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WWE News: Nia Jax Says Alexa Bliss Can’t Drive, Roman Reigns’ IC Title Photo Shoot, Cathy Kelley on Black Friday WWE Gifts

November 24, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Nia Jax Alexa Bliss

– Nia Jax did a fan Q&A on 9go! in Australia and discussed why she doesn’t let Alexa Bliss drive while they’re on the road. Jax said when asked about the craziest thing that’s happened on the road, “I guess I’m not too crazy on the road, I’m really like a freak- I always have to be driving. I don’t ever let Alexa drive because she’s like 4’11” and she can’t reach the pedals. And I swear, I let her drive one time and I thought I was going to die, because she couldn’t reach the pedals and then she kept looking at her phone. I had the biggest anxiety attack, so I told her to pull over.”

– Here is Cathy Kelley’s latest WWE Now Video, looking at must-have WWE gifts for Black Friday:

– Roman Reigns’ first photo shoot gallery as Intercontinental Championship is online. You can see it here.