year. Don’t rush it.

    Please, PLEASE don’t rush.

    Seriously, I’m good with a year.