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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Rey Mysterio Vows Revenge on Seth Rollins, Natalya Her Partnership with Lana, More

June 22, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 6.22.20

411’s WW RAW Talk Report: 06/22/20

-I must say that I am rather annoyed that Backstage will no longer be a weekly show. I love the show and have enjoyed recapping it every week. They found a nice formula and Renee has shown over and over that she thrives in that type of environment. It also brought me joy seeing CM Punk speak about wrestling and have a smile on his face. I guess it’s good news that it will still pop up from time to time after a PPV or a big show, but still, it sucks. Thanks to everyone who followed along the weekly live recaps and checked out my report whether that night or the next morning. I do have a thought as perhaps the WWE needs to bring back Talking Smack as part of their free Network package to go along with RAW Talk. Speaking of which RAW just ended and that means a new episode of RAW Talks. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso is your host and she welcomes us to this edition of RAW Talk. No Samoa Joe this week as MVP is the fill in co-host. They have some banter back and forth as MVP wasn’t happy with the way Charly introduced him.

-MVP brings out our first guest, Bobby Lashley. Charly asks Lashley if he has his eye on the US Title. MVP answers and says they have everyone on notice and they are in the hurting people business and business is good. Charly asks another question, but MVP doesn’t want people getting in their business. Lashley says that people want to have good matches and carry on being a WWE Superstar. He and MVP have a plan and they will execute it strategically.

-MVP says that Lashley was distracted for some time and he has helped him find his true potential. MVP is aghast at the idea that someone could stop Lashley or someone catching onto their plan. He says they can tell everyone what Lashley is going to do and it won’t matter as he will lock on the Full Nelson. Lashley says he won the fight against Drew and wants another WWE Title shot, and MVP shoots back that Drew is scared of him. They want all the gold but prioritize what ones they want. MVP mentions they could have had the 24/7 Title any time they wanted. MVP sends Lashley away as he has more important things to do.

-Natalya is out as our next guest and Charly congratulates her on her win tonight. She asks Nattie about her partnership with Lana. Nattie is happy to work with someone that has her back and she doesn’t feel alone anymore. She loves Lana and is happy that she believes in her. Charly chimes in that Lana’s distraction helped Nattie win tonight and MVP chimes in that Charly is trying to take away from Nattie’s hard work. Nattie and MVP bond over their disdain for Charly and MVP tells Nattie that he respects her DNA. Nattie calls herself the best woman wrestler in the world and puts over how she has the most expensive cats (take a drink), and drives the most expensive car. She is the leader in the locker room now that Becky is changing diapers and Charlotte is looking to be out. Everyone needs to focus on her as they need a leader which Asuka can’t be. Charly feels she is being misunderstood and Nattie says that green doesn’t look good on Charly or anyone else. Charly says it’s the color of money and Nattie tells her that if you have money you don’t need to talk about it. MVP working as her hype man during this segment is actually fun. Nattie puts over her family and their credentials. She is pretty and also the greatest female wrestler on the roster no matter the brand. She tells Charly that if she has any more questions it will cost more money as he doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. Her and MVP bond so more before Nattie heads out. She also works in a plug for her cat’s Instagram account (take another drink) before finally taking her leave.

-Our final guest is Rey Mysterio and MVP isn’t as chatty now. Rey says tonight was more than a statement of revenge. Tonight Seth got a little taste of what he is capable of doing. MVP calls out Rey for being a poor dad as he has put Dominick in harm’s way his entire career. Rey disagrees and says he can’t prevent his son from doing something he loves. He believes Dominick has a big future in this business. MVP brings up that Rey sent Dominick to be trained by some of the best and why wouldn’t he want him learning under Seth Rollins. Rey says that he wants someone that can guide him and Seth will only misguide him. MVP wants Dominick to be his own man and Rey says that happened last week. Charly asks if Rey is concerned things could go haywire and he says of course as he brings up Dominick nearly getting his eye pierced tonight. Rey says that the moment Seth put his hands on his son, he crossed a line. Rey says that Seth will soon have a child and know where he is coming from. MVP is killing it as he gives up and mock cheers for Rey (“Yay! Rey you are the best”). Rey vows revenge and MVP brings up that Rey is setting a bad example by looking for revenge. They debate the bible a bit as MVP asks where Rey’s forgiveness is. Rey says he can forgive, but Seth will get what is coming to him.

-Rey takes his leave and MVP says that he wouldn’t be in that spot as his son wouldn’t be around here. Charly and MVP agree to disagree as this week’s show comes to a close.

-Not as much fun as last week, but MVP was rock solid as a co-host. I enjoyed Charly showing a fiery side and standing up to MVP and it made for a good dynamic. The guests didn’t say anything really worth noting but it was a show and was fine. Thanks for reading!

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