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WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Confirms Shane McMahon’s Status as On-Air ‘Talent,’ Mustafa Ali Faces the Calm Before the Storm

February 18, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Shane McMahon - Stephanie McMahon

As previously reported, WWE’s Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with Bloomberg. As one additional note from the article, Stephanie McMahon confirmed that Shane McMahon only currently works in the WWE as an on-air talent, and he’s not executive within WWE.

Stephanie McMahon stated on her brother Shane, “He is a really strong talent for us right now,” noting that he’s not an actual WWE executive despite his on-air role as the commissioner of Smackdown Live.

Before we get a lot of angry comments, Shane McMahon’s status as an on-air talent without an executive or creative role has been reported on in the past, but here it was explicitly stated as such by Stephanie McMahon, who does have that type of role in WWE. Additionally, this confirms that his status in that role has not changed in nearly two years.

– Mustafa Ali posted on his Instagram ahead of his upcoming match on 205 Live this weeks. Ali is set to face Jack Gallagher in the Cruiserweight title tournament to crown a new champion. You can check out Ali’s post below.

He wrote the following in his post on the “calm before the storm”:

“The calm before the storm. This week is the start of potentially the biggest moment of my career, my road to #Wrestlemania. But this journey isn’t just for me. It’s for every single person that refuses to be defined, to be labeled, to be ✔ in a box. It’s for every single person that believes everyone has the right to chase their dream. It’s for every single person that believes we are one.”

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