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UPDATEDx2: WWE Releases Justin Roberts — Was It Over A Fight With Michael Cole?

October 14, 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

UPDATE 2: The Wrestling Observer has a different story of what happened with Justin Roberts, stating that Roberts contract simply came to an end and the two sides couldn’t come to agreement on a new deal.

UPDATE: PWInsider reports that Justin Roberts was informed by Kevin Dunn of his release directly after Raw. There was a lot of talk on social media that Roberts was seen arguing with Michael Cole during the Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler match and that Roberts flipped Cole off during the argument. It isn’t know whether this was what sparked the release.

Roberts is set to be the guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast this Friday. With Roberts out of the picture, it is believed that Lillian Garcia will handle the ring announcing work on Raw, with Eden possibly brought up as the Smackdown ring announcer.

ORIGINAL: WWE announced after RAW that they have released ring announcer Justin Roberts, effective immediately. They wished him “the best in all his future endeavors.”

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  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Make way for Kyle Edwards

  • Jack Squat

    It’s over grover, but thanks for helpin!

  • HydraDude


  • Billy Gunn’s Push

    This is Scott Steiner’s chance.

    • CS 22

      “White trash and rednecks…”

    • $47546490

      You know what, I’d pay good money to see Steiner and Lesnar stiff the shit out of each other.

      • Eric Dodson

        maybe 1997 Steiner, but today he’s not in shape to take a match against Lesnar. If MMA was as big back in the early 90’s as it is now I would imagine that Scott would have tried his hand at that coming out of the U of M

        • Eh… I dunno. I know Steiner is up there in years, but the guy still looks like somebody you wouldn’t want to piss off.

          • Eric Dodson

            no but basically because he’s bat shit insane, and even fans who are respectful to him, he isn’t the friendliest person ever. I still think that before the “supplements” rewired his brain he was at his best and would have given Lesnar a run for his money. And as I said if MMA would have been at the level (legit sport instead of no holds barred) it is today, he could have been a UFC heavyweight champion (also before the “supplement” muscle gain, and the testing they do now).

    • Mort Guffman

      First words he ever uttered in a WWE ring when he debuted at Survivor Series – “Gimme the fucking mic.”

      • RipStamps

        He was in wwe prior to 2002.

        • Mort Guffman

          I was referring to his second go-round.

          • Mort Guffman

            Yeah. Those were the first words he ever uttered in his return. DEAL WITH IT, NEGATIVE SMARKS!

      • doctorburningfire

        I did a youtube search for this (assuming it’s serious) and didn’t find anything. If footage exists, I’d enjoy it.

        • Teharistocrat

          I’ll do you one better.


          The incident in question is at the beginning.

          • doctorburningfire

            Though I feel that this was a clever ploy to get me to watch all the Botchamania’s… I thank you!

        • Eric Dodson

          you could just watch it on the WWE network for only $9.99

        • Mort Guffman

          I watched it live on PPV – try “Scott Steiner debut Survivor Series.”

    • Chael Sonnen’s Coke Dealer

      I would pay the full standalone Wrestlemania price to see Scott Steiner as ring announcer for that show. The Hall of Fame deal alone would be worth every penny.

      • RichardDick

        That cesspool called Canada. AKA “Mexico, North”! And I apologize to all the Mexicans.

    • Greg Phillips

      “Hailing from Dunkin Donuts … in the great state of Obesity”

    • “Simpy!”

  • Trashy

    Say hello to ESPN 8.

    • THE Flying Elvis

      The Ocho!

  • Wrestling Fan

    …and your new TNA–

  • Saxyroro

    I’m sad.

  • JSawyer80

    But who will indy wrestlers choke with ties now?

    • masterjarvis

      oh are you talking about that one thing that happened years ago that one single time?

      • Anthony


        • Tim


      • JSawyer80

        The one time Justin Roberts was talked about more than 10 seconds, yes!

        • masterjarvis

          whatever. its just weird to reference something that happened one single solitary time as if it is was a regular occurrence. i get that its supposed to be a joke but perhaps we could try making our jokes funny in the future.

          • JSawyer80

            We never will if you keep taking it so seriously!

          • masterjarvis

            we never will what?

  • The Original Mike

    Cena must be bummed.

    • Scott

      Yeah, he’d have to hate that Roberts is Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooonnnnnnn

  • Rocky4228

    What a dick move to fire the guy right after Raw.

  • Scott

    Wha? So Lillian will do both shows?

    • Scott

      Why would they fire him and then turn around and re-hire Chimel?

      • Scott

        I just assumed because he doesn’t do either of the main shows

        • J. Frizz

          Chimel is a head of the ring crew, aside from his announcing gig. He’s been employed forever…he was Gorilla Monsoon’s next door neighbor as a kid, and childhood friends with Joey Marella, which helped get him the gig.

  • well how bout that

  • Billy


    • Scott

      No thanks, I’m fine

  • Steve Ward

    Well, there’s almost definitely going to be an interesting story that goes along with this news…

    • Sean Colin Comer

      Probably several, with varying degrees of veracity respectively.

  • CS 22

    Wow, that came out of nowhere. I was certain he would be the next Fink in terms of longivity. Like someone said below, this could become juicy when more details are reported.

    I’m guessing Lilian starts announcing on Raw with Chimel on Smackdown. Now that I’m fine with. 3 hours of Lilian is one for the win column imo. 😉

  • Bung MC

    But who’ll say JOOOANNN CENA!

    • Bighustle

      you mean CENAAAGGHH

    • sigh


  • Mister Thirteen

    That’s a shame. The only man on the planet who can make “Championship” sound like it’s got the letter “r” in it!

  • Damn. And he wrote that nice article on pro wrestling a few weeks ago too 🙁

    • Trashy

      If he’d written an article about “sports entertainment,” he’d still have a job.

  • Scott Steudler

    So what happened backstage after Raw?!?

    This will make for some fun reading the next few days

  • Robin Pardy

    With him and Willie Mack, is that just two isolated incidents or the start of another house cleaning?

  • Mechalon

    The WWE website says that his contract ran out and they chose not to renew it. So I’m guessing they got rid of him so they can promote an NXT ring announcer and pay them less to do the same job, while getting more eye candy on the screen. Just a hunch though.

  • So you mean to say they cut all ties with him?

    • Black and Blueland

      This is not upvoted enough.

    • Mort Guffman

      That’s a really good one.

    • $47546490

      My only regret is that I have but one up-vote to give to this comment

      • Rafe Antonio Ruiz

        I don’t get it.

        • $47546490

          It’s a spin-off from the famous quote: “My only regret is that I have but one life to give for this country”

          • AO

            I thought it was because Daniel Bryan choked him with a tie.

          • MikeK.

            That’s what i thought too and guarantee that’s what D2Kvirus meant too…

          • StrawberrySwing was explaining his own response…

          • The Ricker

            I don’t get it.

          • MikeK.

            Ahhh, I see. My bad.

      • Pssst… multiple accounts…

      • Yet I can’t get a featured comment out of it!

    • Voice of Logic


    • Frank Rizzo

      That’s deep

    • Brogue Kick Hooligan

      200th upvote. Not nearly enough. Bravo, sir.

      • Is there a rule on 411 that, if you get 200+ upvotes for a comment, you get Watry’s job?

        • Voice of Logic

          why would you want everyone to hate you?

          • At the risk of sounding arrogant, I think I add something to Fact or Fiction every week – Watry never has…

          • Voice of Logic

            *slow clap* Well played, sir.

  • And we were just talking about him last night during RAW, lol. He’s a Triple H guy.

  • He tied hard but they just couldn’t use him anymore I guess.

    • CS 22

      I wonder if this has any ties to the recent budget cuts.

      • That’s what I originally thought too but now I heard he had a tendency to choke…

  • Tristan Hathaway

    My guess is he asked for the release.

  • Rey Henry

    he was tied up with other commitments.

    • Gary Sparrow

      I heard he does stuff with espn

  • Jonfw2

    Jeeee-Yonnnn CEEEEE-NAAAARRRR.

  • Kevin McCarthy

    Does this mean JoJo or Brandi Rhodes will be the ring announcer.

    Also Justin will be perfect replacement for Penzer on TNA.

    • John C. Reilly

      Penzer hasn’t been with TNA in like 10 years

  • Crystal Shepard

    Justin Roberts was my favorite…wrestler? commentator? Wait, what did he do again?

  • Jimbo

    He was Ryder’s boy….

  • Gary Sparrow

    He must of tried locking in the crossface (with his tie for extra leverage) on a Superstar!

  • Regarding Roberts, I spoke with a friend of mine who attended Raw in Atlanta last night. He said that Justin and Michael Cole got into a very heated argument about something during one of the segments. You could see tension there, but they both finished the show professionally. It appears that whatever the argument was about or the fact it even happened may have lead to Robert’s release.

    • sdelg210

      Cole found out he didnt download the WWE app

    • Andre the Midget

      If it comes out that Cole had someting to do with this I’m going to increase my efforts 10 fold to hunt him down and make him pay for his sins aganist pro wrestling

    • French311

      You should write for this site or the others. Making up crap by way of your source/”friend”.

    • LandDolphinMan

      Cole: “Say nine-ninety-nine!”
      Roberts: “Fuck off.”
      Cole: “SAY IT!”

  • Franke Sisto

    Wait… wasn’t he the one who just interviewed that Chrisley guy during the show?

  • Billy

    She’s sexy.

  • Billy

    Didn’t know he’s from Chicago. Now I feel for my brother. Shame to see him get cut like that.

  • IAmLars

    Though I do feel empathy for anyone losing their job, I’m not too upset about this. His voice never really worked for me. I prefer a nice Howard Finkel/Tony Chimmel bass to the ring announcer.

  • AngryBeaver

    He probably asked for healthcare.

    • Gobbly goober


  • Colins

    Why did they need him in the first place? They should’ve just kept Howard Finkel. He was by far the best.

  • AO

    Brace yourselves JoJo is coming.

    • LandDolphinMan

      …THAT I’d watch.

  • sigh

    And yet Byron Saxton still has a job

    • Gobbly goober


  • Mark

    Does that mean more Lilian Garcia…or whoever that blonde talentless female is that announces things….

    • dennett316

      Lillian Garcia talentless? Bwahahahahahahahahaha…what are you smoking dude?

    • rhodyri

      Renne Young? She is awesome as an interviewer and announcer. If you think she’s talentless your standards are way too high.

  • Marty Confetti

    What’s Jason Roberto doing in the Impact Zone?…… I’ll see myself out.

  • Andrew Barbarash

    Don’t fuck with Michael Cole I guess :/

  • CS 22

    Cole and Dunn. What Vince meant when he talked about injecting WWE with a lethal dose of poison…

  • It was a lovers quarrel.

  • Anthony

    Vintage Cole?

  • Greg Phillips

    I hate that he lost his job. But on the other hand, I despised his ring announcing. Lilian is better.

  • Dr. Nguyen Van Falk

    Justin should’ve beat the holy hell out of Cole’s ass.

    • maskedcabana

      Cole is undefeated at Wrestlemania. No way Justin could kick his ass.

      • Gobbly goober

        Justin roberts never fought at a wrestlemania, thus he is a mystery. And thats a scary thought to opposition.

  • r.

    I’ll take Meltzer over PWspamsider any day of the week.

    • Benjamin J

      Mmmmm….Spam Cider.

      • r.

        If it’s yella, you’ve got juice there fella! If it’s brown, you’re in cider town!

  • KipSmithers

    HHH looked irked during RAW’s last segment. I wonder if this is related?

  • Bryan

    “What the hell is Robert Justin doing in the Impact Zone?”

    • Gobbly goober

      Lol little comments like these….they just….they just make my day. DOUBLE LIKE BUTTON AND THANK YOU FOR THE SMILE

    • Eirik Sandaas

      “That’s Robin Justers Taz, Dixies second cousin thrice removed!”

    • Maravilloso

      By the time he may do that, I don’t think there will be an Impact Zone.

  • Nathan Justice

    some one dig up mike mcguirk. I hate garcia

  • Nathan Justice

    please someone have a photo of him flipping off cole!

  • Gobbly goober

    Great so wwe 2k15 is now dated.

  • BronzeDust

    I like Justin Roberts. Thought he gave the introductions a “main event” feel to everything.

  • What’s to say the two reports aren’t both accurate? Maybe Cole leaked out that his contract wasn’t getting renewed, and that led to the argument during Raw. Afterwards, Dunn confirmed what Cole had said.

  • British Bullfrog

    Vince, when we said “fire the announcers on RAW,” this is not what we meant.

  • “The following is DiiiIIIiiivas mach, scheduled for one fall!”